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In fact, Powerball is not much different from Mega Millions. Here you need to choose five main numbers from 1 to 69 and an extra powerball ball from 1 to 26. The Powerball jackpot is currently 60 million dollars. To rip it off, you need to guess all five numbers and an extra powerball. But even if you don't guess it, you will be able to win one of the eight secondary prizes.

Like Mega Millions, Powerball has a multiplier, which is called powerplay here. It allows you to increase the secondary prizes from two to five times and win the second prize up to two million dollars.

Among the lottery winners, who bought a ticket using the Golotter service, there are three dollar millionaires, hitting a jackpot of one million dollars each: participant from El Salvador, who won the second million dollar prize, user from Canada and player from Australia.

Draws take place in Orlando every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 by local time (7:00 in Moscow).

How it works

Likely, you have a question: “How can I be sure, that I will be paid if I win?»When you place an order, your account receives an automatic confirmation that, that the purchased ticket belongs to you. A ticket purchased by a Golotter service employee will be scanned and uploaded to your account, which will confirm the presence of the original form. By the way, in the terms of use of the Golotter service it is clearly indicated, what's the payoff on 100 % belongs to the buyer, that is, without any commission. The only thing, what will you need to do, Is to pay tax on winnings in that country, where was the ticket purchased. For Mega Millions, these are state and federal taxes..

If you win any lottery, whose ticket was purchased through the Golotter service, then on your phone, as well as email notifications. Secondary prizes are automatically transferred to your account after the publication of the results of the draw, and big wins and jackpots are available in the USA. To do this, the lottery organizers will pay you a trip to the States, where the prize check will be handed over.

On the website of the Golotter service you will find other well-known lotteries, among which there are those, where the jackpot exceeds 10 million dollars. To start playing the lottery, register on the Golotter service website, choose the game option, lottery, numbers and buy a ticket. By the way about the game options. Beyond the standard lottery (fill in the field, you win, take the whole amount), it is possible to choose a game in the syndicate. This is when you play in a group and pay less for more fields. In this case, the prize is divided among all group members in accordance with the fields they purchased..

There are also combo deliveries, which contain individual tickets and shares in the syndicate's years, which allows you to multiply the chances of winning as a member of the syndicate. So, eg, third of the jackpot in 656 million dollars of the Mega Millions lottery was thwarted by the so-called Three Amigos - three members of one of the most famous lottery syndicates.

Jackpot types. Progressive jackpot

Jackpots are (1) predetermined or (2) progressive.

In the first case, the player is guaranteed to take possession of the jackpot of a fixed size when a predetermined winning combination falls out or the expected event occurs.

Progressive jackpot - sometimes referred to as cumulative jackpot - no upper limits. Its value often reaches tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars..

Особенность прогрессивного джекпота – в непрестанном наращивании создаваемого под него денежного фонда за счет процентных отчислений от проигранных участниками игры или лотереи сумм.

Due to the participation of hundreds of thousands of participants in various drawings, the size of the progressive jackpot can be comparable to the annual budget of an island nation ...

Accumulating jackpots are widely used in slot machines, video slots and video games, helping to whet interest in them to incredible limits. Greed, coupled with passion, do their "dirty deed": people literally lose their heads in an effort to get rich at once ...

Winning the progressive jackpot isn't easy. It takes more than just luck, and the real favor of Destiny. Millions of gamers see themselves as applicants for such fabulous money, and the more there are, the smaller the chances of a single player to win.

It is beneficial for any casino to equip slot machines with a progressive jackpot, because its size is ALWAYS an order of magnitude less than the profit from the services provided by the casino. But a more powerful publicity stunt, inevitably attracting customers, still not invented.

A big win is always made up of the total amount of money lost by less fortunate players. You must always be aware of this., crossing the threshold of the casino or registering on the next virtual playground ...

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