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В Касабланку есть прямые рейсы из Москвы. В среднем билет стоит 30 000 Р. Can be found cheaper, если бронировать за полгода.

You can save, если искать билеты с пересадкой. Перелет с часовой пересадкой в Лиссабоне обошелся нам в 12 000 Р на человека. Но это была скорее удача, than usual practice. Transplants are often longer.

Билеты Москва — Касабланка на март стоили 20 886 РВ июне есть билеты с долгой пересадкой в Риме за 13 034 Р. For 17 часов можно успеть погулять по городу

Из аэропорта Касабланки можно добраться в центр на поезде или автобусе. Билет на поезд стоит 42 Dh (780 Р), на автобус — 20 Dh (370 Р). Расписание поездов есть на сайте марокканских железных дорог. Автобус ходит каждый час от терминала 1. Информацию о маршрутах можно посмотреть на сайте аэропорта. Еще можно взять такси — об этом расскажу дальше.

Виза для россиян в Марокко не нужна. По прилету на границе просто поставят штамп в паспорте.

The Caberlotto Era

The first product of the Lotto company was tennis shoes - its manufacturer released it in June 1973 of the year. These products immediately became popular. Later, the production of football shoes began, basketball, athletics and volleyball.

Initially the company specialized in sports shoes and focused on the Italian market. Inside the country, she quickly took a leading position. So, 15 percent of the tennis shoe market was owned by Lotto. Selected sneaker models, eg, Competition and Newcombe Autograph even became part of tennis history.

In the late 1970s, Lotto attracted real world tennis stars to promote its products.. Among them were:

  • John Newcomb from Australia, former first racket of the world;
  • Andres Gomez from South Africa, also the former first racket of the world, but only in men's doubles;
  • Jose Luis Clerk from Argentina, former 4th racket of the world.

The tennis players who worked with Lotto did more than advertise the end products. They were also involved in shoe engineering and design..

Why are there many oysters in Oualidia

Oysters grow mostly at shallow depths, as the locals told us, их слова подтверждают источники на специализированных сайтах. Ideally, the depth should be from 1 to 30 meters, preferably slight swampiness, because in such an environment there is a lot of natural food for shellfish.

There are no more places like Oualidia in Morocco - and by the way, this is another reason to come here.

The caught oysters leave for the restaurants of Essueira on the same day, Agadira, Casablanca, Marrakech and other major tourist centers.

I, by the way, tried oysters a couple of times in Kiev. Они так же слабо напоминают вкус только что выловленных атлантических моллюсков, как авокадо, ripening in Kiev supermarkets, fruits that we ate every day traveling in Morocco.

The best time for oysters in Morocco is just winter and early spring. Это период созревания и в это время они самые вкусные.

Total in the world mined 700 thousand tons of oysters according to various sources. In Oualidia and Morocco, tens of thousands of tons are mined annually, although this place is rarely mentioned on the internet.

Where to eat oysters in Oualidia

so, why is it good here and want to return? Because there are oysters! If you have been to Morocco and tried oysters on the beaches of Agadir and in the best restaurants in Casablanca, then know, What's on 99% all of them are caught in the small fishing village of Oualidia near Casablanca and in 175 km. from everyone's beloved Essueira.

Dozens of tons of oysters and other shellfish are mined here every year., as well as crabs, sea ​​urchins, scallops. Fish are also caught and a lot, but the main thing here is oysters! Strange, what's on the internet- источниках практически не упоминается Уалидия как место добывания устриц и крабов. В основном говорят об атлантическом побережье Франции и Англии.

Oysters can be eaten directly a few meters from their habitat, on the beach. There are also many restaurants on the waterfront, but we prefer to buy directly from the hunter fishermen and immediately pop, seasoned with lemon juice. Fish is also cooked here, crabs, octopus. Tables are laid right on the shore.

Oysters and seafood were the main reason for our stop in Oualidia, we spent a day and a half here. Arrived in the evening, however, the oysters were found only the next day.

Why? Because Oualidia is a small village though, but is divided into two parts.

One Piece - Village, where only locals live, нет вообще никакого туризма и главной достопримечательностью можно с натяжкой считать рынок. Overall a bit dirty, but for Morocco this is the norm and quite tolerable. In some areas of the same Casablanca, there is much more dirt.

The second part is a tourist village and a small beautiful area near the ocean. Here are nice two-three-story hotels, the only beach area and ... oysters!

Arrival. First evening. I stop two guys on hoes. – Hey guy, and where can you eat oysters? We are mistaken for wealthy tourists and sent to La Sultana - the coolest hotel in Oualidia, ценник в меню которого даже самое романтическое настроение разбивает так же как волны о прибрежный риф. Хотя где-нибудь на французской ривьере цены вполне норм, 50-80 Euro for dinner for two. But in Morocco, such prices are wild. At least, for us.

Only the third person that evening, with whom we talked near the fast food seller gave the right tip.

It turns out that every morning local fishermen and oyster / crab / shell / scallop hunters come to the local beach on their mopeds and that's what we need.

A dozen oysters cost us less than 5 Euro (50 dirham) and we didn't bargain too much for joy. Moreover, in fact, not a dozen, потому что еще парочка моллюсков шли бонусом. Свежайшие! The oysters squeaked, and the shells wriggled in body, trying to please us, crabs looked as if they were begging to cook them quickly. Настоящий устричный полюс Марокко, как я его прозвал.


Discount. Главная достопримечательность Рабата — Касба Удайа. Это древняя крепость на берегу Атлантического океана. Внутри нее — музей и Андалузские сады. Вход в крепость и сад бесплатный, в музей — 10 Dh (75 Р). В музеи имеет смысл заходить, if a lot of time.

Касба Удайа и вид на Рабат. Около входа в крепость и внутри нее местные женщины навязчиво предлагают туристам разрисовать руки хной. If you dare, не забудьте договориться о цене заранее. Otherwise, you can find out, что работа стоила 500 дирхамов (9638 Р)

Fez is famous for its leather workshops. There are hand-made, dried, обрабатывают химикатами и красят кожу, чтобы потом сделать из нее сумки, slippers, кошельки и браслеты.

Free visit. maybe, have to give something to the "guide", если он будет водить по мастерским. Они обычно встречают туристов у входа или внутри. Мы отделались 10 Dh (75 Р) — больше наличных не было. Some of the guides speak English, но плохо. Процесс выделки кожи нам так и не смогли объяснить. Деньги берут за физическую помощь: помогут взобраться на резервуары с краской или по лестнице на террасу, откуда открывается вид на мастерские.

Кожевенные мастерские в Фесе. В этих глиняных емкостях окрашивают выделанную кожу

В Танжере можно побродить по старому городу, заглянуть на большой базар и сходить в Касбу. Это древняя крепость в самом центре города, с нее открывается вид на Гибралтар. Free visit. Рекомендую не соглашаться на услуги «гидов».

Вид на Гибралтар и ИспаниюВ Шефшауэне можно подняться на смотровую площадку к Испанской мечети. С нее открывается красивый вид на город. the entrance is free

Ткацкий район медины в Танжере. There you can buy arab pants, jellaba or wicker bag Часовая башня в Касабланке — одна из главных достопримечательностей города. Inside, Unfortunately, you can't enter

Ткацкий район медины в Танжере. There you can buy arab pants, джеллабу или плетеную сумкуЧасовая башня в Касабланке — одна из главных достопримечательностей города. Inside, Unfortunately, you can't enter

Where to live in Oualidia

There are a lot of hotels of different classes in the area called Laguna.

If you need a very budgetary for the company, then I like the option for 20 Евро на четверых – Dar Doukkala. You will have to go to the Laguna by car, minutes 5 на машине и пол часа пешком. Место хоть и не в центре курорта, but pleasant with good reviews and Moroccan price. Suitable for a couple of days independent travelers.

The area is also full of cheap hotels. If you want to live among the locals, then feel free to choose. Oualidia, like everywhere else in Morocco, has a safe and generally welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel L’Initiale – отель находится практически на пляже, price in the area 50 euro per night.

Yousef – приятный отель, numbers, breakfast, terrace, паркинг и все за какие-то 30 euro per night for two. Book this hotel quickly, better to look beyond 3-5 months before travel date.

L’Araignée Gourmande 2* – budget hotel near the beach in the Laguna area, price of all 25 euro per night for two.

1 step - time to dress up

Morocco is an eclectic style, country of patchwork bright clothes, colored scarves and lightweight materials. You can safely let go of the fantasy - wrap yourself in a carpet or choose the most beautiful colorful dress, maybe, put on everything at once and a scarf on top - it's up to you.

If you want more respect for detail, you can update the pictures from the TV series "Clone". Художник по костюмам постарался на славу.

You can get beach stoles and capes and make a colorful layered dress from them.!

Special task for girls: the moment has finally come, to show the world your treasures! Feel free to put on all the jewelry, mix and do not be shy, because today you are a Moroccan woman, and they know for sure, that there are never too many decorations.

However, there are a few rules. For girls - outfits to the floor, minimum open spaces on the body (don't forget, where are we), and for guys - loose shirts and pants made of natural materials in pure shades. No shorts, do not relax!

3 step - choose a movie for the evening

Immersion in the Moroccan reality cannot be imagined without cinema, the country itself is one big movie: epic, historical, colorful. Here is Tilda Swinton strolling through the narrow, tangled streets of Tangier, and here Russell Crowe becomes a true gladiator among the sands of Merzouga, here is colin farrell showing, what it is like to be Alexander the great near the oceanic shores of Ei Suweira.

Catch a set to dive into beauty:

  • "Pearl of the Nile" (1985)
  • "Alexander" (2004)
  • "Man, who knew too much " (1955)
  • "Mummy" (1999)
  • «Gladiator» (2000)
  • "Queen of the Desert" (2014)
  • "Only lovers will survive" (2013)

And if you have a lot of time, then know, сериалы «Игра Престолов» и «Клон» частично снимались в Марокко.

Cinema as a way to travel and escape from worries.


Официальный язык Марокко — арабский. To 1956 года разные части страны были испанскими и французскими колониями.

Сегодня в Марокко говорят на трех языках. В Касабланке, Рабате и Фесе с нами общались по-французски. В Тетуане и Танжере было больше испанского, а французский понимали с трудом. В Шефшауэне говорят на обоих языках.

Английский в Марокко знают плохо. Проблем с языком не возникало только в ресторанах и гостиницах. Taxi drivers, торговцы на улицах и официанты в уличных кафе не понимали наш английский.

Я не знала французский, so I hired a private teacher before the trip. For 5 занятий мы выучили простые фразы, цифры и блюда. Занятия стоили 10 thousand rubles. They helped a lot: с местными мы общались в основном на французском. Я могла торговаться, ориентироваться в меню, покупать воду и мороженое в ларьках.

In a situation, когда человек говорил только на испанском, мы оказались один раз. Это был продавец в Тетуане, у которого мы пытались купить воду. После нескольких пантомим он понял, чего мы хотели.

Tourists, которые не говорят по-французски, рекомендую заранее скачать на телефон приложения «Яндекс-переводчик» или «Гугл-переводчик». Они бесплатные и работают без подключения к интернету.

Уличный знак на арабском и французском в Касабланке. В Марокко такие знаки в каждом городе

The basis

The founder of the company was Giovanni Caberlotto. He was the son of a shoemaker and followed in his father's footsteps - he began to make shoes. At the same time, Giovanni decided to produce products for athletes and in 1963 founded Caber, which soon became the world's second largest ski shoe manufacturer.

IN 1973 year Caberlotto sold Caber to the Spalding concern from the USA and headed the European division of the brand no longer as an owner, but as a manager. In the same year, the history of the Lotto company begins - Giovanni created it together with his brothers and used another part of his surname as the name. The birthplace of the brand was the small town of Montebelunna in the province of Treviso, one of the main products of which for many years is footwear.

Incomplete systems

100% 2 – at 2 guessed:

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 19

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 22

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 23

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 24

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 27

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 28

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 31

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 31

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 38

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 39

Rooms: 34 – Tickets: 40

Rooms: 35 – Tickets: 42

Rooms: 36 – Tickets: 47

Rooms: 37 – Tickets: 50

Rooms: 38 – Tickets: 52

Rooms: 39 – Tickets: 54

Rooms: 40 – Tickets: 55

Rooms: 41 – Tickets: 59

Rooms: 42 – Tickets: 63

Rooms: 43 – Tickets: 65

Rooms: 44 – Tickets: 67

Rooms: 45 – Tickets: 70

100% 3 – at 3 guessed:

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 11

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 25

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 31

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 38

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 44

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 48

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 60

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 71

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 77

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 77

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 104

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 116

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 130

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 130

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 167

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 185

100% 4 – at 4 guessed:

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 32

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 41

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 66

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 80

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 117

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 152

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 188

100% 5 – at 5 guessed:

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 50

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 100

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 132

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Pascal K.

180,60 EUR≈ 14 168,97 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Michael A.

385,00 EUR≈ 30 205,18 ₽

roland b.

193,50 EUR≈ 15 181,04 ₽

Audy H.

100,10 EUR≈ 7 853,35 ₽

Michael A.

232,00 EUR≈ 18 201,56 ₽

Max M.

116,00 EUR≈ 9 100,78 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Michael A.

175,00 EUR≈ 13 729,63 ₽

Diane X.

192,40 EUR≈ 15 094,74 ₽

Michael A.

1 326,00 EUR≈ 104 031,33 ₽

Thorsten Khanh Nam N.

99,00 EUR≈ 7 767,05 ₽

raed to.

274,50 EUR≈ 21 535,90 ₽


158,21 GBP≈ 13 766,03 ₽

Andrew L.

235,82 GBP≈ 20 518,97 ₽

Michael A.

304,50 EUR≈ 23 889,55 ₽

Michael A.

1 178,50 EUR≈ 92 459,22 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Gregory K.

326,06 USD≈ 23 002,62 ₽

Mario K.

102,00 EUR≈ 8 002,41 ₽

Hans V.

248,30 EUR≈ 19 480,38 ₽

Calin P.

495,00 EUR≈ 38 835,23 ₽

Jamil H.

128,80 USD≈ 9 086,48 ₽

Seyed Hamidreza E.

132,50 EUR≈ 10 395,29 ₽

Jamil H.

135,12 USD≈ 9 532,34 ₽

Daniel L.

161,50 EUR≈ 12 670,48 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

237,00 EUR≈ 18 593,84 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

237,00 EUR≈ 18 593,84 ₽

Daniel L.

161,50 EUR≈ 12 670,48 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

4 step - turn on the music

Music is the soul of the country, especially when it comes to eastern states. A thousand-year history has left its mark on the musical memory of the Moroccans, this is the art of a thousand peoples, centuries and events. Music can and should be absorbed, как и национальную кухню.

The directions of music here are mainly ethnic, immersive and experimental. For sound travel - ideal. We leave!

  • Идеально расслабляющий эдакий хаммам-плейлист.
  • Maximum ethnic, recorded by Paul Bowles in 1959 year.
  • The spirit of the desert wakes up here.
  • If you still need dancing, look here.
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