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The question is very capacious, so let's sort it out in order ...

There is an ancient parable about a donkey. Ordinary such, stubborn donkey, whom all of us have seen, at least within the zoo. So here, this very donkey died of hunger at the end of this heartbreaking story. Do you know why? Because I could not decide, which pile of hay to give preference, because at first glance they are exactly the same.

You and I will not try on the role of a poor donkey.. But the dilemmas we have with him are similar: which lottery to choose - American or European, if they are all equally attractive and good?

To make it clearer, we will assign points to one or another representative of our today's lottery competition. We will compare on the following points:

  • popularity;
  • jackpots;
  • game organization.

so, go!

The first competition will reveal, how diverse are lottery representatives.

First you need to list the US lotteries, and America that Russians can freely play: Powerball (PowerBall); MegaMillions (Mega Millions); HotLotto (Hot Lotto); Lotto 6/49; Ontario 49 (Ontario 49); The swamp (Ballot); Hoosier Lotto; SuperLoto (Great lotto); Fantasy 5(Fantasy 5); Pick 6 XTRA; Cash Pho Life (Cash4Life); Lotto (Lotto); SvitMillion (Sweet Million); MegaBax (MegaBucks); LakiMani (Lucky Money); Double Sena; Lotto (Florida); What; Mega Sena (Mega Sena).

In total, we managed to count 19 major American lottery games.

Next is the turn of European lotteries: Лотто Австрия (Austria Lotto); ThunderBall; UK National Lottery (UK National Lottery); British EuroMillions (UK EuroMillions); 5/90 OtosLotto; HatosLotto (HatosLotto); Lotto 649 from Germany; Lotto Greece Joker (Joker); EuroJackpot (EuroJackpot); European EuroMillions; Lotto Ireland; The Primitive (The primitive); El Gordo (Fat); Extra National Lottery; Superenalotto (SuperEnaLotto); SuperStar (SuperStar); SiVinceTutto; Big aileron 6/49; Lottery (Lottery); Megalot and SuperLoto are from Ukraine; EuroMillions from France; Lotto France; Lotto Switzerland; Viking Lotto (Viking Lotto); Sweden Lotto.

A number of games should also be noted, which can be classified as European, since the founding countries are partly part of Europe: Savisal Loto and SuperLoto 6/54; lottery games RF - Housing lottery, SportLotto, GosLoto and others.

As a result, we have more than three dozen titles.

This list is far from complete.. There are many more smaller games on foreign resources. Anyway, the number of European games still exceeds the American.

Superlotto Plus Lottery («SuperLotto Plus»)

Staff: California.

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: be a US citizen or legally reside in the country (e.g., student or tourist visa). It is legal to play this lottery outside of the States.

Age of participants: from 18 years.

Ticket price (one position): $1.

Minimum jackpot: $7 000 000.

Max Jackpot Drawn: $193 000 000 in 2002 year shared by three participants.

Jackpot payout: or the payment of a part of the jackpot in cash, or payment of the jackpot in full during 29 years annuity payments.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 41 416 353.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 23.

Drawing: held twice a week, on wednesday and saturday.

Superlotto Plus Lottery Rules («SuperLotto Plus»):

Played out 5 main balls from 47 and an extra Mega ball of 27. The minimum prize is paid for the correct Mega number.

Approximate paytable Superlotto Plus (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $1 – guessed only ball Mega (1 to 49);
  • $1-$2 – guessed 1 shar and ugly Mega (1 to 74);
  • near $10 – guessed 2 pattern and pleasing Mega (1 to 361);
  • near $10 – guessed 3 pattern and NOT pleasing Mega (1 to 185);
  • near $45-$60 – guessed 3 pattern and pleasing Mega(1 to 4 810);
  • near $90-$110 – guessed 4 pattern and NOT pleasing Mega (1 to 7 585);
  • near $700-$2 800 – guessed 4 pattern and pleasing Mega (1 to 197 221);
  • near $8 000-$45 000 – guessed 5 balls and not guessed Mega (1 to 1 592 937);
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed mega (1 to 41 416 353).

The amount of winnings fluctuates greatly for some positions. This is directly related to the number of tickets sold and the distribution of winnings.. And if the probability of winning the first two positions is less, than Powerball and Megamillions, then starting with guessing the combination 2 ball and Mega guessing probability is already higher, than in the most famous American lotteries of the same positions.

The Health Lottery

In 2011, a new English lottery from Northernand Shell appeared, which operates many media outlets in England. During the game, participants are asked to choose five numbers numbered from 1 to 50. To claim a prize, you need to guess correctly at least 3 numbers. The Health Lottery got this name due to the fact, that some of the proceeds from ticket sales go to medical charity.

Draws are held twice a week, причем максимальный выигрыш здесь – это 100 000 pounds. Tickets are on sale from retailers, but you can also take part through an online bet. Age limit for the participant - 16 years.

The game provides two options, among which the standard for 1 £., or fast for 0.5 £. As part of a normal game, it is necessary to choose the correct numbers with numbering from 1 to 50, and you can choose them yourself, or randomly using a special generator. The participant can make only five bets, by setting certain options, moreover, his bet can participate in all further games within 8 weeks. You can watch the broadcast of the classic game on Saturdays and Wednesdays on Channel 5, and quick draws are held on Friday and Tuesday.

If this is the classic version, then here they get from the lottery drum 5 balls and an extra sixth at the end. In this way, a winning combination is formed. If the participant can collect 5 correct numbers, ему вручается 100 000 pounds. If this is a quick game, then only 5 balls, а победный выигрыш достигает 25 000 pounds. In that case, when several players claim the same winnings at once, it is divided equally between them.

As with all other official UK lotteries, The Health Lottery is not subject to tax law.

What is basic game, Power Play?

Говоря о basic game, we mean lottery basics, its rules and features. В Powerball, as in any other lottery game, have their own distinctive features, inherent only to her.

The Powerball lottery involves players choosing six numbers for their ticket. Five numbers from this series are basic, and one number is an additional. If the player was able to correctly identify all 6 winning combination numbers, then he gets the main prize - the jackpot.

The main combination of numbers is selected by players from a range of values 1-69. The main numbers located on the white balls in the game are drawn from the first game lottery drum. The additional game number is located on the red ball, it is taken out of the second lottery drum. An additional number is selected by the participants when filling out a ticket from the matrix 1-26.

The main prize is available to the player if all six numbers match. The rest of the prizes are divided into prize categories depending on the number of matched numbers. The minimum winnings fluctuate within 4 dollars. Первый после джекпота приз в Powerball составляет 1 million dollars. The ticket price depends on the intermediary, through which the player acquires it.

The player has the opportunity to designate up to ten combinations of numbers on the fields of the lottery ticket. Each additional combination increases the value of the lottery ticket.

The Power Play function can be activated subject to an additional surcharge 1 dollar. If you became the owner of the main prize of the game, then the option has no effect. The jackpot is not multiplied by any multiplier. However, организаторы лотереи Powerball предлагают игрокам такой главный приз, which does not need multipliers.

Winnings depending on the number of matched numbers:

  • additional number or additional + 1 main - 4 dollar;
  • any 3 numbers - 7 dollars;
  • any 4 numbers - 100 dollars;
  • 4 major + 1 additional - 10 one thousand dollars;
  • 5 main numbers - 1 million dollars.

If there is more than one winner in the game, and a few, then the prize is divided equally among all players. This rule only applies to winning the jackpot. Secondary prizes are given to players in full. Usually, главный приз лотереи Powerball имеет минимальное значение в 40 000 000 dollars. From this mark, the jackpot accumulates from game to game, if none of the players wins. The main prize accumulates until then, until one of the participants rips it off. Powerball sometimes offers its players truly record jackpots.

Power Play can make a difference 2,3,4,5 or 10. Depending on the value of the option, the prize increases. To activate the function, you must pay extra when buying a ticket 1 dollars.

Your winnings may increase by 10 once only on condition, что главный приз составляет менее 150 000 000 dollars.

A detailed table of increasing winnings depending on the option value - below.
















1 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars


50 000 dollars

100 000 dollars

150 000 dollars

200 000 dollars

250 000 dollars

500 000 dollars


100 dollars

200 dollars

300 dollars

400 dollars

500 dollars

1 000 dollars


100 dollars

200 dollars

300 dollars

400 dollars

500 dollars

1 000 dollars


7 dollars

14 dollars

21 dollars

28 dollars

35 dollars

70 dollars


7 dollars

14 dollars

21 dollars

28 dollars

35 dollars

70 dollars


4 dollar

8 dollars

12 dollars

16 dollars

20 dollars

40 dollars


4 dollar

8 dollars

12 dollars

16 dollars

20 dollars

40 dollars

Each lottery syndicate has a set of rules, and each participant must fulfill them.

  1. Syndicate members can only be of legal age, that is, older 18 years If a person has not reached the specified age mark, then not only the syndicates will not deal with him, but also organizers of lottery games, since in almost every lottery, reaching the age of majority is a prerequisite.
  2. A citizen of any country has the right to become a member of the pool. The main requirement is the recognition of the syndicate rules., where does the player live, become a member of the online pool, does not matter at all. The only exception is joining the pool., whose rules require community. Talking about offline pools (they are made up of friends, relatives, acquaintances), then representatives of this group are located in the same country by default.
  3. Everyone is accepted into the pool individually. This rule mainly applies to offline syndicates.. There, the candidacy of each future member is considered by the group and a mutual decision is made whether to accept the player into the syndicate or not.. Besides, additional membership fee may be required, but this is not in all syndicates.
  4. Consciousness and activity are the main criteria for selecting participants. These two characteristics mean:
    • payment of fees and purchase of tickets at clearly indicated times;
    • participation in group discussion and formation of a game strategy;
    • the ability to find compromise solutions and be open to communication;
    • control of the game process and transfer of information as needed to other members of the syndicate;
    • ability to unite a group, attract new members.
  5. Contract. Joining a syndicate, each participant must carefully read the rules of the game group, take them and stick to them as much as possible.
  6. Group - a single organism. All strategies and tactics of the game are coordinated in a reciprocal order before the game. Self-manipulation, whatever they are, prohibited. When joining a lottery syndicate, this should always be remembered., so as not to run into a misunderstanding of the group.
  7. Failure to pay the contribution is punishable by exclusion from the pool or a fine. There are frequent cases, when one of the lottery syndicate members stops paying the membership fee on a regular basis. There can be a lot of reasons for this - from problems at work to a simple loss of interest in the game.. If such a participant does not renew payments within 90 days, then it is excluded by agreement of all players in the pool. Another scenario for unscrupulous members of the syndicate is the application of penalties for failure to pay the membership fee on time.
  8. Other syndicate rules. All the rules can be attributed to this point., that arise inside the pool. Since the syndicate is a self-governing unit, then the rules are created by the participants themselves. There are frequent cases, when the pool rules clearly state, that only a person of a certain gender or profession can become a member of a game group. Syndicates are also common, which rules indicate, that the participants play only, eg, in the lottery of Australia and no other game options simply cannot exist.

All American lotteries, specifications

I must say, that there are not many lottery projects in the USA - the two most famous ones with the possibility of a multi-million dollar win are Mega Millions and PowerBall. There are also several mini-lotteries and instant. Let's see, what are they.

3.1. Mega Millions Lottery

Minimum jackpot - 15 million dollars and it grows from circulation to circulation, if none of the players guesses the combination of numbers 5/75 and 1/15. It's hard enough to do it, the chances of winning the main prize are low, therefore, its amount can rise to several hundred million.

If you really want to play the American lottery, but not a US resident, the rate on your behalf will be paid by the local representative of the intermediary site.

Numbers are drawn using two lottery drums. Balls with numbers of the main draw are painted white and loaded into one lottery drum, and additional - in red (loaded into the second).

Ticket design, acquired in different states, may differ slightly.

Learn more about this lottery and how to play it in this article.: “How to play and win the Mega Millions lottery from Russia?«.

3.2. Powerball lottery

The game scheme is somewhat reminiscent of Mega Millions: 5/69 (main draw) and 1/26 ( additional).

The chances of winning the top prize are negligible - 1 to 292 201 338, and to win any prize - 1 to 25 .

The jackpot in this lottery is never lower 40 million dollars and is constantly growing until that time, until somebody rips it off.

Yesterday's win (read at the beginning of the article), albeit dizzy, but not so big, as I was on one of the printings last year - 1, 56 billion dollars were won by three lucky people from different states.

Winnings over 600$ can only be obtained at the lottery office - this can be done for you by a representative of the intermediary company. And again I have to remind, that not all concierges are bona fide.

Jackpots are given to winners in two ways: as a lump sum and as an annuity (parts over several years). Small winnings await their owners for a year, and if after this time no one asked for them, prizes are donated to charities.

Learn more about this lottery and how to play it in this article.: "American Powerball lottery - buying tickets from Russia".

3.3. Mini lotteries

They differ from the standard ones in the frequency of draws and in the smaller number of numbers required for guessing. for example, in Florida Lucky Money the algorithm is as follows: 4/47 + 1/17. Суммы Джекпотов тоже, respectively, less, than in big lotteries.

Honestly, where can Russian players buy a ticket for the American lottery in mini format, I cant, since I have not met them on any of the intermediary sites.

3.4. American Instant Lotteries

These are scratches popular among Americans with colorful designs., non-selectable numbers. But even the most reliable intermediaries are unlikely to sell them to you online.. The American instant lottery requires the player to erase the protective field - simply "scratch" the surface of the paper ticket.

I told about this type of lottery for informational purposes.

If you suddenly find yourself in the States, pay attention to Minnesota Hold'em or Texas Hold'em tickets, Monopoly, Win for life

How the first lotteries appeared in England?

It was Elizabeth I who introduced many Englishmen to the first lotteries in 1559, that is, just at that time, when the country suffered from many political and economic crises, tearing apart its resources. England was under constant blockade by its enemies, and politicians tried to find a quick and effective solution to this military problem. Of course, many advisers suggested that Elizabeth I simply find herself a worthy and powerful husband, eg, monarch of another country. Elizaveta did not want to take such a desperate step and chose a more interesting and non-standard solution, which she, however, spied on the Italians, that they have already had successful experience in organizing lotteries. In this way, in 1566, the Queen issued a decree to hold the very first official lottery in England, during which participants could win expensive prizes.

To successfully carry out this first draw, было напечатано свыше 400 000 уникальных билетов, moreover, the winning participants in the lottery could collect their winning sum in money, either in gold. As a result, the royal treasury was able to replenish well, and the proceeds from ticket sales went to the most important social needs at that time: repair of harbors and ports in the south of the country. It is thanks to this modernization that in the future England will be called nothing less than the "mistress of the seas" with a very strong fleet., which determined its absolute leadership among all other European states.

Future UK lotteries looking back on first positive experiences, arranged the same in anticipation of large and costly projects, to compensate for losses and attract, in this way, population to participate in government buildings. Here you can remember, eg, large-scale construction of an aqueduct in London, which has advanced greatly since, how in 1627 year in support of this project, a widespread lottery draw was held. Also, do not forget about the large British Museum., which was built, among other things, using the proceeds from the corresponding lottery. Among other similar construction projects: construction of large bridges and water pipes, as well as other socially useful and very expensive objects.

Large national lotteries have really been of great benefit to the state, but at the same time, many small lotteries began to appear against their background, in which too many gambling citizens participated. The government is, of course, didn't like, and they decided to ban all possible lotteries from individuals in 1698. In this way, the kingdom wanted to attract all active population to participate only in its lotteries, so that the profit from them could quickly replenish the treasury of England at the right time. At the same time, the ban on participation in local lotteries lasted until the 20th century and only through the successive adoption of the corresponding Acts of 1934, 1956-th and 1976 it turned out to get permission to hold certain lotteries, organized by private companies.

In the history of lotteries in England there is, of course, and your unpleasant moments. The first serious epidemic of widespread lotomania manifested itself in 1755, when people really went crazy and did everything, to get your coveted ticket. Many acts of vandalism have been recorded, since people in huge queues simply could not stand it and began to break down windows and doors, which caused great damage to urban infrastructure.

In the end, when all these problems became critical, opponents of gambling were able to pass anti-lottery laws in 1825, which completely prohibited the organization of such activities in the UK, because they began to be considered "godless". And yet a fairly large part of the population continued to take part in new sweepstakes, which now began to be carried out unofficially and secretly from the authorities, what caused the corresponding losses.

Is it possible to buy foreign lotteries in Russia?

To buy the popular world lottery, You need to know the correct link, where can I buy foreign lottery without cheating, where people are engaged in lotteries professionally and for many years have earned respect in the lottery market, erasing state borders and kilometers of oceans. I will not torment you, here is a link to a trusted and trusted site, which will help you play foreign lotteries:

  • Tired of the lottery, where instead of a lottery drum, a muddy and incomprehensible random number generator once and for all sat down?
  • Not fun to play lotteries, in which there are several draws a day?
  • Forgot about the excitement of waiting for the start of circulation?
  • Tired of questionable internet lottery offers?

Everyone will find a lottery to their liking, the world is full of interesting lotteries, choose yourself, do not limit yourself to anything!

How to buy popular foreign lotteries

The purchase of a lottery ticket is arranged and works according to the following scheme:

  • You choose the lottery that interests you
  • Fill out a virtual lottery ticket (choose numbers to play)
  • Specially trained person, let's call it conditionally "Agent" goes to the seller of your chosen lottery, fills in the ticket with the numbers you selected.
  • The paid ticket is scanned and shown to you before the start of the draw.
  • The winnings are credited to your account in full, you will be notified by SMS and e-mail when you win!

Everything is very simple and obvious.. As is obvious and then, that the Internet erases the boundaries of space, shortening the time, accelerating the normal course of events and life!

Foreign lotteries, what is the risk of playing them?

You risk nothing, except for the money put on the game. Actually, as usual in any other lottery. However, you can become the first resident of the former Soviet Union to win the jackpot of hundreds of millions of dollars or euros in a foreign lottery.

There can be no doubt and deception. The site has existed since 2002 of the year, works for 14 languages! Excellent and prompt Russian-language support. For the most suspicious, to dispel all doubts, there is the following guarantee: you can return the money for the first purchase in full, if something does not suit you!

Paying taxes on a foreign lottery

You will receive your winnings net of tax, provided in the country and on the territory of the lottery organizer, if such tax is provided. However, often happens, that lottery winnings are completely tax-free.

Is it possible to participate in foreign lotteries?

You can take part in a foreign lottery, like any other person. Imagine, that you went abroad, walking in an unfamiliar city, go to the store, and buy a local lottery ticket ..., everything is just like that, with the only difference, that a specially trained agent will buy a lottery ticket instead of you and give it to you.

How to win in a foreign lottery

To win the overseas lottery, lottery first need to buy! And in the methods and strategies of the game, no one limits you! There are many different lottery strategies described in our blog, you can use them.

How to get the jackpot

If you win the jackpot, then it will be presented to you personally. The site will organize and pay for your trip abroad to register your winnings!

Benefits of foreign lotteries

  • A wide variety of different lotteries, everyone will find something suitable for themselves.
  • Large, HUGE jackpots! Possession of a jackpot equivalent in 20 million rubles excites your mind? No? So here, jackpots of world lotteries reach amounts of more than one to two billion rubles! Billion rubles! Have no doubts, that all your previous life you played the wrong lotteries?
  • Honesty. It can be reliably asserted, that the most popular lotteries in the world are held as honestly as possible. Over the years, no one had any doubts about the honesty of lotteries. All winnings have been paid in full and in full, no matter how big the amount is.

Which foreign lottery is better to play?

The choice of a lottery is a purely individual matter. You can play the lottery, which you like more for some of your preferences, either play the lottery, in which the maximum jackpot has been accumulated at the moment.

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Legislation from 1698 the year indicated, that all lotteries in England are illegal, other than directly approved by the state. Act 1934 of the year, as well as subsequent acts 1956 and 1976 years, legalized some small lotteries. The state lottery in Great Britain was founded by the government of John Major in 1993 year. The British National Lottery is operated by a private organization, Camelot Group got a lottery under its control 25 May 1994 of the year. The first draw has passed 19 November 1994 years in a television program with host Noel Edmonds. The first winning combination was the following numbers: 30, 3, 5, 44, 14, 22 + bonus ball 10. Seven winners split the jackpot of £ 5,874,778.

Tickets are on sale on the Isle of Man 2 December 1999 of the year.

IN 2002 The British National Lottery underwent a major update to boost ticket sales. The main game has been renamed to Lotto (Lotto), and National Lottery Extra was renamed to Lotto Extra (Lotto Extra). The crossed fingers logo has also been redesigned. However, the entire gaming community is still known as National lottery. It is one of the most popular types of gambling in the UK.

In November 2009 of the year "Camelot" has updated its lottery machines. The new devices are called Arthur, Ginevra, Lancelot and Marilyn, like their predecessors. At the same time, new devices were presented for the game Thunder ball (Thunderball). All new devices correspond to the Magnum II model manufactured by SmartPlay International Inc., новые аппараты игры Громо-шар — модели СмартПлэй Галоген II.

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