Exposing "mega millions" – anniversary New Year's drawing

American lottery mega millions (5 из 70 + 1 of 25)


New Year – this is a holiday. On the eve, most people are busy with New Year's chores, work, family. It all takes away strength, time and money. Meanwhile, there is a famous lottery project of the same name on the Internet.. And if you combine these, seemingly, two common ideas, you get the project of the World Lottery "Jubilee New Year's Drawing", with a jackpot 255 million. - in any case, the founders of the plagiarism site "Mega Millions" say so (rpowerlottery.ru).

It happened so, that this is not the first site on the topic of "lotto", about which we write our review. Previous projects were similar to the current one and only slightly differed. If there is time and desire, then you can browse a whole list of articles on this topic on our blog on this link.

But what is significant about our today's hero?

Record Jackpots

Biggest Mega Millions lottery jackpot, declared at the level $640 million (in case of annual payments) at the time of the draw or $462 million (cash), was played 30 Martha 2012 of the year. Initial estimate of Friday's print run (after circulation 27 Martha, whose jackpot has stopped at $363 million in successive payments) was equal $476 millions (later the jackpot rose to $500 million and up again $540 million). Rapid ticket sales pushed the jackpot up to $656 million in annual payments and $474 million in cash. Mega Millions Lottery Draw Costs, following the previous jackpot win 24 january 2012 of the year, are estimated at least in $1,5 billion. In total, they claimed their rights to win 3 lottery ticket buyer (one from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

Second highest jackpot by size $636 million has been raffled 17 December 2013 of the year. The winnings were shared by the holders of two tickets, from California and Georgia.

The third largest jackpot in $390 million was raffled off in a circulation of 6 Martha 2007 of the year. 2 player, one from Georgia and one from New Jersey, shared among themselves the record win at that time. Both winners chose to pay in cash, sharing among themselves $233 million.

4th largest annual jackpot ($380 million) and the second largest jackpot cash ($240 million), was played 4 january 2011 of the year. Two ticket holders, one of the Post Falls, Idaho, and one from Ifrat, Washington State, guessed all six numbers, received by $190 million each (annual payments). Both players also decided to collect their winnings in cash.

MegaMillions lottery rules

According to the terms of the game, participant chooses 5 main balls with numbers from 1 to 75, and also an additional "Mega ball" with a number from 1 to 15.

Mega Million players from select states, have the right to take another extra ball, called Megaplier, in case of guessing his number, the amount of the win increases significantly.

Five main winning categories established. The jackpot is the maximum win, and for that, to get it, you need to predict five main numbers, а также число на мега шаре. The smallest prize any MegaMillions player can win, who guesses 1 number.

For the lottery drawing procedure, apply 2 drum, the main balls spin in the first, with numbers from 1 to 56. Пять шаров из этой массы выпадают случайным образом. Во втором барабане крутятся мега шары (them 46).

In all states, except California, set the standard size of the prize amount in any category. California is isolated because, что в этом штате размер приза напрямую зависит от прибыли с продаж билетов. Если участник MegaMillions выигрывает джек-пот, he has the right to take immediately the amount of the entire prize (notice, what is the prize amount in this case, will be less than the winning amount) или дать согласие на получение выигрыша по частям (for every million won, the winner should $38,5 thousand. in year).

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