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What are the requirements for participants What is required to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Lottery rules

The first rule of the Green Card lottery

Important point, be born in the country to participate in the lottery. If she is excluded, there are two ways to participate: - choose the country of birth of the spouse as the country of participation(and) - choose the country of birth of the parents as the country of participation. The list of countries changes every year. Those countries are excluded, of which the last 5 years in the USA more than 50000 man.

Natives of all other countries can participate in the lottery.

The second rule of the lottery

Persons with complete secondary education can take part in the DV-2020 drawing. If not, then another option is possible: for the last 5 years of work experience in the specialty of at least two years, and she needs to spend at least two years on training. Documents confirming education or work experience are not attached to the application form. But they will need to be shown to the consul for an interview..

Completing the Education section:

If you weren't in high school (10 — 11 classes) and did not study anywhere else, then specify Primary school only.
If you studied in 10 — 11 classes (or vocational school, technical school, college), but never got a diploma, then indicate High school, no degree

With a diploma of complete secondary education (11 high school classes), then indicate High school degree.
If you graduated from the College, Vocational school, college, technical lyceum (you have a specialty), point to Vocational School.
If you studied at the Institute and did not finish your studies (but passed at least 1 session), specify Some University Courses.
If you received a bachelor's degree or (according to the Soviet system) specialist, specify University Degree

note! Distance education, usually, not recognized!
If you have received a bachelor's degree (specialist) continued their studies and passed even one session after that, specify Some Graduate Level Courses.
If you have a master's degree, specify Master Degree.
If you passed the candidate minimum and passed at least one subject in graduate school, указывайте Some Doctorate Level Degree.
If you have a PhD or Doctor of Science degree, specify Doctorate Degree.

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