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What prizes can be won in the Mega Million lottery

The minimum jackpot is $15 million. At the end of the drawing, the number of lucky winners is determined, and the jackpot is divided among them into equal parts.

In a situation, when the MegaMillions lottery has no winners, proceed as follows: all the money, components of the jackpot,
are transferred to the prize fund of the next drawing. Вспомним самые громкие рекордные выигрыши в лотерее MegaMillions. The maximum prize in the USA was won simultaneously by three participants in the draw.

The prize was divided between the players in a mind-boggling amount - $656 million! There are also multiple facts of single big wins..
So, man, who bought a single ticket in the capital of New York, received after the drawing of the Mega Million a prize in the amount of $319 million, and it happened in March 2011 of the year.

Record Jackpots

Biggest Mega Millions lottery jackpot, declared at the level $640 million (in case of annual payments) at the time of the draw or $462 million (cash), was played 30 Martha 2012 of the year. Initial estimate of Friday's print run (after circulation 27 Martha, whose jackpot has stopped at $363 million in successive payments) was equal $476 millions (later the jackpot rose to $500 million and up again $540 million). Rapid ticket sales pushed the jackpot up to $656 million in annual payments and $474 million in cash. Mega Millions Lottery Draw Costs, following the previous jackpot win 24 january 2012 of the year, are estimated at least in $1,5 billion. In total, they claimed their rights to win 3 lottery ticket buyer (one from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

Second highest jackpot by size $636 million has been raffled 17 December 2013 of the year. The winnings were shared by the holders of two tickets, from California and Georgia.

The third largest jackpot in $390 million was raffled off in a circulation of 6 Martha 2007 of the year. 2 player, one from Georgia and one from New Jersey, shared among themselves the record win at that time. Both winners chose to pay in cash, sharing among themselves $233 million.

4th largest annual jackpot ($380 million) and the second largest jackpot cash ($240 million), was played 4 january 2011 of the year. Two ticket holders, one of the Post Falls, Idaho, and one from Ifrat, Washington State, guessed all six numbers, received by $190 million each (annual payments). Both players also decided to collect their winnings in cash.

$414 million - 18 Martha

Jackpot c $414 million was ripped off 18 Martha 2014 couple from Florida (Raymond Moyer and Robin Collier) and a player from Maryland. Moyer and Collier become the first Mega Million winners in Florida history (lottery tickets in this state began to be sold a year earlier).

Ms Collier told reporters, about that moment, when she found out about her victory. She watched the print run on TV, and the drawn numbers seemed familiar to her. She stopped the video and ran for a ticket.

“When I realized, that all numbers matched, I started jumping on the couch for joy, and then I called Raymond and told him, what we won "!

The couple were shocked by the victory. Really understand, that they won the jackpot, they became only after, how the store was shown on TV, in which they bought a lucky ticket. "Yes, it was definitely a shock, but this is an incredible gift of fate, which will allow us to do a lot, which we couldn't before winning ".

As for the second winner, he chose to remain anonymous, but shared some important advice with lottery fans: “You have to play, to win. Play with your lucky numbers ".

New Megamillions format

In October 2017 the year the lottery format has been changed, it was made as close as possible to the Powerball matrix: Powerball format - 5 of 69 and 1 of 26, chance to win - 1: 292 201 338,00 New Megamillions format - 5 of 70 and 1 of 25, chance to win - 1: 302 575 350,00.

The lower chance of winning the jackpot allowed to increase the number of accumulations and accumulate impressive amounts in the prize pool. It took the organizers almost a year to unwind the new format, although the results 2018 the year one could judge its success. For example, Powerball played for 2018 year 8 jackpots, of them 4 - below 300 million dollars. Megamillions in the same period played 5 jackpots, of them 1 - below 400 million dollars:

  • 5.01.2018 — 451 000 000$ - winner from Florida
  • 30.03.2018 — 533 000 000$ - winner Richard Wall of New Jersey
  • 4.05.2018 — 142 000 000$ - winner anonymous from Ohio
  • 24.07.2018 — 543 000 000$ - winner syndicate from California
  • 23.10.2018 — 1 537 000 000$ - winner from South Carolina.

Max Jackpot Megamillions at 1,537 billion. dollars was accumulated for 25 accumulations. In circulation from 23 October 2018 of the year, the organizers announced the main prize for 1 600 000 000 dollars, but could not collect the required amount, so we reduced it to 1,537 billion. If successful, the main Powerball record would be broken at 1,587 billion, but, Alas, this did not happen. But Megamillions has in its history the biggest super prize in one hand.

Can non-US citizens play? What if a non-US citizen wins?

Yes, non-US citizens can legally play, and non-US citizens are eligible to win any prize offered in the game.

If a non-US citizen wins, they would claim their prize in the same manner that a US citizen would, but the taxes withheld would be different. For example, federal withholding for non-US citizens is a flat 30%. Also, individual states may have different tax structures for non-US citizens than they do for US citizens. Depending on which country the person is a legal resident of, there also may be tax treaties between the US and that other country which could be helpful in offsetting whatever the US tax liabilities are.

In short, non-US citizens can play and win Mega Millions. If a non-US citizen wins a large prize, they will be responsible for some amount of tax, which in the end will probably be an amount similar to what a US citizen would pay, but there are so many possible variations with international tax codes that you’ll need to consult with a local tax attorney if you need to know a precise amount of tax liability.

The state lotteries and MUSL (the organization that runs Powerball) are all very firm in their assertion that playing the lottery in any manner over the Internet is illegal. We are not lawyers and can’t provide legal advice, but we are not so sure about their position. Their absolute certainty that it is illegal may have more to do with not wanting to lose control of the player interaction, and less to do with a firm legal footing.

When we assess the legality, we look at what has actually happened in court cases. There have been people in the past who purchased a lottery ticket from an Internet Web site, subsequently won the jackpot, and the lottery attempted to block them from receiving the jackpot. In each case, the winners took the lottery to court and won. They received their jackpot as if they walked into a store and purchased a ticket.

You must keep in mind that any type of Internet-based lottery service is not risk-free. From a legal standpoint, the services are dealing in loopholes in the current law, and the US Congress has taken steps to make those loopholes tighter, particularly in trying to prevent banks and credit cards from allowing Internet payments for lottery services. But there is a much bigger threat when you use an Internet lottery service: getting ripped off.

By not making a purchase in a store, you may be doing something worse than throwing your money away: you may be helping to keep a scam operation running. Stay away from anything referring to a “syndicate”. We are not aware of any site using that terminology that is not a scam. Also beware of sites that state “Insured by ___” at the bottom. It is like saying “We don’t really buy lottery tickets, but trust us, you’ll get paid if you win.” Have you ever heard of an insurance company paying out a $200 million Powerball jackpot? We haven’t.

We do allow some advertising on USA Mega for lottery services. We recommend that USA residents stay away from such services, and make your purchases in a store. The ads are directed at non-USA residents, who may not have the online lottery restrictions that exist in the USA.

How are the draws held?

Two lottery machines are used in the Mega Millions draw. Model, выбранная организаторами Мега Миллионов — Критерион II (Criterion II), manufactured by Smartplay International (Smartplay International), located in Edgewater Park, state of new jersey. The balls are mixed by two counter-rotating blades. 5 white balls one by one fall into the hole under the stirring drum. Beginning with 19 October 2013 of the year participates in the drawing 75 white balls in the first apparatus and 15 Mega Balls, painted gold, in the second apparatus.

Can non-Americans play?

American citizens are seriously offended, when prizes of any category (even if not the largest) go to foreign players. State mentality, who are proud of all American, with lotteries inclusive, does not allow them to be generous and magnanimous and calmly share their (in the sense - American) with foreigners.

Some fans of Mega Millions seriously complained to the authorities about the foreigners who "occupied" their lottery territory and demanded an official ban on participation in the drawings for non-US residents. The authorities have not yet introduced a ban.

true, напрямую сделать ставку проблематично – нужно искать надежных посредников с возможностью получать о Мега Миллионах максимум информации на русском языке и делать «прозрачные» ставки. Well, or buy tickets directly in the States - this option is only suitable for those, who visits the United States on business or as a tourist.

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