Secrets, how to win the lottery

Top 10 secrets to winning the lottery according to mtop

Technologies for winning popular lotteries

Consider Russian lotteries separately. They are controlled by the state and here the risk of fraud is minimized.. They are the most popular in our country., which means, and there are more winnings, and they are larger. The more people buy tickets, the more jackpot.

Russian lotto

Draws are held every weekend live on central television. In addition to money, the organizers even offer apartments as prizes. There are anniversary editions or editions, dedicated to different holidays. There are many prizes, and they are large.

  • if you want to buy several tickets at once, then choose tickets with different numbers;
  • on the lottery website you can choose the numbers yourself;
  • take part in the drawing of the "Cubes", if successful, the winnings will be much greater.

The slogan 4 of 20

In this lottery you need to choose four numbers out of twenty. It would be wise to use a spread bet strategy, which we talked about above.

The slogan 5 of 36

Here you need to choose 5 number of 36. There is an interesting option "Multi-bet", which allows you to fill in a large number of tickets with random numbers. The expanded rate can also be used.

Exact calculation by name

Experienced players have their own techniques and secrets of filling out the cherished cards. For beginners and those, who have not yet brought out their own "money luck code" experts recommend trying to enter numbers into the ticket, matching the initials of the name.

The meaning of the letters is as follows:

  • a - 1, b - 2, in - 3, r - 4;
  • d - 5, is - 6, is - 7, w - 8;
  • with - 9, and - 10, to - 11, l - 12;
  • m - 13, n - 14, about - 15, P - 16;
  • р - 17, from - 18, t - 19, in - 20;
  • f - 21, x - 22, c - 23, h - 24;
  • w - 25, u - 26, e - 27, Yu - 28;
  • I - 29.

for example, Kisenko Inna Sergeevna or K. AND. FROM. Lucky numbers for her will be 11, 10 and 18. If you need to add more than 3 values, then these indicators can be added: 1+1=2, 1+0= 1 and 1 + 8 = 9.

Does this happen, that experts advise to limit the purchase of only one ticket?

Yes, there are such cases. Here they are.

It is very important to really understand, how much can you spend on the game without harming the family budget. Many seasoned players recommend that you give yourself a monthly fixed amount for tickets and not exceed it.

Then your nerves too, and the wallet will not be affected. There is nothing wrong with, to buy one ticket. When you win your first money, then you can spend much more on tickets and thereby increase your chances of future winnings.

If you want to give your loved one an original gift, then the lottery ticket is one of the best options. Just don't buy a bundle of tickets. Because of this, the feeling of uniqueness and value of the gift will disappear.. After all, a ticket is hope and faith in luck, a ticket to a better life.

You have earned / saved a certain amount of money and do not know, where to spend it. It's not the best option to drop everything on tickets., special, when you are new to lottery games. The best solution is to spend them gradually., buying one pair of tickets at a time. Otherwise, you may suffer the fate of a frustrated player..

Happens, that the player himself does not fully understand, why does he need to take part in the lottery. Buying a ticket is a momentary rush. It is in this case, buying a dozen tickets is not the best solution.

These were the exceptions to the rule.. All other situations assume the rule: the more tickets bought, all the better.

Types of lotteries with the highest chances of winning

More than a dozen different lotteries are offered to players on the official website of Stoloto. Each of them has its own characteristics in terms of rules and timing., and they also differ in winnings, at stake. Here lottery rating, where the probability of winning is high enough.

  1. Russian lotto - lottery, which was the very first in Russia, exists now. To participate, you just need to buy a ticket with the numbers already printed on it. The draw is carried out once a week and the results are announced live every Sunday morning. Mainly cash prizes and cars are raffled.
  2. The housing lottery is also one of the most popular, most often the draw includes real estate, that is, apartments in different districts of Moscow. Also, as in the Russian Lotto, for, to claim a prize you need to purchase a ticket. You can buy it online.
  3. The 4/20 lottery is often profitable. It needs to call on intuition to help., and select on two fields, each of which contains twenty digits, only four. The probability of winning is high enough, and the recoupment of the ticket price is ensured. There are variants of this lottery, which involve a choice 7 numbers from 49, 6 of 45 and 5 of 36. But, surprisingly, it is in the variant with the choice of four numbers that the number of wins is much higher.
  4. "Bingo-75" is an interesting lottery, in which each purchased ticket can win three times! The ticket itself is a field of 24 numbers, covering a range from 1 to 75. The drawing takes place in several rounds, like in Russian lotto.

This list included a list of long-playing lotteries, which are drawn once every few days or a week. The chance of winning is pretty high, and super prizes reach huge amounts.

But apart from similar draws there are lotteries quick wins. Their varieties are not less, than long lotteries.

"Rapid" lottery - the draw takes place every 15 minutes. It should be noted 8 numbers from 20. And one in a field of four numbers.
The second kind of "Rapida" - a lottery, which is drawn once an hour. The rules of participation are exactly the same, and the winnings under a successful coincidence of circumstances can reach 45 million. rubles!
Winning seems unrealistic in the Duel lottery, because in each of the two fields, composed of 26 number you need to choose two

But you can specify in how many editions the selected combination of numbers will participate.
The Joker lottery attracts attention with its catchy name and an interesting layout for winning. To buy a ticket, you need to choose five or more cards, which are presented in all stripes from 2 to the ace

If you guess everything 9 kart, then the entire accumulated jackpot will be ripped off. But besides this option, there are five other possible winnings..
Very interesting lottery "Top-3". In column, which is duplicated three times, from 0 up to nine you need to choose three numbers. And then specify the type of game. From the selected type of game, the chances of winning either increase or vice versa become lower. for example, the choice of the type of game - "Combo 3" means, that the selected three numbers will swap in all possible combinations, increasing the chances of winning.
Winning the Keno sports lotto promises up to 10 million winnings. In the field with 80 numbers you need to select only 10. You can also choose a multiplier, which will add the chances of winning and the number of draws, in which the bet will participate.

Important, what long-term lottery, usually, promise a solid jackpot. But there are a lot of people who want to rip it off.

Therefore, the chances of such a win are slim.. But it is quite possible to win in instant lotteries. But the amounts will be insignificant - and it is quite possible, that they won't even be able to recoup the costs of lottery tickets.

Play or not - it's up to you. However, one must understand, that there is no one lottery, where you can win guaranteed.

Predict, which of all the listed lotteries will turn out to be winning impossible. Everyone can bring victory. But to doubt, that all draws are held honestly is not worth, because if you look at the history of victories, then it can be noted, that ordinary people become winners in Stoloto, who were just lucky. So it's worth taking risks periodically, make your bets and predictions. One day is sure to get lucky! Or not…

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