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"A moment of luck"

This additional round takes place after the main draw. Only those tickets can take part in it, who were left without a win in the main game

There are three numbers worth paying attention here, at the bottom of the ticket. An additional prize is awarded if, when these numbers coincide with the numbers of unplayed kegs

In the absence of a winner in this round, the next additional drawing "Lucky Number" is held.

"Lucky Number"

On this tour, the numbers of kegs still play, which remained in the bag. Your card number must match these numbers. The match may not only be complete, but also partial. Here the main condition is that, that the numbers in the ticket number must be in that sequence, in which the corresponding numbers were extracted from the bag.

«Двенадцать стульев»

This is another additional draw, which the participants really like. This tour is for those, who found the inscription "Drawing of diamonds in the studio" under the protective layer. Need to know, that if such an inscription is found, it is necessary to contact the organizers a day before the drawing. This allows them to register players in advance., who should arrive at the studio. The participant must be in the studio an hour before the start of the drawing. This is necessary for, so that organizers know, how many people will take part in the game.

It's important to know, what you need to take with you to the studio. For example, if you do not have a game ticket with you, no passport, you behave inappropriately or are in a state of intoxication, the organizers may not allow the player to participate

In case of refusal, the player is provided with a special act, which indicates all the reasons for not allowing the player.

The player must provide his ticket directly in the studio., which flaunts the inscription "Drawing of diamonds in the studio". After that, a special sheet is filled out, in which all passport details of the participant are noted. The organizers put a stamp on the ticket, which means that it meets all the rules. When registering, the player is assigned a number, which defines his place in the studio.

The organizers determine in advance the prize fund of such a drawing. At the same time, it is placed in the lining of one of the twelve chairs., in the studio. This all happens with the circulation commission, which monitors the fairness of the draw. In this case, a special act is drawn up.

Now the player needs to choose a chair, in which, in his opinion, hidden prize. It happens sometimes, that in this game the prize cannot be played. In this case, it is carried over to the next game.. At the discretion of the organizers, it may increase.

How to play? Rules of the game of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

Draws are held in the television studio of the "Stoloto" lottery center. Recording of the drawing – broadcasted on television on the NTV channel in the program “We win!»On Sundays at 08:20 hours local time. The host of the drawing - Mikhail Borisov.

The game is played in several rounds.

  • In the 1st round tickets are won, in which 5 numbers in any of the six horizontal lines will coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing before others.
  • In the 2nd round tickets are won, in which all 15 numbers in any of the fields will coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing before others.
  • Tickets are won in the 3rd and subsequent rounds, in which all 30 the numbers of the two playing fields of the ticket will coincide with the numbers dropped out during the drawing before the others.
  • Super prize (Jackpot) win tickets, in which, on the fifteenth move, all fifteen numbers of one of the two playing fields of the ticket (top or bottom) coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing.

Rules of the game "Your Lotto"

The rules of "Your Lotto" are quite simple, therefore, absolutely everyone can play here. Statistics show, what the 2015 more than a year has been won 325 thousand valuable prizes, which amounted to almost 18 billion rubles. Three jackpots have been won over the years of the lottery, the total amount exceeded 120 million rubles.

За игровую историю лотереи организаторы провели более 700 circulation, in which it was played 33 million prizes. Their total cost exceeds 310 billion rubles. Besides, was played 125 apartments, what, in money terms, equates to 25 billion rubles. Except apartments, cars were also raffled. At the moment there are 412 such lucky ones. Prizes in the form of gold and diamonds were also raffled off.

As mentioned above, one game ticket of this loto gives to the participant 9 chances of winning. Statistics show, that every fourth ticket can win at least some small prize.

Usually, lottery organizers issue paired tickets, which are called "two". They differ among themselves by the category, although the number is the same. Such "deuces" give more chances of winning, therefore, it is much more interesting for participants to play with these tickets. Moreover, each player can purchase one ticket., because he can also bring a prize in the form of a valuable prize.

Of the main differences between "Your Lotto" and Russian lotteries, I would like to highlight the fact, that in all draws only those tickets are raffled, which were sold. The rest are simply destroyed by the organizers. On each ticket you can see two tables, each of which has 15 numbers. All tickets differ from each other by a set of digital combinations.

There is a field on the side of the ticket, designed for instant play. Here you can see the inscription "Erase here". By paying your ticket, each participant has the right to immediately erase the protective layer. There may be a number underneath, meaning a small cash prize. Also, an invitation to the studio may be hidden under the protective coating, where is the drawing of diamonds. If you failed to win the instant game, no need to be upset, because the ticket continues to take part in the main drawing.

There are three numbers at the bottom of the game ticket, which are intended for the additional game "A moment of luck". This rally is after the main game.. As it should be, the purchased ticket only participates in that drawing, which is indicated on it. The reverse side of the game ticket allows each player to carefully read the rules of the game.

Quite often, the organizers hold additional holiday raffles. There is a letter under the protective layer. Each ticket contains only one letter. The player needs to collect a certain word from them.

The main draw for your lotto

The main game of this lottery is played in several stages.. Moreover, each of them makes it possible to win a certain prize. Each tour has its own conditions, which the participant should read.

So, the initial round involves players crossing out numbers. Crossed out a line of five numbers, the player proceeds to the next round. In the second round plays 15 numbers, which are in the ticket tables. Lucky ones, which completely fill one of the tables, go further. In the third round, the participant must fill in all 30 numbers, which are in both tables. In this case, you need to cross out all the numbers before that move., which is initially announced by the host.

All conducted draws give an opportunity to any participant to become the owner of the jackpot. That player becomes the owner of the main prize, who will cross out everything before everyone else 30 numbers, located in two tables of the game ticket. In the absence of such a lucky one, the jackpot increases and is carried over to the next drawing.

In addition to the main cash prize, players have the opportunity to win another prize - a car. Here such a prize is called "Jeep Pot". That player will own the car, who will cross out everything on his ticket 15 numbers of one table per 15 during the game.

"Your Lotto" holds its draws every week. It should be noted, that the fairness of the game is closely monitored by the circulation commission. All data, dropped out during the drawing, are recorded. After, how the rally ends on a certain move, the host without fail takes out unplayed barrels, for the commission to record their presence in the bag. At the same time, the audience is also convinced of the honesty of the drawing.. Besides, the remaining numbers are used for the next game "A moment of luck".

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