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Promotions and promo codes

Lotto agent is constantly improving his service. Для клиентов разрабатываются специальные акции и промокоды.

Welcome bonuses for new users:

  • Discount promo code 10% for the first purchase;
  • Free second ticket: points are credited to your bonus account upon the first purchase, equal to the purchased ticket.

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For active users:

  • 5$ to the account for inviting a friend via a referral link. One condition - a friend must make a purchase;
  • reward for feedback (what is the reward and other details - according to the support operator);
  • if you select more than two fields in the ticket, you can get a discount up to 15%;
  • sometimes quizzes and contests are held, you can learn about them from the mailing list. For participation, win prizes are given;
  • mailing of gift promo codes and VIP codes with a discount up to 50%;
  • enabled the option "Subscription", every 10th ticket is a gift.

Buying lottery tickets online according to the lunar calendar

Many processes in our life today have spilled over into the online environment, which saves valuable time. For those, who likes to catch luck, отличным решением является возможность покупать лотерейные билеты через интернет.

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Online lottery sales have been around for 5-6 years, but many still do not know about it and continue to buy paper tickets for their favorite lotteries. But not all sources are safe. The safest and most trusted site for buying lottery tickets is the Stoloto lottery ticket supermarket.

The site has been operating for over 5 years and every year it becomes more interesting and more convenient in terms of playing lotteries over the Internet. Today the Stoloto lottery supermarket provides an opportunity to place bets and buy tickets in three convenient ways:

All options allow you to conduct purchase transactions from anywhere in the world around the clock, filling in and checking the results.

If you win a small amount in the lottery, it will automatically be credited to your personal account and you can buy more tickets with this money, well, or withdraw them in convenient ways. If the winning amount is really large, for example you won the Jackpot, then this amount can be obtained at the company's office or at representative offices in your region.

Online payment for lottery tickets

After, how did you choose the lottery and place a bet (where to choose numbers) you need to pay for this lottery ticket. Payment is available in many ways, among which: MasterCard and Visa cards, electronic money Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Internet banks Alfa-click and Sberbank-Online.

Also, for convenience, you can immediately replenish your wallet in Stoloto once for a certain amount and then buy tickets with payment from the balance from your personal account.

Pros of playing lottery online

so, Let's see, which the internet system has, can be defined like this:

  • Convenience and time saving;
  • Large selection of lottery tickets;
  • Ability to buy lottery tickets through the smartphone app, being anywhere in the world;
  • Allows you to analyze the results of draws, i.e. which numbers appear more often or less often, what numbers are the happiest for you. it is also possible to set your favorite numbers.;
  • Automatic notification system in case of winning;
  • Stoloto has the opportunity to receive bonuses for participation and inviting friends, and also be among the participants in television filming. if you actively play lotteries through the site, then the Premium Club will become available to you (special member status);
  • The ability to donate a lottery ticket via the Internet to your family and friends. To do this, just choose a ticket or place a bet, pay and indicate the person's email or phone number, to whom the ticket will be sent.

The largest lotteries

La Primitiva is the most famous lottery in Spain. Let's talk about her first.

The primitive

Its translation is “simple, primitive ". Really, its rules are not complicated. Of the 49 numbers you need to guess 6. Participants, who guesses less 6 digits, also get prizes, though not so impressive. This lottery takes place on Thursday and Saturday, 2 once a week.

If the jackpot is not played, then it goes to the next edition in full. La Primitiva belongs to the classic Spanish lotteries. It is played 80 percent of Spaniards. She is also very ancient (originated in 18 century, 1763 year).

This game has features, namely 2 additional opportunities to win - Complementario and Reintegro. Reintegro guesses a ticket refund (this number is automatically assigned to the ticket upon purchase). Usually every fifth person refunds the ticket price. Complementario - bonus ball. The player receives a side prize, if guesses 5 numbers and the number of this ball.

The "Joker" drawing is held in cooperation with La Primitive. Here you have to guess 7 numbers from 1 to 9. It is not simple. But then, who guesses a big prize. Joker ticket price - 1 euros.

We try for the sake of our readers, therefore, the results of La Primitiva can be found not only on the official website of the game or on television in Spain in 21.30, but right here we have! Here is the latest edition:
Pros of the lottery:

  • passes 2 once a week;
  • simple rules, “6 of 49”;
  • additional opportunities to win.


This game has its fans. Passes that day, when La primitive "rests", accumulating jackpots. You can play it any day, except Sunday. The chances of winning are high, and the rules are simple. Need to guess 6 figures from 69. The minimum bet is worth everything here 0,5 euros. But in one ticket you can do up to 8 pond. This greatly increases the chances of winning.. One bet is 6 numbers.

You can play this lottery from any country. Participant age minimum 18 years (as in other draws). After purchasing a ticket through the partners website, you receive a scanned copy of the ticket.

Playing this lottery often, you can beat off the amount of the ticket value. People also like the game because of the big super prize. Here, same as in La Primitiva, there is 2 bonus balls. The Complementario has the same function. But the Reintegro coincidence guarantees only compensation for money, spent on ticket. Results of the last draw:
The advantages of this lottery are its simplicity, frequency of draws, inexpensive tickets and rolling jackpot. Bonoloto results can be found on television in 21.30 or on the official lottery website.


Лотерея с большой историей, once played by celebrities, has its admirers. Translated, the Spaniards call her "fatty". This translation speaks of a large jackpot, features of this game.

But despite this, there will always be those, who are devoted to her and among her fans are those, what do they prefer to play in their free time. At first glance, the rules are pretty simple.. The jackpot of this lottery is fluctuating, but nevertheless its popularity does not fall from this.

Participates in the game 54 conventional and 10 special balls. To guess the minimum prize, need to guess 1 number. Spaniards love this lottery very much, it is a family tradition for them. The Christmas edition is in special demand. And here are the results of the last draw:
At this time, the country is in a rush, everyone wants to buy tickets. A ticket to this lottery is a good gift. Повысить шансы на победу в лотерее можно с помощью анализа архива тиражей (this applies to any lottery).

Lottery & Christmas

The Christmas lottery has its own characteristics. It is conducted with 1812 of the year. Loteria de Navidad as well as La Primitiva - an old lottery, the draws were not interrupted even during the civil war in the country.

Because of, that the lottery is held only once a year, for many, she has an association with a miracle. The ticket price for this lottery is quite high and amounts to whole 200 euros. But she is tithing, and one tithe is paid 20 euros. You can buy as much, as much as you want. Tickets are sold with numbers pre-printed on them.

You can also buy a ticket to this lottery, as in others, through intermediaries. According to the rules: if the coupon is in the lucky category, but only one part of it has been redeemed, then he will take only the 10th part of the payment. According to statistics, every 10th player returns money, spent for the ticket. 5 percent of those participating double and triple funds.

The lucky numbers of the winners are on the official lottery website. And who knows, maybe by studying their regularity, you will be able to guess the next lucky combination. And a Christmas miracle will happen to you!

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