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“Millionaire Elite”

This is a game for adult players. Differs from the classic version of the game in the following features:

  1. Added promotions, you can purchase insurance for all occasions. In this game, you can get rich not only by buying and selling plots, but also at the expense of the securities market. IN “Elite” the luck factor is of great importance.
  2. Surprise card appeared “Fortune”. There is a step by step instruction, which players must complete. This can affect the overall course of the game..
  3. If, when rolling the dice, a token hits the “Stock exchange”, then you will find out the price of your shares. They can grow, and may fall to a minimum.
  4. Insurance policies can protect the player. This applies to rent, taxes or auctions. There are short-term and long-term policies. The former are valid until one lap is completed.. If the player crosses the cell “Start”, the policy ends. But the action of the second continues until the occurrence of an insured event.

Surprises during the game

In a board game “Millionaire” there are special cells according to the rules of the game, falling on which, the player has to perform an action, written on the card, lying “shirt” up. The player does not know in advance, what awaits him. This is the main surprise. After all, it can be both pleasant, not really. Let us consider in detail the meaning of such cells:

  1. “Tax office”. Once on such a cage, have to pay tax.
  2. “Tax police”. Here the player needs to roll the dice three times, waiting for a take to fall. If the take did not fall, you will have to pay a fine, otherwise you won't leave the police station.
  3. “Jackpot”. The player who got to this box has the right to play the slot machine. The bet is placed first. Board game player “Millionaire” according to the rules of the game, rolls only one die, but 3 times. After each throw, the chip moves from bottom to top along the column of the slot machine for as many, how many fell. If all displayed numbers match the winning combination, then the player receives a bonus. A cash bonus is transferred to him from the bank. But if the numbers didn't match, then the bet remains at the box office.
  4. “Moving”. If the dice roll hits the square “Moving”, then the player turns the card over and reads the task, on which cell he needs to rearrange the chips. If this is a cage “Start”, then the player does not get the circular income.
  5. “Charitable foundation”. If, as a result of moving the card at the direction of the cell “Moving” the chip hits the cell with the inscription “White business” or “Charitable foundation”, then the player is paid money from the bank from this fund.
  6. There is also a cell called “Black business”. When hitting this square, the player flies from it to the square “Charitable foundation”, moreover, he will have to pay a fine in the amount of 50 forfeits.
  7. “Chance”. If the chip hits this cell, then the card is turned over. Instructions, written on it, must be performed by the player. Then the card is hidden from the bottom of the pack. If the player cannot currently follow the instruction, then the card remains with him until then, until he completes the task.

Table game “Monopoly: Millionaire”

This is a new economic game, beautifully and stylishly decorated. Children will be able to play it already with 8 years. Players can be from 2 to 4 man. The main goal of the game – become a millionaire, that is, make a million. Who will be the first to conquer this peak, the one and the winner. Each player has three chips on hand.

The game starts from the cage “Forward”, on which one chip is placed. The others are standing aside on the table for now.. The banker is not used in the game. There is a cage on the playing field, where all the players' money is kept. First, the games are distributed to each 372 thousands of bills. It is no longer necessary to buy here businesses or houses, but elite property – this is an island, city ​​of attractions, lock etc. d. Choosing a realtor, which issues real estate cards.

If a piece makes a full circle around the playing field, then the player changes it to a larger. This marks the next level of security – “Living in luxury”. And the higher the level, the greater the player's income. But such a transition will have to pay 50 bills.

This game contains cards already familiar to players “Chance”, but there are also new, eg, “Life of a millionaire” and “Fortune”. They contain very interesting offers.: receiving a wedding gift from other players or money from the sale of a sports car, etc.. d.

There is still a new cage “Prison”. If you just got a chip on her, no action can be taken until the next turn. The player also gets there, which “lucky” roll dice three times in a row. You either have to sit in dungeons for three turns, or give the corresponding card.

The rest of the rules of the game are similar to the classic “Millionaire”. You can also buy, rent out, sell your property. Only instead of branches there are monochrome objects.

“Millionaire Junior”

How to play a board game “Millionaire” (“Classic”)? The rules are detailed above. Let's see, what is the difference between the children's version of the game called “Junior”. The set includes a playing field in the form of a square. This is an amusement park. there is 20 cards “adventures”, money of different denominations – 121 banknote, ticket booths – 56 pieces, number roll, chips – 4 pieces, description of the rules of the game.

The board game for children has different rules. Let's consider them in more detail.

Purpose of the game – grow rich, buying rides. Making money selling entrance tickets. First, let's figure it out, how a player can buy an attraction. Each cell is divided into two equal parts. If, after rolling the die, your token lands on one of the cage halves, and she is free, no one has bought it yet, then you have the right to purchase it, you just need to pay to the bank 10 forfeits. If the player is able to make a purchase, then he (without looking at the card) pulls out any of his ticket booths and has to cover half of the ride. If the player does not have the funds for such an acquisition, then it goes back to square “Start”, and the other player gets a chance. From any part of the playing field, he returns to this cell and becomes its owner for free. Board game for children is brightly decorated, it is interesting to play it for children of primary school age. Children learn the skills of economic activity, which will be useful to them in later life.

“Surprise” cells

During the throw-in of the dice, the player's counters may also fall on the cells with upside-down “shirts”. it “Chance” and “Movement”. Let's consider in more detail, what to do in such cases:

  • Turning the card over on the cage, the player reads the task and must complete it. If at this moment he is not able to fulfill the given, then this can be done later.
  • When hit on “Moving”, as the name suggests, the player will need to move the piece to the distance indicated on it. If a chip suddenly hits “Start”, then the player loses the circular income, i.e 200 forfeits. If, when performing a move, a token falls on a cell “White business” or “Charitable foundation”, then the player receives a cash prize from the funds of the Bank or Fund. But there is also a cell with the inscription “Black business”. Having got on it as a result of moving a chip, the player automatically moves to the square “Charitable foundation”, where you already have to make 50 fans for charity.
  • “Jackpot”. A slot machine is located in the center of the playing field, so that when a chip hits it, the player can play. In a board game “Millionaire” according to the rules of the game, first you need to place a bet. Then only one die is rolled, ejected three times. After each throw, the player must rearrange the chip up the column by the corresponding number of cells. If the pictures match the winning combination, then the winner receives a bonus prize. But if the player is unlucky, the combination did not match, then the rate remains in the cash desk of the Bank.

Game package

Buying a box of board game “Millionaire”, you need to check the package contents. This is a square-shaped playing field, folded in four. Two cubes “bones”, which help to solve, how many cells the player's piece moves. Since this game can be played as two, and six players, then the chips are respectively given 6 pieces, at the maximum.

Separately folded in a special compartment “money” for doing business. Banknotes of different denominations (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500), in each pack 48 pieces. The money in the game is called “phantoms”. The set also includes branch cards (24 PC.) and enterprises (12 PC.). There are also prize cards called “Chance” and “Moving”. Them in a set of 20 pieces. There are also landmarks, which 24.

There are also printed rules in the box..

Player actions

The game starts with rolling a pair of dice, chips move from the cage “Start” clockwise, counting the number of cells, corresponding to the sum of the numbers on the dice.

If there is a double, then the player makes another move. But there is one thing “but”. If you get a double three times in a row, then the player is sent to “Tax police”. Moving across the field, players' tokens go to the cells of enterprises. Each has the cost of the company and the rental rate. Also indicated is information about, how much taxes should be paid for this business.

If, after the next roll of the dice, the token lands on an empty space, then you can buy it for your use. The cost is written on this cell, which you need to deposit in the general bank. After payment, the card is removed from the cage and the player leaves it in his pack.

If you don't want to buy a plot, then it can be put up for sale. The starting price is chosen at its own discretion. All players can take part in the auction. That player takes the site, who gave a large amount of money.

Child Game

Last but not least, we will describe a board business game “Millionaire”, even children will learn the rules of the game. The main goal of the game – grow rich, buying banks, the shops, cinemas, etc.. d.

Guys roll the dice, make moves with chips and do tasks written on cards. The one wins, who became rich before everyone else.

so, the article describes popular games “Millionaire”, rules of the game, options for adults and children. They all teach prudence, ability to foresee the situation, attentiveness and logical thinking. These business games are useful for developing an entrepreneurial spirit in children., which will come in handy in adulthood.

How to play?

In a board game “Millionaire” according to the rules of the game, at least two people take part. Maximum can be played by six. Each player has a role to play:

  • banker – disposes of funds, monitors financial flows, transactions, makes payments, controls banking operations, so that everything goes right and without violations;
  • broker – works on the exchange, conducts and controls all transactions with securities, shares, etc.. d.;
  • insurance agent – oversees the issuance of insurance policies, manages insurance repayment in crisis situations.

The box with the game contains a square-shaped playing field, on which it is drawn 9 sectors. These are the branches of the economy. The first 8 industries are represented in the game 2-3 enterprises. They are located close to each other. The last, 9 branch, considered the most valuable. It includes – 4 company, which are located at the central points on each side of the playing field.

The game begins with giving each player his initial capital. With this money, the player buys shares and insurance.

Beginning of the game

A player is selected during the draw, which makes the first move. In a board game “Millionaire” the counting of cells starts clockwise from the word “Start”. Before starting any game, a banker must be appointed. He must distribute the initial capital – 2000 forfeits in denominations of different denominations. When a player rolls the dice, points are counted, the token is moved to the corresponding number of cells. if you “lucky” and a double fell, you will have to roll the dice again. But if the double drops out three times in a row, then the player is forced to head to the box with the inscription “Tax police”. Such a move is fraught with the payment of penalties.

By the rules of the board game “Millionaire” Classic, if the token enters the cell of the enterprise, then the player takes a site card, which is written in detail, how much taxes must be paid for the company itself or the rental rate for it. If this business does not have an owner yet, then the player can buy it, pay the required cost for it to the Bank. The site card remains with the player in the pack.

If the player is not interested in buying this site, he puts it up for sale, independently determining its cost. The plot goes to that player, who will offer a large amount at the auction.

If, as a result of the roll of the dice, a token of another player appears on your lot, then you will have to pay so many forfeits for being in someone else's enterprise, how much is indicated on the card. There are situations, when a chip hits a cell, owned by a monopolist, that is to the player, bought up all the enterprises of this industry, then the rate is doubled, rent is already paid at double the rate.

There are also pleasant moments. When a player makes a full circle around the playing field, then according to the rules of the board game “Millionaire”, he receives a circular income bonus in 200 forfeits.

Beginning of the game

In a board game “Millionaire” parcel cards are initially laid out according to the branches of the drawn field. They are included in the kit 24 pieces. There are still packs of cards “Chance” in quantity 20 pieces, and “Moving” – also 20 pieces. They are laid out with the inscriptions down, the extra ones are laid aside for now. First select a player, who will be the banker. He distributes seed money to each person. it 2000 forfeits, but also 200 put in the cashier. it “Jackpot”. The board game begins “Millionaire” according to the rules of the game with a box with an inscription “Start”. The order of the move is decided by lot.

Business game

“Millionaire” – table game, which already has many options. Now consider another, issued by a Russian company. The game is designed for children from 7 years. She teaches them about business in a fun way. goal – former, as in all other options – grow rich, buying real estate, selling services and goods. Presented 17 activities and industries.

The playing field is decorated differently, cells for moves are represented by circles. The bank is located in the middle, where, depending on the player's earnings, the chips move up the steps, closer to the coveted million. The game is simple, can be played with the whole family – parents with children.

Classic game rules

The playing field has 8 sectors, which symbolize different industries: transport system, media, light and food industry, mining and heavy, communication and communication, entertainment industry. These 8 sectors are located along the perimeter of the playing field. Plot cards are laid out on the squares with enterprises. In the center of each strip of the board game “Millionaire” are the most expensive businesses.

And in the middle of the playing field there is a slot machine called “Jackpot” and “Charitable foundation bank”. We will consider the purpose of these cells later.. On the cells “Chance” and “Moving”, which are one, two or three cells around the perimeter of the playing field, cards with corresponding names are put. Place them “shirt” up, so that the player does not see the upcoming task in advance.

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