Saturday Lottery

Where to buy a lottery ticket in Russia - how to buy stoloto lottery tickets

How to increase your chances of winning?

Despite, that winning the lottery is mostly due to ordinary luck and coincidence, there are several ways to increase your chances.

  • Buy more tickets. If buy 5-6 tickets chance increases. Turning to game theory and probability theory, you can note, that it is not amplified in 5-6 time, and about 20. It is recommended to purchase tickets, in which numbers are not repeated, to further increase the chance of winning.
  • Participate in special raffles. There are special draws in the "Housing Lottery":
  1. "There will be three barrels" - the presenter will get 87, but not 86 kegs from his lottery drum;
  2. "There will be two barrels" - the presenter will get 88, but not 86 kegs from his lottery drum;
  3. "Number" - an additional round will be held (read about its features in the previous section);
  4. "Vertical" - an additional round will be held (read about its features in the previous section).

Now let's look at the rules of the game

The rules are very similar to the game "Russian Lotto" . There are two playing fields in the ticket, each of which contains 15 digits. So, just in the ticket 30 numbers. These numbers cross out, when the host of the "Housing Lottery" pulls out the number of the corresponding barrel from the lottery drum.

for example, if the leader took out the ball numbered 45, then all players, who have this number on the ticket, need to cross it out. In this way, they get one step closer to victory. In most cases, the presenter gets out of the lottery drum 86 barrels, after that the game ends. But sometimes it can be taken out 87 or even 88 barrels.

In the "Housing Lottery" 3 tour.

  • In the first one those tickets win, who closed one line of the ticket before all others.
  • Tickets won in the second round, who completely closed one playing field before anyone else.
  • Participants wins in the third round, who managed to close the entire ticket earlier than others.

Sometimes in some matches there are special such.

Tour 1.

Called "number". Tickets win in it,and in which the last part of the number coincided with a combination of numbers, which the host took out of the barrel.

For example: the host can announce, that in the tour "number" all tickets win, whose numbers end in digits for example 73, 18. In this case, participant of the "number", whose ticket ended on 7318 wins.

Tour 2.

"Vertical". Here the coupons win, containing vertical, which consists of the numbers of the balls just drawn. Example: in the next game, the presenter did not get balls with numbers because of the lottery drum 23, 27, 29. In this case, a ticket that contains numbers in a vertical line will be winning.

Types of tickets

There are several types of tickets - electronic and regular. As in other draws from Stoloto , Housing Lottery coupons exist in the form of paper and electronic tickets.

1. E-ticket

Can be purchased on the Housing Lottery website. It looks like this: on the left there is a logo in the form of a house in which, there is an image of a square meter, the ticket number is written below (he contains 12 digits), on the right side are numbers.

When buying an e-ticket, you will need confirmation by mobile phone. It will be required if a person wins any prize.. He will need an SMS notification with a code, which he must inform the cashier at the point of sale, to confirm the fact of winning.

2. Paper ticket

They, who are used to a traditional physical ticket, people, for whom it is important to buy and hold something physical, offer coupons with attractive designs

In the center is the house in which the name of the lottery is depicted, on the left is the Housing Lottery logo, draw number and draw time, and also the name of the channel, where the draw will be held.

The right side contains information about the prizes, namely about apartments and their number, which will be raffled. If you buy such tickets, then the phone number is not needed, and the winnings can be received with a coupon (no other documents are needed for this). You can buy it at the Russian Post offices or at the Stoloto kiosks.

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