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How is the Housing Lottery draw?

A special commission consisting of three members of the jury monitors the progress of each drawing. Before the start of the rally, the inspectors monitor, so that all balls with numbers in the range from 1 to 90. After the host takes the balls one by one from the lottery drum, the remaining numbers are shuffled, so that there is no suspicion of foul play. The drawing lasts until then, while alone (or several) players have not crossed out all thirty numbers on their tickets.

Game divided into three parts:

  • Stage no. 1. Players become winners, in the tickets of which one horizontal line will be crossed out faster than others.
  • Stage no. 2. Some of the participants were lucky enough to be the first to cross out everything 15 numbers in one of the two playing fields.
  • Stage no. 3. Dropped out 30 happy balls, which allowed to cross out everything 30 gambling ticket numbers.

Winning combinations in Housing Lottery tickets

Those who won tickets in the first two stages can take part in the third part of the game. After winning the 3rd round, the coupon does not participate in the distribution of additional prizes. The final results are recorded by the drawing commission. All judges sign the protocol, on the basis of which winnings will be paid.

To win a super prize you need, so that, by chance and luck, the player crosses out two lines based on the results of the first ten numbers drawn

It doesn't matter, where the contours will be located - in the same game sector or not. The jackpot accumulates with each passing draw and usually amounts to several hundred million rubles

After winning the main super prize, the initial size of the new jackpot is from 3 000 000 rub.

What you need to participate in the lottery?

You can buy ZhL tickets at the ground partner points of Gosloto. The list of partners contains:

  • supermarket chain ("Pyaterochka", "Right", "Bristol", "Crossroads" and "Fragrant World");
  • post offices of Russia;
  • communication salons (Rostelecom, "Messenger", Tele 2, "Megafon" or "Beeline");
  • Sports betting points of the bookmaker "Baltbet";
  • lottery offices Stoloto;
  • press kiosks.

You can find out the addresses of the nearest distribution points of the Housing Lottery in the special section "Buy in the city" at the bottom of the main page of the website. To speed up the search process, you need to use navigation, in the line of which write the name of the settlement.

Housing Lottery ticket sales points

You can also see the announcements of future Housing Lottery draws and purchase tickets in the downloaded Stoloto mobile application. Option available to those players, who have a modern mobile device based on Android or iOS.

If the user already has an account in the Stoloto system, re-registration is not needed. Login keys are used to enter your personal account. (phone number) and password, which the player indicated when creating a profile on Stoloto.

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