Lottery winnings

Russian tax on winnings: 13%, 30% or 35%

The rule 1. Assess the risks

It's no secret for a modern enlightened person, that casinos and various gambling establishments calculate all their games as, to always be the winner and make a profit. This is done very simply: the person needs to return the winnings, which correlates with his bet downward compared to his chances of winning.

There are no exceptions, unless someone specifically wants to give you money. Keep this simple rule in mind, to always look at the situation soberly.

Game theory evaluates any strategy in the same way: the probability of getting a win is multiplied by its size. Roughly speaking, mathematics counts, что гарантированно получить 1 000 рублей — это как получить 2 000 рублей с 50-процентным шансом. This principle gives you the ability to roughly compare different games with each other.. What's better: миллион долларов с шансом 1/100 000 or 50 долларов с шансом 1/4? It seems intuitive, that the first sentence is more interesting, but the latter is more mathematically advantageous.

If you stay within the framework of math alone, can be calculated: it is impossible to win at the casino, because any chosen strategy leads to, that the product of the probability of winning by the size of the payment for the player is always lower than the bet, which he already did.

And also because, that money is nonlinear for us: формально получить 1 рубль прямо сейчас — это как получить миллион рублей с шансом 1/1 000 000, but in fact, the loss of the ruble will not affect our condition in any way, nothing will change in life, but getting a million is a very serious event.

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