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Rules and terms of the drawing

Is it difficult to play the EuroMillions lottery? If the player does not have the desire or ability to go for the original ticket to any of the lottery's home countries, then the ticket can be purchased in another way:

  • buy through partner (our favorite Lotto Agent!);
  • place a EuroMillions bet online

To buy a ticket from an intermediary, you need to check the reliability of your chosen company according to reviews. She must have a license. Следующий шаг – купить купон и дать указания о заполнении билета. You then receive a copy of the completed ticket. Now you just have to wait for the results of the drawing. And don't forget, that with this method of buying a ticket you will need to pay in 3 times more expensive (a regular ticket costs 2,5 dollar).

The "bet on the game" option is an online casino. According to reviews, this is quite convenient. This is done by such Lotto Agent lottery services. In this case, you can play the online lottery from home, even behind a smartphone. This method is gaining in popularity., because the rules of the game are the same in this case, as in the original game. The price of the bet is the same as the EuroMillions ticket price.

The rules of the game are not complicated. Used for drawing 2 drum (для основных и дополнительных чисел). In front of the player 2 fields. The player must choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 in the first field. Во втором также 2 star numbers from one to 12.

If the player wins star numbers, he gets the main prize. If he guesses the numbers of the first field, he has a middle category prize in his pocket. But the secondary prize amounts are usually not small, that's why the winners are always happy with them.

The lottery jackpot is cumulative. При достижении 190 million jackpot increase stops. If nobody wins this prize, then the prizes of the second and third categories increase. Winners of the secondary prizes are certainly pleased. A large amount of money is distributed between them..

Known, that the founders of the Euromillion project keep for themselves only a small percentage of the money received for tickets (0,5%). The rest of the money is distributed:

  • 50% - prizes for all winners
  • 28% - support of charitable foundations
  • 12% –State treasury
  • 5% - commissions to lottery distributors
  • 4,5% - running costs

Euromillions has a special raffle - the creator of millionaires. The chance of winning here is directly proportional to the number of tickets sold

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