Big win lottery in russia

Russian, who wins the lottery, shared secrets: that's what to do, so that you are also lucky

Most people don't know how to handle big money

Mikhail Semyonov, кандидат психологических наук, docent, research interests - psychology of money and economic psychology:

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- According to statistics, order 70% lottery winners in the world are on the brink of bankruptcy within the next seven years after winning: thoughtless spending and inability to handle a huge amount of money affect.

Not everyone can use lottery winnings wisely. The more money, the more intelligent, and emotional effort must be invested in their conservation and rational use. A large amount is a resource, which must be protected from competing applicants for it: relatives, friends, crime. Example - the tale of the goldfish: having received a huge resource, no old man, no old woman could use it rationally.

Another problem is that after unexpected wealth, many lose touch with their previous environment., meet condemnation and even aggression. People envy them. This is one of the most important motives of human behavior., along with power. Many people want to get some of this money, and in case of refusal they take offense.

The vast majority of people do not know how to handle large (regarding past) money: nor earn, neither save, nor accumulate, nor is it reasonable to spend. Riding a bicycle and a truck are different things. Most people don't understand the difference between 1 million rubles, 100 millions or 1 billion. They all feel like a LOT. Well, of course, unearned money is valued less than earned. So winning the lottery for an ordinary person is primarily a risk.

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