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How to win the lottery - 5 working methods + examples of the biggest wins in history

How to bet on lotteries?

Unless you are psychic, who can predict the drawn numbers, to be successful you need use a competent lottery betting strategy. The entire Internet is replete with different developments and winning systems, but it's better to trust old and proven financial management strategies:

  • Martingale;
  • Flat;
  • D'Alembert;
  • Oscar Grind

Indisputably, Martingale system is number one! Its essence is as follows: choose an event with equal chances, eg, the first number will be even, and place your bet, and if you lose, you double the bet amount each time, up to winning.

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Types of bets

It will take a long time to list all the available bet types.. The variety of options is one of the advantages of such bets. Players can place different bets on the outcome of the lottery:

  • Highest / lowest number. Bet on that, which of the numbers, dropped out during the lottery, will be the largest or smallest. Bets can be accepted on a specific number or range, eg, from the 20th to the 25th, depending on the bookmaker.
  • Total even / odd. Bet on the amount of numbers drawn in the lottery, there can be only two options: "Even" or "odd".
  • Even / Odd Numbers. Bet on that, what numbers will appear during the lottery draw - even or odd. Some bookmakers accept bets on a specific number of odd or even numbers drawn.
  • Multiplicity of numbers. Bet on that, that when the lottery is drawn, a multiple of the number specified by the bookmaker will appear, eg, 3,5.7 etc.
  • Other rates. Each of the bookmakers can offer different options for their lottery bets, different from others. Examples of: "Will adjacent numbers of a certain number fall out", "Will a number fall within a specific range" and others.

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Lottery bet analysis

It is very difficult to advise something on the analysis of bets on lotteries for the simple reason, that this is a random event, not related to any external influences and factors. For lottery results (if she is honest), nothing and nobody influences, therefore, when making bets, you need to listen to your inner feelings.

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The only thing, what can somehow help the player - statistics of previous draws. Bookmakers always have data on all lottery draws: you can just watch, which numbers appear more often, but this still does not guarantee you success in your business.

Useful resource, where you can see the statistics of the results of Russian lotteries -

Features of betting on lotteries

Bookmakers do not affect the lottery result

Bookmakers do not run lotteries themselves, on which bets are accepted, therefore, the result is not affected in any way, which excludes manipulation in the direction of your winnings. Better can be sure, that having made even a large bet on the lottery, he will always win, but will not be deceived by the bookmaker.

Nothing but luck

Who would not say anything about the patterns in the lottery - this is all speculation, because every single draw, this new page, unrelated to previous. You can bet on lotteries only relying on luck and your inner voice, which the, as practice shows, often wrong.

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The rule 4. Start on time

PowerBall Lottery Ticket, by the way, worth 2 dollar. To calculate the benefits, which would pay off the purchase of a ticket, нужно умножить цену билета на 292 201 338.

More about calculations. This is a reference to the first point., where it says, that the benefit of a solution is equal to its value, multiplied by the probability. If we have an event with probability 1 / X and value N, then the benefit will be N / X. Мы тратим 2 доллара и можем подсчитать, how much the win would pay off the ticket purchase:

  • 2 = N ÷ X.
  • N = 2 × X, а X тут как раз равен 292 201 338, as shown by the calculations from the previous part.

You also need to take into account taxes (discover, what percentage of the declared amount will actually go to the winner, usually it's about 70%). То есть джекпот должен составлять как минимум 850 million dollars, and this happens in this lottery. How so, I said at the beginning, that the gain in such a multiplication is always not in favor of the player?

The fact, what if the jackpot has not been drawn, then it goes next time, and that's why money accumulates for a while, and ticket sales continue.

But it is impossible to find out in advance. However, you can start buying tickets, as soon as the size of the jackpot exceeds the mentioned amount. In such a situation, mathematically, the game will be beneficial.

You can still understand, which is more profitable: buy many tickets for one game or buy one ticket for many games? Let's think.

In probability theory there is a concept of unrelated events. It means, that the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of another. for example, if you roll two dice, then the falling numbers on them are not related: in terms of randomness, one die does not affect the behavior of the other. But if you draw two cards from the deck, then these events are connected, because the first card depends on, what cards will remain in the deck.

A popular misconception about this is called a player error.. It arises from a person's intuitive idea of ​​the connectedness of unrelated events.

Returning to lotteries: different games are unrelated events, because the sequence of balls is re-selected. So the chances of winning any particular lottery do not depend on whether, how many times have you played it before. It is very difficult to accept intuitively., because a person every time, buying a ticket, thinks: “Well, now you're lucky, how long to, I've been playing a lot of time!" But no, probability theory is a heartless thing.

But buying multiple tickets for one game increases your chances proportionally, because tickets inside one game are tied: if one wins, means, other (with another combination) definitely won't win. Покупка 10 билетов увеличивает шансы в 10 time, if all combinations on the tickets are different (in fact, almost always it is). In other words, если у вас есть деньги на 10 tickets, it's better to buy them for one game, чем покупать по билету на 10 games.

If you just take a ticket from your salary once a month for the sake of, then, likely, the process of playing matters to you. Математически выгоднее скопить эти деньги и в конце года купить сразу 12 tickets, although, of course, losing in such a situation will be perceived more devastating.

Background and preparation

The first Irish National Lottery draw took place on Saturday, 16 April 1988 of the year. The lottery used a number formula 6 of 36, the chance of guessing the main prize in this case is 1 to 1 947 792. Winnings were awarded for 4, 5 or 6 rooms. If no one guessed the six, then the jackpot increased, until, until someone gets lucky. Starting (guaranteed) суперприз составлял 250 000 pounds.

IN 1992 year Polish-Irish businessman Stefan Klintsevich, managed to implement the perfect lottery winning plan, the idea of ​​which came to his mind in 1990, in a dublin pub, when the lottery jackpot approached another record value.

Stefan Klincevic

The plan was elegantly simple and incredibly complex., I just had to wait for the moment, when the super prize reaches its maximum values, и… выкупить все комбинации. I.e, сделать 1 947 792 rates. On condition, that the cost of the bet was 0,5 pound this game made sense only, when the jackpot exceeded a million. Everything remained, what to prepare in advance

Syndicate, which included 28 the person, long before the planned circulation, collected the necessary money and transferred it to the bank for safekeeping. An office was also set up in a central location, to coordinate the purchase of tickets. За полгода подготовки Клинцевич заполнил 243 474 лотерейные квитанции, marking the desired combinations.

In May 1992 the lottery jackpot is close to the desired value. While waiting for the next draw, Stefan did not sleep for three days, the tension was building. Finally the circulation has passed, the jackpot was not hit, the amount of the super prize increased to 1,7 million pounds and Klintsevich decided - it's time to take!

Completed receipts were on hand, all that was left to issue them with retail agents and the syndicate began to recruit teams of ticket buyers. Hotel rooms have been booked across the country, the necessary money was delivered to nearby banks and the process began. Couriers placed bids within a week, before lottery officials discovered something was wrong. The shops, previously selling lotteries on 1 000 pounds a day, вдруг начали ежедневно регистрировать квитанции на 15 000 pounds. “We chose points, in which they did not interfere with other people, buying tickets "- said Klintsevich.

National Lottery officials tried to thwart this plan, limiting the number of tickets, on one lottery terminal, turning off those, that sold too many tickets. On Friday afternoon, newsstands circulated a short statement from the National Lottery - a change in the terms of the contract in accordance with section 32: Credit limit = 200% from the agent's average sale over 10 weeks

Despite this, the syndicate managed to buy out more 80% combinations, spending about 820 thousand pounds sterling. The choice of combinations was determined by the system, developed by Stephen: the most likely options were put first, and the least probable stayed last. Nevertheless, the syndicate was lucky. 80 of 100 albeit a high percentage of coverage, but he does not guarantee the main prize. It would be a shame, if the winning combination ended up in the remaining 20%

Once the receipts have been issued, they were returned to headquarters and placed in secure storage. “When you have all the tickets, you just sit and enjoy the show "- said Klintsevich. Nevertheless, even if all existing combinations are redeemed, there is another risk factor for any syndicate - other players, who managed to guess the winning combination in this particular draw.


The idea behind this method is, what if you fail to significantly increase your chances in confronting the lottery drum (due to fixed rules, with which you have to agree), then direct your forces to fight against competitors - the same participants in the system.

Try to take advantage of the following. Analyze, which numbers from the range available for selection will the players choose most often. for example, if it is a "6 out of 49" lottery, then many people, perhaps, more likely to cross out numbers from 1 to 31, choosing some important dates for yourself - days of the month. You, on the contrary, you can take most of the numbers from the range 32-49. This method will not improve your chances of winning., but because, if your combination of numbers is winning, you, likely, you won't have to share the prize with anyone.

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