Instant lottery stoloto

Instant online lotteries with the withdrawal of money

Stoloto conditions for receiving winnings

Let's go through the main conditions for receiving a win (more in the material):

  • Your ticket contains a winning combination;
  • It is registered according to the rules;
  • You have turned 18 years;
  • If you receive a prize NOT online, you must have a certain package of documents.

What documents are needed to buy a ticket and receive a prize

To buy a ticket on the website, you only need a mobile phone. If you won, it will be necessary to pass identification (confirmation of majority). When buying a paper ticket, you will only be asked for a document, which confirms your identity.

If you purchased online, and want to collect your winnings in cash, you must have with you:

  • Winning code (comes by SMS to the number, specified during registration);
  • Original document, identity;
  • Unique key and ticket number (information on the ticket itself, better print it).

Transfer to a personal account:

  • Statement;
  • Unique key and ticket number;
  • Winning code (comes by SMS);
  • Copy of the document, confirming the identity;
  • Bank details, where to transfer;
  • Copy of TIN.

In case of buying a coupon at retail outlets, indicating a mobile phone, instead of ticket information, you need to show a purchase receipt. The rest of the set of documents is the same.

If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, to receive a cash prize, all documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

The prize can be collected in cash at points of sale or at the stoloto office on Tverskaya (to 200 thousand rubles). On the company's website - before 500 thousand rubles. If the winnings are more 600 thousand, then the winner receives money at the lottery center.

How is the instant lottery draw??

A free real money lottery game will help us show, how such projects are arranged. No need to register, log in through social networks and you already have money on your balance. Newbies are given small bonuses for registration 2-5 rubles, so they can test the service, understand the rules and interface:

One simple game is offered to users. Need to guess, what number the generator will give - more or less than the specified values. Rate and percentage (probability of winning) set at your own discretion. By setting the values, it remains only to press one of the buttons and immediately get the result:

The bet was on "Less", I managed to win and the money was instantly credited to the balance. After each draw, you can click the "Check the game" button and use Hash to make sure, that a generator was used and nothing was twisted.

Instant draw services offer different entertainment, and sometimes several games at once

It is imperative to take seriously their choice., because some don't pay. We did the hardest job for you and tested the most interesting options

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