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Top 7 best lotteries in russia with good prizes - rating of lottery tickets 2020

How are the drawings going and what can be won?

Drawings of different lotteries take place at different times and on different days. Some draws have to wait several days, others are carried out at intervals 15 minutes or several times a day. But the scenario is always the same. First, the size of the prize fund is determined, depending on whether, how many tickets were purchased for a specific edition. Then balls / barrels with numbers are loaded into the lottery drum in accordance with the protocol and rules of a particular game. After that the balls start to fall out, the host announces the numbers.

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out under the supervision of a special commission, which at the end signs the protocol, confirming the legality of the drawing procedure. Spectators are often present in the hall, who also monitor the progress of the lottery.

All this action is televised (on the NTV channel) and / or online - on the website of the Stoloto company. If you miss a live broadcast, you can always find a record of the draw in the archive or on the YouTube website.

What can you win in the Stoloto lottery? The first category is cash prizes from 20 rubles to 1 000 000 000, what happened during the January Russian Lotto draw. The second category - material prizes - cars, cottages, at home, cottages, vouchers, etc., it all depends on the terms and conditions of a particular lottery.

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