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What are the lotto draws in the Dominican Republic?

The lotto draws in Santo Domingo are various but the most famous is the lotus leisa, the lotto draws are listed below:

  • Lotto
  • Loto Mas
  • Super Lotto Mas
  • Real Lotto
  • Megalotto

Main lottery draws in santo domingo

Participating in a Dominican lottery is an action of the vast majority of Dominicans, choosing a lottery is something that is complicated if we see the number of lotteries that exist, That is why we show you a summary of the most played lotteries in the country.

  • New York Lottery: 12:30 pm.
  • Real Afternoon Lottery: 12:55 pm.
  • Lottery Win More: 3:00 pm.
  • Loteka: 7:00 pm.
  • New york night lottery 7:30 pm.
  • Leidsa: 8:55 pm.
  • National lottery: 9:00 pm.
  • Lotto, lotus more and super lotus more: 8:55 pm (Wednesdays and Saturdays).

El Gordo Navidad – The Fat Christmas

It is by far the most famous and popular lottery in the world.. The Spaniards call her a fat man for the huge prize money. The name of the lottery can be translated "Christmas jackpot", the draw is drawn annually 22 December in Madrid.

El Gordo lottery is famous for its huge prize pools, which also grow from year to year. So, during draws in 2012 and 2013 years he made absolutely incredible 2 billion 520 million euros. Thanks to this amount, we can say, what is this lottery – the largest lottery in the world. Of course, in terms of the sums of the main prize, she cannot be compared with American mega millions and powerball. But for such parameters, as the probability of winning, number of tickets and, as already said, to the total prize fund, she is certainly the most.

Try your luck, participating in this El Gordo v can not only Spaniards, but also residents of other countries.

Win category

Number of prizes



First prize


1 to 100 000

4 million euros

Second prize


1 to 100 000

1 million 250 thousand euros

Third prize


1 to 100 000

Five hundred thousand euros

Fourth prize


1 to 100 000

Two hundred thousand euros

Fifth Prize


1 to 100 000

Sixty thousand euros

Dropped out of two lottery reels (they are called bombos) balls with numbers from 0 to 9 children bring to the commission members. The drawing of the draw is a colorful performance, which is broadcast live for several hours.

Lotería de Navidad is not only a unique lottery, but also a good tradition, beautiful holiday, bringing a good Christmas mood. Not infrequently whole settlements, teams unite to play, and in case of victory, divide the winnings.

Available 100 000 predefined numbers, in each of which a five-digit code from 00000 to 99999. It could seem, that a lottery of this scale cannot have only one hundred thousand tickets. However, each ticket is printed in one hundred and eighty copies. You should also consider, that tickets consist of 10 parts, which are sold separately. In this way, actually 100 000 combination of 180 copies in ten shares – this 180 million tickets.

El Gordo Navidad Lottery offers truly unique chances of winning very large prizes in the lottery market. So the chance to win the first prize of four million euros is only 1 to 100 000. In other lotteries, the probability of hitting a jackpot is one in ten, or even hundreds of millions. Read more in the article lottery probability.

Important: when buying tickets you must understand, that usually not the whole ticket is sold, and its tenth is Decimas. She is standing 20 euros

Respectively, when winning, You will get a tenth of it. Basically, you can buy a whole ticket - but it will cost you accordingly 200 euros. Websites - intermediaries,, allows you to buy shares of tickets online without overpayment - at a cost price in 20 euros. Read more in the article online lottery. The only inconvenience is, that these sites buy a large number of tickets in advance, but of course not all 100 000 options. In this way, You will have to choose from that range, which is already available on the indicated sites.

How are the draws?

Сегодня розыгрыши Loteria Nacional могут проходить по двум схемам: традиционной и множественной. Let's find out, чем они отличаются друг от друга.

#1 Traditional game

В традиционных розыгрышах используется два лототрона: бочонки в первом означают номера билетов, являющихся выигрышными в данном тираже, the second lottery drum contains barrels, whose numbers correspond to the prizes, указанным на специальной доске (выставляется на сцену перед началом мероприятия).

В самом розыгрыше участвуют в основном дети: именно они сначала достают один шар из второго лототрона (thus determining the prize to be awarded), а затем по одному достают пять бочонков из первого лототрона.

При составлении номеров вытащенных из первого лототрона бочонков в ряд (the number of the first keg is put on the left, справа от него — номер второго бочонка и так далее до конца) the number of the winning ticket is formed.

Рассчитывать на выигрыш (его сумма зависит от призового фонда для конкретного тиража) может не только обладатель «счастливого» билета: all coupons, у которых совпали первые три цифры, are also winning.

#2 Multiple game

Multiple play was first tried out over half a century ago (in 1962 year), и до сих пор некоторые розыгрыши Loteria Nacional проходят именно в таком формате.

В чём же отличие множественной игры от традиционной?

Разница — в количестве лототронов: если для традиционной игры достаточно двух ёмкостей с бочонками, то во множественной игре используется пять лототронов. В каждом из лототронов — 9 barrels (numbered from 0 to 9). В процессе розыгрыша бочонки поочерёдно достаются из первого, second, third, четвёртого и пятого лототронов, after which the number of the winning ticket is formed.

Победители в тиражах, played out in multiple play, are defined similarly to the traditional method.

To buy a ticket

Playing the game

There are two main schemes, on which the draws of the Spanish lottery game are held: traditional and plural. Let's consider each of them separately..

The traditional scheme of the game

This system assumes the presence of two lottery drums. The first lottery drum contains balls with ticket numbers, who have a chance to be victorious in a particular game. The second lottery drum contains balls with numbers, under which certain winnings are hidden.

The list of prizes is written on a special board. It is installed on the stage even before the draw starts..

Children are most often invited as presenters. They take the balls one by one from both lottery drums.. First, they get the ball from the 2nd lottery drum, to determine, for which prize will be the further struggle. Next is retrieved 5 balls from the 1st lottery drum.

It is from the five numbers of the first lottery drum that the serial number of the ticket is made, the owner of which becomes the owner of the claimed prize. Numbers line up from left to right, starting with the first ball drawn.

Multiple game scheme

This circulation system has been used since 1962 of the year. The Spanish lottery periodically practices its application.

What is the main difference between these two drawing schemes?

The main difference is the number of lottery drums. The traditional scheme assumes the presence of two lottery drums, and plural - five. Each of the five lottery drums has nine barrels, which contain numbers from 0 to 9. The serial number of the prize ticket is formed from the barrels of the lottery drums, taken one by one. The order of extraction of numbers is mandatory - they start with the first lottery drum and end with the fifth.

Winning tickets are determined the same way, as in the traditional drawing scheme.

Lottery history

Сначала я хотел поставить историю лотереи в начало статьи, но потом мне показалось, что это не самое важное. Although personally I was interested to study this material

The first organizer of Loteria Nacional Espana was C. D. Карвахаль — директор экономического объединения Кадиса.

Чем же руководствовался профессор Карвахаль, выдвигая идею о создании лотереи?

The motive behind his action is very simple.: в то время Испания воевала за свою независимость и испытывала хронический недостаток денег. Lottery, проводимая в национальных масштабах (а Loteria Nacional Espana — первый проект подобного рода в Испании) was supposed to become such a source of funds for the state budget, который не уменьшал бы благосостояния населения.

In November 1811 года была создана инструкция по проведению лотереи, а первый розыгрыш состоялся спустя несколько месяцев — 4 Martha 1812 of the year.

Розыгрыши первых лет проводились там же, где впервые была высказана идея о создании лотереи — в Кадисе. FROM 1814 of the year, когда Испания освободилась от натиска армии Наполеона, тиражи национальной лотереи стали разыгрываться в столице страны — Мадриде. Туда же спустя некоторое время переехала и штаб-квартира лотереи, где она располагается и поныне.

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King Fernando VII, придя к власти, decides to change the name of the lottery: во время его правления разыгрывается «Lotería Moderna» (в переводе — «Современная лотерея»). However, after the death of Fernando VII, the lottery again acquired its old name.

1850 год — значимая веха в истории крупнейшей лотереи Испании: baskets were used for the first time, изготовленные из металла. Later still 40 years, in 1892 year, организаторы Loteria Nacional стали проводить отдельный розыгрыш на Рождество — Sorteo de Navidad.

IN 20 веке Loteria Nacional продолжила бурно развиваться. Первые бумажные билеты лотереи были запущены в продажу в 1940 year. Совершенствование технологий позволило любителям лотереи не тратить время и деньги на то, to find out the results of the next drawing: с этого момента тиражи стали транслироваться по телевидению.

В 90-е годы прошлого века организаторы Loteria Nacional стали активно заниматься благотворительностью. IN 1994 году прибыль от проведения лотереи были передана в Ассоциацию Испании по борьбе с раком, а спустя ещё год доходы от крупнейшего розыгрыша в Испании помогли провести чемпионат мира по горным лыжам.

FROM 2002 года все выигрыши в Loteria Nacional выплачиваются в евро.

Недавно крупнейшая лотерея Испании с размахом отметила своё 200-летие: историческая дата наступила 4 Martha 2012 of the year. По этому поводу среди любителей лотереи был разыгран специальный приз в размере 15 million euros.

What is lottery?

It is a raffle draw that allows people to acquire a ticket with the numbers played; The numbered skittles are drawn randomly from a raffle and if the ticket number matches the one drawn, a monetary reward is received.

How to find the numbers of the Dominican lottery?

With the digital platform it is easy to find the result of the Dominican national lottery, here you will find the summary of the Dominican national lottery, loteka lottery results, leisa, real afternoon and american lottery ny. We create a complete set
Results in Santo Domingo Dominican Lottery that you can use to improve your chances of winning. We are here to help you easily find the winning numbers.

Note:the published results are not official, Please check with the official giveaway pages before breaking your ticket.

How to win the Dominican lottery?

Winning with the numbers of the national lottery is a desire that we all have at some point in life because it is one of the fastest ways to make a radical change in our lifestyle, we can buy the house we've always wanted, meet financial goals, help our relatives, in general everything changes. When we win the lottery with a really big prize we go into shock because we are not emotionally prepared.

To be a winner of the Dominican lottery you only have to participate in order to then have the chances of being one of the happy winners. The most common ways to win the lottery is by playing lotto plays, pale, pools and triples.

Chances of winning the Dominican lottery

  • Pale: It is the combination of 2 numbers regardless of order, can only be done 5,050.00 combinations, that is, you only have a probability of one 0.02%.
  • Pools: You win with 1 only hit you have a probability of one 1%.
  • Lotto: To win the grand prize you must have 6 hits regardless of order, the number of combinations is 2,760,681.00 with a probability of 0.000036%.
  • Tripletas: It is a combination of the 3 winning numbers no matter the order, the number of possible combinations are 171,700.00 with a probability of winning of 0.00058%.

What is the first lottery?

It is the most recent lottery in Santo Domingo, lottery the first offers raffles for pools, pale, tripletas, super pale afternoon and night. Hold your draws every day at 12:00 pm.

How to win lottery the first?

  • Pools: You must have at least one hit with one of the 3 winning numbers regardless of order.
  • Pale: If your play is correct with the 1st prize and the 2nd, 11st with 3rd prize and 2nd with 3rd prize.
  • Tripletas: Your play must be accurate to 3 winning numbers regardless of order.
  • Super Pale Afternoon: It is the combination of the first prizes of the first and the draw wins more.
  • Super Pale Night: It deals with the success of the first lottery prize the first and the national lottery night.

Game features

Loteria Nacional has a number of distinctive features, which make it stand out among other similar games:

Time of the draw

Lottery draws are held twice a week (Thursday and Saturday). Interesting then, that the lottery does not have a clearly defined time for all draws. I.e, Thursday's draw takes place at 9:30 evenings, and Saturday game is in 1:20 days

You should pay attention to the fact, what is necessary to navigate by Eastern European time

The draw has two playing circles - the first and the second. Two wins are played in them.

Lottery ticket appearance

Each game ticket is divided into 10 fields. They are called tithes.

The price of one tenth of the ticket differs depending on the time of the drawing. The “tithe” of the lottery coupon for the game on Thursday will cost three euros, and for Saturday's draw - six.

To describe the ticket as simply as possible, then it looks like ten different tickets, united in one coupon. Why the founders created it exactly like this is unclear, because you can just sell one ticket and not complicate the game with "tithes".

Lottery ticket features

The player is given the opportunity to buy "tithe" (or several) from lottery ticket, not all of it. The ticket price is equal to the number of parts multiplied by the ticket price on a certain day of the game. For example, if the participant chose to buy 2 Tithes for the Saturday game, then he needs to pay 12 euros.

One single ticket has a specific serial number. How, then, to distinguish between "tithes", under the same number? "Tithes" have their own number - the number of the share. The serial number of the lottery ticket is composed of five numbers, located on top of the coupon.

Spanish lottery Loteria Nacional is also interesting for, that tickets for each draw are not the same. The design team develops the appearance of the game ticket for each next game.

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