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Responsible Gaming

The service considers it necessary to treat the game responsibly: control the time spent and your expenses. If there is a fear of becoming addicted to gambling, or rather, to play the lottery, the service offers self-limiting options.

  • Reality control function. By connecting the option, the player will know how many hours and money were spent in the selected time period;
  • Maximum deposit amount. Sets the maximum limit, which can be deposited for the selected period;
  • Cost limit. Sets the maximum amount, which a player can spend from his account for a set period of time;
  • Session time limit. With this option, the client sets a time limit for the session, after which the Internet session on the site ends, after which you will need to re-enter your account. Unsaved actions will be lost;
  • Break. The player chooses the time period, during which he cannot perform actions to buy tickets or replenish his personal account;
  • Self-exclusion. For the selected period of time, the client cannot perform any actions with his account, including rate verification.

Only adults can play with the Bilety Loto service.

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What is Bilety Loto

Bilety lot (Online Booths, lotto Booths) Is a service, acting as an independent intermediary in the purchase of tickets for world lotteries. Exists since 2002 of the year (ex. The Lotter).

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Why do you need an intermediary at all, do the largest lotteries in the world have their own sites? there is, of course, but many are blocked in the Russian Federation by Roskomnadzor, and on the rest there is no way to buy tickets online. Therefore, playing through an intermediary is the most affordable and easiest way, if a foreign trip is not planned.

During the service more than 5 million winners from all over the world received more than 95 000 000$. Dozens of lotteries can be played with Bilety Loto! There are syndicates for members, combo bets, multi-subscriptions and subscriptions.

How to play


The Bilety Loto website contains more than 50 international lotteries from different countries, including games with the biggest jackpot: EuroMillions Superdraw (Spain), Mega Millions and Powerball (USA), EuroMillions and others.

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After, how the lottery will be chosen, you need to make a standard bet - select the numbers you like in the fields provided. The number of selected numbers depends on the specific lottery, as well as the minimum number of fields (from 2 to 6). for example, in the EuroMillions Superdraw you have to choose 5 of 50 numbers at the top of the field, and 2 of 12 - at the bottom, and you can bet at least on 3 fields and maximum on 25 fields. The more fields, the more expensive the ticket.

At the standard rate, you can fill out a systematic form. Only one field is filled, choose as many numbers as possible, than at the classic rate. The chances of winning are increased, since all possible combinations on new fields are automatically generated from the selected numbers.

Systematic bet is not available in all lotteries.


Syndicate is a great way to win the lottery. To create a syndicate, a group of people pool their funds and buy a large number of tickets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Syndicate benefits

  • More tickets for less cost;
  • More chances to hit the jackpot;
  • Communication with like-minded people.

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How Bilety Loto Syndicate Works

Bilety Loto pre-purchases the required number of tickets and fills in the numbers. You only need to select a game, syndicate type and number of shares. There is no need to collect syndicate members - they will be matched automatically.


The winnings will be divided between the syndicate participants in proportion to their contribution: the cost of tickets is divided into equal parts - shares. Each participant can buy one or more shares.

Introduce, that the number of fields is divided by 10 parts: that one, who bought only one share - will receive 1/10 winnings, and the player, who acquired, eg, 5 shares - will take half of the prize.

Syndicate types

  • Random numbers. The numbers are already randomly selected;
  • Systematic. From randomly selected 7-14 numbers are generated all possible combinations;
  • Winning additional number. There are additional numbers for the full range, coincidence of at least one additional number is guaranteed;
  • Number match. Each field has a variable number, covering the whole range of numbers, the rest of the numbers are randomly selected. Guaranteed to match at least one number.


Combo bet is a universal package, including an individual rate and shares for participation in a syndicate. The combo package always comes with a discount. Up to three packages are opened for purchase for a new draw for each lottery. Each combo must include an individual bet and at least one stake in the syndicate.


Multi-ticket applies to classic rate, syndicate, combo bets and placed immediately on 5, 10, 25 or 52 runs in a row. Thanks to the multi-subscription, the player saves up to 25% from the standard ticket price. By default, the initially selected numbers take part in the draws, but they can be changed.

For multi-subscription, the option to automatically renew the package is available.

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