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Italian lottery superenalotto - regulations, history, etc.

Less popular lotteries

In these lotteries, unlike the same Power Ball and other top-best draws, impossible to win a billion, since most often these are draws of a particular state. The most ambitious lotteries here look like New York State.

New York Lotto

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Oldest New York State Lottery, income from which is directed to the needs of education.

  • Held twice a week
  • The player decides to choose six main and one additional ball from the matrix in 59 serial numbers
  • The minimum jackpot is 2 million and in the absence of a winner increases by 300 thousand
  • The chance of getting the jackpot is 1 to 45 millions
  • More from the amount won 600 dollars need to pay federal tax, which can reach 43%

New York Cash4life

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Another lottery, arranged as part of the New York lottery.

  • Takes place twice a week
  • You must select five numbers from 60 and one additional of 4
  • Takes place in New Jersey
  • An advertisement in New York states: the main prize is a thousand dollars a day until the end of life, second prize - one thousand dollars a week for the rest of life
  • The chance of hitting the jackpot is one to almost 22 millions

Mega Bucks

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Held in Oregon.

  • Draws are held three times a week
  • You have to choose six numbers out of forty-eight
  • The odds of winning the jackpot are one to approximately 12 millions

What a Superstar?

SuperStar is a ball, which is removed from a separate drum with numbers from 1 to 90,

If it matches the SuperStar number, you are guaranteed to receive a prize. If you have already won the main draw, your prize will increase.

Tickets with the SuperStar option cost approximately 50% more expensive than usual. A separate prize fund is formed from the sale of such fields, which is distributed among the players in the following proportions:

Combination Increase the prize Average Prize
Superstar (further - S) € 5
S + 1 € 10
S + 2 € 100
S + 3 X 100 € 2700
S + 4 X 100 € 34 500
S + 5 X 25 € 1 060 694
S + 5 +Jolly + €1 000 000 € 1 574 051
S + 6 jackpot + € 2 000 000 € 79 733 584

In categories 0-2 the prizes are fixed, and in other combinations the amount will depend on the prize pool and the number of winners. main numbers.

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