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They write on the site, as if the Russian Lotto exists 25 years. But
during this time, information about the project would clearly appear! License number about nothing
is talking, because these are just numbers. The project is not officially registered anywhere. Yes
and who will do it, because we have a scam?

About that, that the All-Russian official lottery deception
is evidenced by the user agreement. It is written in small print, but
that's easy to increase. It says here in black and white, what's going on is a game,
having nothing to do with reality. Making real money won't work. Pictures
on the screen they have nothing to do with them, even being called rubles or other
currency. You can write anything. Open your eyes to what is happening: want you

We are trying to withdraw finances. All-Russian official lottery deception, and therefore they immediately requested money from us for their transfer. There are 2 option: Russian Post for 1500 rubles and online for 398. In both cases, you will lose money., getting only unpleasant experience in return. Russian Lotto cheating - proven for everything 100%.

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