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Gambling has always been attractive. The lottery involves a random selection of a number or number, another important plus is the low cost of tickets. The first lotteries originated in antiquity, later they were actively used by private individuals and political parties.

After World War II, the number of lottery games in Europe increases, prizes reach huge amounts. Let's tell, how much you can win as much as possible.

Powerball (1,5 billion dollars for three)

The lottery business in the United States is permitted in 44 states. Tickets can be issued and sold on their territory. Remarkably, that the Powerball jackpot is always a large sum of several million dollars.

Powerball lottery ticket

Man, who bought the ticket must choose 5 white balls with numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 red balloon with number from 1 to 26. If all match 6 positions the jackpot is drawn. He grows, starting from 40 million and increasing until then, until it is played. In case of other matches, a person can receive a prize in the amount of 4 to 1 million dollars at a ticket price of 2 dollar. If there are several guessers, the winnings are divided equally between them.

It happened in January 2016 of the year. The jackpot had by then grown to 1,5 billion, which was the absolute record for the amount. And on this day, three residents of the United States were lucky at the same time, guess the combination of numbers. Up to this point, the maximum gain was 590500000 dollars in Powerball. This drawing is also held in other countries.

Lottery "Megamillions" (640 million. dollars for one)

More than 50 years, such events and gambling were prohibited, but today it is this country that accounts for the biggest jackpot, and the biggest prize, which one person managed to get.

Lottery promotion poster

Founded in 2002 year, the lottery "Megamillions" quickly gained popularity. The record prize was equal to 640 million US dollars. Remarkably, what is the biggest win in the world, one man's. The event happened in March 2012 years and became a sensation. Since then, the world record has not been broken.

In the United States, a citizen has the right to choose:

  1. receive the amount in installments by bank transfer;
  2. get smaller, but cash.

Usually, the lucky ones prefer the second way.

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