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On this website you can check all the national lottery games offered by LOTENAL. A few minutes after the end of the draw you will have at your disposal a checker that allows you to know the prize obtained for all the national lottery games.

These are the games you can check out on this page. Major Draw, Zodiac Giveaway, Special Zodiac Giveaway, Superior Draw, Draw of Ten, Special Giveaway, Big Draw and Big Christmas Giveaway. Click on the corresponding link to obtain more information about each of them.

It also has a calendar that allows you to review overdue lottery draws (LOTENAL) and Forecasts.

The question is very capacious, so let's sort it out in order ...

There is an ancient parable about a donkey. Ordinary such, stubborn donkey, whom all of us have seen, at least within the zoo. So here, this very donkey died of hunger at the end of this heartbreaking story. Do you know why? Because I could not decide, which pile of hay to give preference, because at first glance they are exactly the same.

You and I will not try on the role of a poor donkey.. But the dilemmas we have with him are similar: which lottery to choose - American or European, if they are all equally attractive and good?

To make it clearer, we will assign points to one or another representative of our today's lottery competition. We will compare on the following points:

  • popularity;
  • jackpots;
  • game organization.

so, go!

The first competition will reveal, how diverse are lottery representatives.

First you need to list the US lotteries, and America that Russians can freely play: Powerball (PowerBall); MegaMillions (Mega Millions); HotLotto (Hot Lotto); Lotto 6/49; Ontario 49 (Ontario 49); The swamp (Ballot); Hoosier Lotto; SuperLoto (Great lotto); Fantasy 5(Fantasy 5); Pick 6 XTRA; Cash Pho Life (Cash4Life); Lotto (Lotto); SvitMillion (Sweet Million); MegaBax (MegaBucks); LakiMani (Lucky Money); Double Sena; Lotto (Florida); What; Mega Sena (Mega Sena).

In total, we managed to count 19 major American lottery games.

Next is the turn of European lotteries: Лотто Австрия (Austria Lotto); ThunderBall; UK National Lottery (UK National Lottery); British EuroMillions (UK EuroMillions); 5/90 OtosLotto; HatosLotto (HatosLotto); Lotto 649 from Germany; Lotto Greece Joker (Joker); EuroJackpot (EuroJackpot); European EuroMillions; Lotto Ireland; The Primitive (The primitive); El Gordo (Fat); Extra National Lottery; Superenalotto (SuperEnaLotto); SuperStar (SuperStar); SiVinceTutto; Big aileron 6/49; Lottery (Lottery); Megalot and SuperLoto are from Ukraine; EuroMillions from France; Lotto France; Lotto Switzerland; Viking Lotto (Viking Lotto); Sweden Lotto.

A number of games should also be noted, which can be classified as European, since the founding countries are partly part of Europe: Savisal Loto and SuperLoto 6/54; lottery games RF - Housing lottery, SportLotto, GosLoto and others.

As a result, we have more than three dozen titles.

This list is far from complete.. There are many more smaller games on foreign resources. Anyway, the number of European games still exceeds the American.

Start playing El Gordo de Navidad

Restrictions for players

Lottery players cannot be less 18 years. By participating in draws, you are subject to the laws of your country of residence and the country of the lottery. You are welcome, don't break the law, this does not guarantee you the payment of prizes in the event of a winning ticket.

Part of the ticket purchased by one player (contribution, tithe or whole ticket) can only be claimed by the buyer. The winnings cannot be taken from him by another person.

If the purchased ticket turned out to be lucky and brought you a certain amount, you can receive funds only in that country, in which they were at the time of the drawing.

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