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Rules of the game

Understand, how the winner in MegaMillions is determined, not difficult.

How many balls are there in MegaMillions?

In the drawing - balls of two categories: the main (white, 70 pieces), additional (yellow, 25 pieces). The more balls the player managed to guess, the more he gets. In this case, the yellow ball has a strong influence on the winnings.

Below is a table with winning combinations, prizes and chances, that they will fall out:

Guessed the main Guessed additional Prize, $ Chance
5 1 Jackpot 1:302’575’350
5 1’000’000 1:12’607’306
4 1 10’000 1:931’001
4 500 1:38’792
3 1 200 1:14’547
3 10 1:606
2 1 10 1:693
1 4 1:89
1 2 1:37

The chance to win at least some prize in the MegaMillions lottery is 1:24. Not so much, but at the same time, even the minimum reward fully returns the ticket price (it costs 5 dollars). And if you are a little more lucky and you manage to guess at least two balls (and one of them is yellow), then investments in the lottery will double.

How does the multiplier affect??

Players, who want to increase their winnings, can use the multiplier. If you buy a ticket with multiplication, then the probable prize rises to 2, 3, 4 or 5 time. The exact value of the multiplier varies from circulation to circulation and is set before the start of the drawing.

Here's how much you can win at MegaMillions, using the multiplier:

Guessed the main Guessed additional Prizes
2 3 4 5
5 $2’000’000 $3’000’000 $4’000’000 $5’000’000
4 1 $20’000 $30’000 $40’000 $50’000
4 $1’000 $1’500 $2’000 $2’500
3 1 $400 $600 $800 $1000
3 $20 $30 $40 $50
2 1 $20 $30 $40 $50
1 1 $8 $12 $16 $20
1 $4 $6 $8 $10

When are the draws held??

MegaMillions Results Broadcast Live American Television. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 in the time zones of New York and Toronto. Interesting, that the broadcasts are carried out and then, when America has national holidays.

If you couldn't watch the live broadcast, then the results can be found on the official website megamillions.

What jackpot?

The minimum value of the jackpot in the mega million lottery is 15 million dollars. The main prize of the leading American lottery never fell below this mark..

For the next draw, That will take place 18 May 2018 of the year, the jackpot is expected to be $55 million. If no one succeeds in hitting the jackpot in this draw, then 22 May jackpot will be 60 millions. Further, it will grow every time by 5 million, until there is a lucky one, guessed all six digits.

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How money is distributed?

Meg Millions Lottery Organizers Spend Proceeds as follows:

  • 50% - winnings for participants
  • 35% - contributions to state budgets, where is the lottery
  • 15% - income of ticket distributors.

History of American lotteries

Lotteries in America date back to the rise of the colonies of England in the New World. This phenomenon has become an integral part in the history of building a new country..

During the reign of Elizabeth I, the desire to establish colonies on Novaya Zemlya turned out to be a failure. Therefore, under Jacob I, it was decided to attract money from people. One of the largest London company at the time, named “Virginia”, owned the right to lay the first colonies named after King Fort James (English version of the name Jacob). By order of Jacob I, this company organized the lottery. Such an action was supposed to make it possible to build and maintain colonies of settlers. The result was amazing. For several years in a row, lotteries have brought 8 thousand pounds.

History of American lotteries – 1814 year

However, the colonial settlers were unhappy with, that lotteries are held only in England. Local authorities began to organize them.. FROM 1612 years, such lotteries are held annually. Capital, obtained from ongoing draws, helped establish the first American settlement of Jamestown in Virginia, or, what else was she called, Virginia. Later, the money was invested in social programs: school construction, hospitals, shelters, strengthening the army.

The lottery became popular, progressing in different directions and forms, as it was clear, that this is one of the most effective ways to replenish the budget for social development and military needs.

Already in the second half of the 19th century, the lottery brings the USA huge sums of money for social programs in twenty-four states. For two centuries for money, from the lotteries, more than three hundred schools and medical institutions were built, two hundred temples, orphanages, libraries, globally recognized colleges and universities. People were happy, deciding, that participation in them is the business of every citizen of the country.

But there have been “black days” for American lotteries. Major scandals have occurred: dishonest organizers did not give winnings to the winners. Or even disappeared with the money in an unknown direction. The state has lost control over the process of collecting money. IN 1890 year, President Benjamin Harrison restricted lotteries, and soon they were completely banned.

History of American lotteries – 1826 year

Congress introduced a law to obstruct and popularize the lottery in the country. IN 1892 year this law was approved at the level of the US Supreme Court. In the first year of the 20th century, lottery commerce was closed everywhere, outside of Louisiana. It had lottery draws for another six years..

After more than half a century, the lottery began to revive. IN 1964 year New Hampshire became the first state, who carried out the lottery drawing after a long ban. Just three years later, New York State joined the draws. And in the 70th year of the XX century, the state of New Jersey held a draw, in which, for the first time, amounts were accepted automatically. Which was the impetus for the advancement of the modern online drawing.

More than 50 lotteries. Each state provides its own rules of the game, therefore, several draws can be carried out by one firm.

Tips and nuances

By the time the next drawing of popular drawing lotteries is held in the United States, queues of people wishing to buy a ticket are lining up, and residents of other countries are actively looking for a way to buy American online lotteries. The latter is associated with a huge number of myths and misconceptions..

Let's dispel the main ones.:

  1. Tourists are not allowed to play American lotteries. As we have already figured out, this is not true. Non-US residents can safely participate in lotteries. You just need to find a way to buy a lottery ticket.
  2. The rules of the game for citizens of America and residents of other countries are the same. To summarize, that yes, but there are still some differences. for example, you can buy a lottery ticket from official realtors in the USA or remotely, but for that, to get a win, need to, so that the ticket does not leave the territory of the States.
  3. Winnings from winners from other countries are tax-free. This is not true. The winner from any country will be required to pay tax on the winnings, established by American law.
  4. Tax on winnings will need to be paid twice - in America and at home. No, most countries have concluded an agreement on the inadmissibility of double taxation.

true, taking part in the American lottery, you need to immediately mentally prepare for that, that you cannot collect all the winnings. You will have to pay tax on winnings, and if you delve into the topic, then you can do this in two ways:

  1. In America. All winnings are taxed under US law. 30% + in some cases you will need to pay additional tax, state-established, where was the lottery ticket purchased.
  2. At home. In most cases, this is a more cost effective option., because in the CIS countries the tax on winnings is much lower. In Russia he, eg, is only 16%, and in Ukraine since 2016 of the year - 18%.

In almost any American lottery, you can get the main prize in two ways.:

  1. Winner can collect winnings with one check, but at the same time part of the amount (usually 30% + taxes) will be withheld by the organizers.
  2. Collect the winnings by annuity - in annual payments within 26 years.

Consider, what for, to show your desire to collect the winnings in a certain way, given only two months. If during this time you do not give an answer, then the lottery organizers will automatically register an annuity in the method of obtaining the lottery.

Besides, there is also a certain time frame for applying for winnings. So, if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, then it is recommended to apply for it within 6 months, and for smaller prizes you can come during the year. Before you pay out your winnings, the organizer will first check the authenticity of the ticket and its compliance with the prize, which can take some time. Personal presence is a prerequisite for receiving a win.

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