Lotteries in russia in which to really win reviews

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win (without cheating)

Is it worth playing the lottery?

Huge sums of money are raffled daily, photos of happy millionaires and owners of new apartments regularly appear on the network. The feeling is created, that everyone, except you, already received my cherished million.

Is it worth playing, to get rich? Definitely not. That is, regular participation in drawings does not guarantee wealth.

Stories meet, in which farmer John from Texas for ten years bought lottery tickets every day. And in the eleventh year wins 100 million dollars. And it is true, such stories exist. Only no one talks about the same farmers, who win nothing, but just spend a lot of money.

The organizer will always make a profit, no matter, what amounts were raffled. true, no one hides this fact. Consider the results of the "Russian Lotto" lottery from January 1: 2 a billion rubles in winnings seems like a huge amount.

But let's take a look at the number of tickets sold (more 42,5 million) and the cost (100 rubles). By multiplying, we get, that from sales alone more than 4 billion.

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