How to learn to play bingo

New bingo lottery "80/90" on the site & quot; stoloto"

Play the lottery “Super Bingo”

General rules of Super Bingo

1. How to mark a card?
A mark can be made by clicking on the cell with the matched digit. Pressing again will cancel this action.

2. How to get bingo?
Exists 4 line type, by filling in which you can get bingo:

  • – horizontal
  • – vertical
  • – diagonal
  • – corners

3.How to claim BINGO!
When you count, that you have a winning line, click on the blue BINGO button! to state it.
If you pressed BINGO!, but you really don't have it, then you will receive the message “Wrong bingo” and the card will freeze on 5 seconds.

4.1 What can you spend "Credits" on?
Credits guarantee you the opportunity to buy cards. The more Credits you have, the more cards you can purchase in each round, thereby increasing
chances to disrupt BINGO!

4.2 How can you get loans?
You can get boosters:

  • 1) win them by getting credits for thwarted bingos.
  • 2) from friends as a gift
  • 3) from the system , by looking into the application every day and getting a daily bonus
  • 4) you can also buy them in the store

5. What can you spend "Coins" on?
Coins can be used to buy Boosters, collections, markers and other in-game values.

6.How to activate Boosters?
Do any 3 correct marks, to fill the Booster panel.
When the Booster panel is full, click on it, to activate one of the randomly dropped Boosters.

7.Can Boosters be purchased separately?
At the moment, all Boosters are bought in “packs”..

8. Description of boosters
Exists 4 line type, by filling in which you can get bingo:

  • Mark
    Adds an extra mark to each card, closing a random number on the field of numbers not yet drawn.
  • Double mark
    Adds an extra mark to each card, closing a random number on the field of numbers not yet drawn.
  • Bonus coins
    Adds bonus coins to each card, you can get coins when you make the “correct” mark on the number on which the booster fell. (the amount of coins you get for collecting this booster depends on the room you are playing in)
  • Bonus credits
    Adds bonus credits to each card, you can get credits when you make the "correct" mark on the number on which the booster fell.
  • Instant bingo
    This booster adds instant bingo to every card, Having made the “correct” mark on which you will immediately receive bingo. (this booster can be dropped 1 once per round)
  • Doubling payments
    The booster doubles the amount of coins received in this round (can drop 1 once per round)
  • Doubling experience
    Doubles Experience for each mark until the end of the current round. (can drop 1 once per round)

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How are the draws?

You can watch the Bingo 75 lottery every Sunday at 13:30 on the NTV channel "(program "Magic of numbers"). Due to the presence of several stages, the program takes much longer, than typical rallies and implies focus on the following schemes:

1. Angle

Tour duration 28 course. Win those tickets, Where 4 numbers, corner fields, match the named numbers up to and including the last second of the round.

Even if you managed to take the prize in the first round, then the player continues to participate in the drawing for other combinations.

2. Crossing

The second stage starts from the very beginning of the rally and lasts up to the 38th move inclusive.

To win, need to collect in the ticket 8 figures in this way, so that they form a cross on the field. Moreover, the winner also has the right to participate in the following stages..

3. Jackpot

It is considered the most cash stage of the draw, which ends on move 46. The main prize is won by, who have all matched 24 numbers on the card.

If there are several such tickets, then the winner is the participant, who took fewer moves to win. Ticket holder, ripped off the jackpot, ends participation in the drawing and cannot claim to win in subsequent rounds.

4. Card-55

The principle of the next stage is similar to the "jackpot" stage - the winner is the one, who collected all the numbers on the card. The main difference is the number of moves: not 46, a 55. At the same time, the winning tickets do not participate in the drawing of the "last move" category.

5. Last move

The final consolation stage with a minimum prize. Here those win, who has all numbers on the ticket closed for moves from 56th to 72nd. To win, you need to have by the end of the rally 0 closed numbers on the card. If at least one value is guessed, you won't be able to win a consolation prize.

At the fifth stage, the drawing of the Bingo 75 lottery ends.

Bonuses and promotions

Two free bets for registration

New users, registered and identified in the bookmaker receive two free bets for the amount 1 000 rubles each. The provided bonuses can be used for bets with odds from 1,3 and for any type of bet (ordinary, express or system).

If your bet is won, then in order to receive a reward, the user must wager it: additionally execute bets for the amount, which exceeds the received gain in 15 time. After meeting all the requirements, the winnings will be credited to the player's main account.

Freebets can only be used in turn: when the first is applied, the second will be inactive until the calculation of the previous bet. Bonuses are available to the player throughout 7 days, after which they are automatically canceled.

First deposit bonus

At the first deposit of the game account, the player receives a bonus. The remuneration is charged in the amount of 100% of the deposited amount and is provided in the form of ordinary funds, which can be withdrawn along with the rest of the winnings.

There are no restrictions on the amount of the first deposit, at the same time, the total amount of the bonus cannot exceed 50 000 rubles. It means, that when depositing funds over 50 000 rubles bonuses are calculated within the limit.

To receive the bonus, you must place bets for the total amount, which in 15 times the amount deposited. The offer applies to all types of bets with odds from 1,3 and higher.

Cashback for made bets

All Bingo Boom players receive monthly cashback to the bonus account. The amount of the bonus depends on the type of bet and can reach 2%. New users receive cashback at an increased rate for 30 days since account creation. Accrual occurs on the first day of each month for the previous period.

Extra bonus for basketball trains

For express trains, which includes at least one basketball event, players get points: for each winning accumulator - 3 score, losing - 2 score. The special offer applies to express bets with odds 2 and above and the bet amount from 300 rubles.

affiliate program

Bookmaker's players can receive bonuses for bets, made by your friends. Special offer applies to new players, who, when registering, use the link of their friend - a regular customer of the bookmaker. A link is assigned to each player and is available in your personal account in the "Affiliate Program" section. Members of the Bingo Boom program monthly transfers 10% from the bets of a player-friend.


Sports betting here (football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis) and eSports tournaments. Average number of markets - 60. The line isn't deep enough, but here are famous world and European matches.

Live streaming odds match the prematch, average margin - 8%. Acceptance of bets is carried out without delay, but sometimes there is an interruption in quotes. There are no live broadcasts of matches, but the site has infographics. With a large influx of clients, the system often freezes and displays the result of the game with a delay.

Line and painting

The bookmaker accepts bets on prematch and live broadcasts. Sports and eSports betting available, cultural and political events. Line and Painting - Intermediate.

Available events


It mainly features football and hockey matches. Tennis bets available, basketball and volleyball. Cricket is available from exotic sports, netball and rugby.


Wagers are accepted for the matches of the top European FC England, Germany, France, Spain. Many bets are presented in the framework of Russian football matches: Russian Super Cup, Cup Match Premier and Russian Championship. Available to select events for championship within countries (Sweden, Estonia, USA, Norway, Poland).


World class competitions are available for betting (World Championship), European championships (Champions League). Russian short hockey and KHL hockey matches are widely represented. Bets are accepted on US teams, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Traditionally presented ATP tournaments, WTA, ITF and world championships: Wimbledon, US Open. You can bet on women's tennis and demonstration men's tournaments.


The number of sporting events is not that large, as in other cases, but the painting is deep enough. Bets are open for the World Men's Championship, Euroleague (male and female), as well as for national championship within individual countries.

Other types of bets

Presented as policy bets (winner of the presidential elections in the United States and parliamentary elections in Ukraine), on the winner of the show "What? Where? When", rap battle finalist and even the next James Bond. Acceptance of bets is also possible on sports events.: you can bet on the sports person of the year.

Available bet types


Bet on a specific sporting event, in which the player guesses his exact outcome. The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the bet amount made by the offered odds.


Combination of several single orders. In this case, sports events at rates should not be related to each other.. The bet will be winning only if, if the player correctly predicts the result of each bet. If there is at least one losing bet, the entire accumulator will be considered as such. The winning amount is a derivative of the final odds and the size of the bet. The final coefficient is calculated by multiplying the coefficients of all sporting events among themselves.


Multiple Express Combination. Moreover, each express included in the system must have the same number of single lines.. The amount of winnings in the system is the sum of winnings for all successful express bets.

Name Description
Event outcome Bet on a specific match result. Allowable variations: first team victory, victory of the second team, draw.
Double chance The bet is made simultaneously on 2 the outcome of a sporting event. Allowable variations: first team wins or draws; second team wins or draws; victory of the first or second team.
Handicap Bet on the game account taking into account the handicap. Позитивная фора добавляется к конечному счету, negative - is subtracted. The bet will be successful, if the option offered by the player corresponds to the score of the game, taking into account the established handicap.
Asian handicap A type of bets with a handicap in which the bet is divided into 2 equal parts to each of which a different coefficient is applied.
Total BC sets the total number of goals scored per game, and the player guesses whether their real number will be more or less. If the player guesses the exact number of balls, the win is calculated with the odds 1, the player only gets back the amount of the bet.
Exact score Betting on the exact final score of the game.
Time / match You must simultaneously guess the winner of the first half and the whole game.
Performance comparison The player makes a bet, which part of the championship will be the most productive.
Hosts / Guests Bet on that, who quits the game as the winner: host or guests.

Is it realistic to become the winner of the "Bingo 75"?

The chance to become the owner of the coveted jackpot in this drawing is about 0,00003 percent. The probability is certainly not high, but it's still worth trying your hand.

But the probability of winning in the first round is already much higher., she is 0,28 percent.

Prizes Odds Winnings, rub.
Angle 1:358 150
Crossing 1:1 035 750
Jackpot 1:3 267 109 min 25 000 000 min 10 000 000
Card-55 1:10 359 15 000
Last move 1:3 75

There is one way to increase your chances of winning. This will be the purchase of additional tickets. The organizers do not set a limit on the maximum number of tickets.

This game is more suitable for those, for whom gambling is a pleasant pastime or a special ritual. Long broadcast, multi-stage, keep players on their toes until the very end. Therefore, many players prefer this lottery, even though there is little chance of winning.

Tricks and secrets from me: how to win at Bingo Boom?

So, let's start with some of the secrets to playing Bingo Boom, which I myself use in sports betting. Then I will move on to specific strategies., which make a profit.

Here are the tricks and secrets from me, how to win at bookmaker:

Each my bet at Bingo Boom is no more 3% from a bank. I play flat. Average bet size - somewhere 1-1,5%. I bet 3% only for the most confident forecasts. But mind you - I don’t bet on Bingo Boom anymore. 3%, even if I think, what is this "super-sure".

Better less often, but aptly, the more often, but whatever. I try to hit the target to win. If there are no suitable events today, then I just miss the day, and don't put. Better wait, let's say, until Saturday, and put on the right match, than to lose everything on Monday in some Mexican football.

I use one winning financial strategy at Bingo Boom

This allows me to focus on one effective tactic., and not spray on everything.

It is important to count your wins and losses. Some play, and don't even know, they are in the black, in the red or with their own

I keep detailed statistics of wins and losses, working on bugs, I note certain patterns, etc..

It is advisable to have two separate game banks, if you want to play prematch and online. I personally earn more on the prematch line, however, I allocate money for playing live, to have fun, kill your passion in yourself, etc.. In other words, I'm not sorry to lose money in live, since I pre-allocate those funds, which I'm not sorry to lose.

I bet, based on their own reasons. I am not influenced by other people's opinions, I'm not particularly afraid, if the odds in the bookmaker are changed, I just stick to my strategy until the end. If I parsed the event correctly, then I don't care, who thinks what and what. Just wait until the fight ends, and only then do work on the mistakes. Only, you are welcome, never rearrange bets during a match into one, then the other way: this is a direct path to failure.

I would recommend testing any betting system at Bingo Boom for little money. Do not immediately pour tens of thousands into the bookmaker, test strategy, and lose this money. Play for hundreds of rubles, take advantage of the lucrative bonus at Bingo Boom, fribetom, and, if the strategy shows excellent results, and you win, make a more significant deposit.

In other words, if you don't start placing bets, then you don't really understand, what is the peculiarity of this bookmaker. Here's a line, your odds, your events in live, the calculation time of the bet in live differs from the calculation time in the prematch, and much more.

So that, guys, see for yourself - I gave you such advice, which really help. The biggest winnings at Bingo Boom can be huge, and therefore everything is in your hands. I repeat again, I cannot promise that, that you will immediately start making money on bets. maybe, you will never learn to make money thanks to betting

It's very important to learn here, keep calm, control emotions and maintain discipline

Lottery "Bingo 75" - how to play and what are the chances of winning | World lotteries

Hundreds of people from all over Russia become millionaires thanks to drawings from the Stoloto company. Not a month is complete without a big win. for example, in early July 2018 of the year, a sports coach from Voronezh became the owner of five million rubles.

We also offer you to try your hand at draws from the Stoloto company. Today we will consider the conditions of one of the new lotteries - "Bingo 75". Let's figure it out, how to play Bingo 75 and is it really possible to get a big prize.

How to buy tickets?

The same methods of purchasing tickets are available to Bingo 75 participants, as for fans of other draws from "Stoloto":

  • official lottery kiosks "Stoloto" (discover, where are they in your city, you can on the interactive map)
  • Site "The Chair"
  • Rostelecom offices, "Russian Post", "Messenger"
  • points of sale "BaltBet" and "BaltLoto".

The cost of a Bingo 75 ticket is the same at all points of sale and amounts to 100 rubles.

Paper option

If you decide to visit the lottery kiosk or the office of the Stoloto partner, you will receive a paper coupon "Bingo 75":

In him 24 numbers from the range 1-75.

You can buy such a ticket without a mobile phone number - if you win, present coupon, and the payment will be made on it.

Electronic variant

You can also become a Bingo 75 member when buying a ticket on the Internet:

note, that in the Bingo 75 lottery, the participant does not choose the numbers on the ticket. They are generated automatically (if the coupon is purchased online) or immediately written on paper (when purchasing at offline points of sale)

If you buy a ticket online, then Stoloto will request a mobile phone number. Enter the current mobile: if you manage to win a prize, then you will receive payment on it.

About that, How is the Bingo 75 drawing going?, we will tell in one of the following sections.

1. "Corners"

The winners are determined in the first round, which have the required numbers in the corners of the ticket:

The first round lasts 28 moves. If during this time all numbers from the set fall out 1, 3, 61, 73, then the player with the ticket, as in the picture above, will be the winner.

If you managed to pick up a prize in the first round, then the game does not end - the ticket continues to participate in the drawing.

2. "Crossing"

The second stage starts from the very beginning of the draw, simultaneously with the first. It lasts until turn 38 inclusive..

To win a prize in the second stage, need to collect 8 digits at the "intersection":

If the player has, who has a ticket like in the picture above, for 38 number of moves 15, 29, 31, 33, 44, 45, 60, 70, then he becomes the winner of the second round. At the same time, there remains a chance to receive prizes at other stages - the ticket continues to participate in the drawing.

3. Jackpot

The most monetary stage of the drawing. Starts on the first lottery number (that is, from the same moment, as the first, second stage), but ends on move 46.

The participant wins the jackpot, if for 46 moves (or less) all the numbers on his card fall out:

If tickets, for which for 46 moves all numbers fell, several, then that participant becomes the winner, which took fewer moves. for example, if one player has collected all numbers for 40 rooms, and the second for 46 rooms, then the first participant becomes the winner of the jackpot.

Ticket holder, jackpot ripper, completes participation in the drawing. The rest of the participants continue to play - there are still two rounds.

4. "Card-55"

The essence of this stage is the same, as at the "jackpot" stage - the winner is the one, who collected everything 24 numbers on the card. The difference is in the number of moves: here they are not 46, a 55.

5. "Last move"

Consolation stage with a minimum prize. Those win, who closes everything 24 numbers on the card for moves from 56th to 72nd.

To become the winner of the "Last Move", must have by the 56th turn of the draw 0 closed numbers on the card. If at least one is guessed, you won't be able to win the consolation prize.

After the fifth stage, the "Bingo 75" drawing ends.


Participate in "Bingo 75", as in other lotteries from "Stoloto", simply. You can buy a ticket online, at a kiosk or in a partner's office.

Bingo 75 is convenient for, for whom the lottery is more of a ritual, not an opportunity to win money. The draws are broadcasted live on TV on a weekend. It is convenient to get together with the whole family and cheer for the right numbers together, which fall out of the lottery drum.

If you want to play Stoloto lotteries more often, we recommend taking a closer look at Gosloto 4 of 20 ", "5 out of 36", "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49", as well as "Sportloto Matchball". The probability of winning is higher here, than in "Bingo 75", and draws are held several times a day.

Where to buy tickets

Bingo organizers 75 tried to facilitate the process of participation in the lottery as much as possible for everyone. You can buy a lottery ticket, using one of the available methods:

By visiting a lottery interactive supermarket. Electronic online tickets are sold directly on the official website of the Stoloto company. And also through a mobile resource, adapted for smartphones and gadgets - You can also install an application on a smartphone or tablet. (there are programs for iOS and Android) and shop through it.

You can also quickly buy a coupon, using your mobile phone. You need to send SMS to the addressee 9999, in the text column indicate "Bingo 75".

You can pay for a lottery ticket in any way convenient for you. For example, when buying online, you can use a bank card. The easiest and fastest way to buy a ticket is to register on the website, enter your personal account, using login and password, replenish the deposit. And then go to the Bingo section 75, choose the ticket you like and click on the "buy" button.

At a retail point of sale, at the kiosk, at a trade terminal or lottery machine, you can pay for the purchase in cash - banknotes and 10-ruble coins. Cost of one Bingo lottery ticket 75 – 75 rubles. And the jackpot is over 10 million rubles. The prize fund is formed depending on the amount of proceeds from sold tickets and is equal to 50% of this amount. Moreover, each lottery participant has three chances to win in one draw at once.

Replenishment methods

Cash replenishment

It is possible to replenish the deposit in MTS communication stores, Beeline, MegaFon or Tele2. Enrollment takes place instantly, the commission for the deposit is covered by the bookmaker.

Cashless replenishment

You can also replenish your account using a Visa or MasterCard. There are no delays in crediting funds, no replenishment commission.

Replenishment with electronic money

You can top up your account using Yandex.Money or QIWI wallet. Money is credited to the game account without delay, commission for replenishment is not provided.

Restrictions on the top-up amount

The minimum amount for all deposit methods is 100 rubles. There are no restrictions on the maximum deposit size.

How to Host a Bingo Game

If you are honored to be the host of this game, do your duty with honor. The atmosphere during the game depends on your behavior and mood.

  1. Give everyone game cards. Wait, for now, all the players will spread the leaves in front of them, prepare the chips and close the central cell. Don't rush them.
  2. Mix balls or leaflets with numbers well. Get them out one at a time. Take your time, so that all players have time to check the cards - someone may have more than one. Don't look at the balls, when you get them, so that you are not suspected of rigging.
  3. Listen carefully to the players, so as not to miss the cherished word of Bingo! After all, the winner may turn out to be timid players, and say it softly. As soon as you hear, the game stops. After that, you need to check the card and the drawn numbers for compliance. If everything is correct, announce the winner and give him the assigned prize.

The number of named numbers before the victory can be different. The creators of the game say, that the more cards take part in the game, the faster the winner will be revealed. If the players 2-3 and they have one card each, then the game can drag on for a long time.

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