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What are the benefits of online ticket check

This test is very effective., and it can be attributed to a double win - gaining time and money at the same time. If the ticket played well, then the player, certainly, receives a cash prize. Checking the ticket online, he gets extra time, which I would have lost before going to the newsstand and crossing my legs in line. Therefore, today the method of checking through the Internet is not just a tribute to fashion., but the optimal solution of people, who live at the modern pace of life.

Another advantage of online lottery ticket validation is that, that besides actual results, there is an archive of past draws. If for some reason you did not manage to find out the result of the lottery ticket, played a month ago, now there is no need to contact the organizers or look for the issue of the previous newspaper in circulation. It is allowed to check the ticket in online format, who played in past draws. It also allows you to collect the necessary performance statistics for the next games. Previously, this procedure took players a lot of time., I had to constantly monitor the results of the lottery and keep statistics on my own. Today you can easily go to the Internet and get it online when checking lottery tickets..

Why online ticket check

Check lottery tickets online, because it:

  • effective time savings
  • reliable method, which does not contain any typos, nor delayed release
  • accessible to all, since today the Internet is in every home
  • convenient and comfortable, because it is even unnecessary to get up from your favorite chair
  • informative, because the results were collected in several runs at once

The lottery takes a significant place among modern entertainment. Trying your luck, players are eager to win, bright emotions, expect a miracle, feel the anticipation of victory and hope. Checking lottery tickets online allows you to relive these emotions, without leaving your cozy home.

Stoloto lottery results

Circulation 1363 (22 November)
15 November in 08:20 (Moscow time)
Circulation 1361 (8 November)
Circulation archive
Circulation 417 (22 November) Circulation 273 (22 November)
15 November in 08:20 (Moscow time) 15 November in 08:30 (Moscow time)
Circulation 415 (8 November) Circulation 271 (8 November)
Circulation archive Circulation archive
Circulation 273 (22 November) Circulation 470 (15 November)
15 November in 08:20 (Moscow time) 12 November in 18:30 (Moscow time)
Circulation 271 (8 November) Circulation 468 (11 November)
Circulation archive Circulation archive
Circulation 148 (13 November)
12 November in 21:00 (Moscow time)
Circulation 146 (11 November)
Circulation archive

Russian Lotto is the most popular lottery in Russia from the Stoloto brand, which in turn brings together all state lotteries. Russian lotto is considered one of the oldest and most beloved entertainment of the people of Russia.. Rusloto.net invites you to check the purchased lottery for the fact of winning and analyze the lotto results. This portal does not carry out, distribution or promotion of lotteries. The site is absolutely informational and provides its users only with reference and analytical information on the drawing of state lotteries, which is collected from open sources of information.

The main advantages of the Rusloto.net portal 1. Providing an opportunity to find out about the latest lottery results and the main winnings in the history of the lottery; 2. Placement of circulation tables, balls or kegs not drawn, on the day of the drawing; 3. Easy online check of lottery tickets, you can check the lottery by the number "Russian Lotto", "Housing lottery", "Golden Horseshoe", «6 of 36» and «Bingo-75».

Lottery draws "Russian Lotto take place in several rounds. The host is Mikhail Borisov. He takes kegs from a special bag and says the numbers, which are indicated on each of them. Holders of lottery tickets cross out these numbers on their tickets. If you hear the phrase "Stop game", then someone won. The biggest wins are drawn in the first 5 loose weight. Following from this, there are certain rules for winning.

Winning the first round assumes that five numbers of one horizontal line from two tables match. These winnings are quite rare, but there are. Winning the second round involves matching fifteen numbers, ie. one table. But this drawing also has a Jackpot. To hit the jackpot, you must cross out all fifteen numbers in a row on one of the playing fields (tables). Winnings in lose and all subsequent rounds have the rule of matching all numbers, available on the ticket.

Anything can be won in lotteries, from household appliances to real estate and cars. You need to check the lottery ticket according to the draw table or check the lottery by number.

Розыгрыши лотерей «Жилищная лотерея происходят также в несколько туров, namely varies to 25-28. The host of this lottery is Victoria Panina. She calls the numbers on the balls drawn from the lottery drum, and the holder of such a lottery ticket must cross them out on his ticket. In the first round, the winning situation is the coincidence of the drawn numbers with one line in the ticket. The second round involves the coincidence of all fifteen numbers of one playing field. And the winner of the third and subsequent rounds is the one, whose lottery ticket matches all numbers drawn from the lottery drum with thirty, available on the lottery ticket, ie. all numbers on the ticket must be crossed out.

An apartment can be a win in the Housing Lottery, house and money.

The drawing "Golden Horseshoe is held in several rounds. First round win those tickets, in which the condition of matching five numbers of any horizontal line of one of the playing fields is fulfilled. It is also possible to win a super prize in this lottery. To do this, you must cross out all the numbers in the upper line of the upper playing field in the first five moves. The super prize is ten million rubles. In the second round, the winning condition is to match fifteen numbers of one of the fields. In the third round, all numbers must match, located in the playing fields of the lottery ticket.

Lottery draws "6 of 36 carried out using a lottery drum. The lottery ticket itself has one playing field, which contains thirty-six numbers. There are already six crossed out numbers in this field. Balls are loaded into the lottery drum, numbered one through thirty-six. If the number falls, which is the same as the number in the field, then it should be crossed out. The more numbers will be crossed out, the greater the gain.

Winning "6 out of 36 money is considered from fifty rubles to ten thousand rubles. And if you are very lucky, it is possible to win a super prize, which is equal to one million.

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