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How to play stoloto: fundamental rules

Preparing for a joke lottery for the anniversary, Birthday party for guests

Organization of a comic lottery for the anniversary, Birthday will be positively appreciated by your guests. This will also be a great way to thank guests for congratulations and gifts., create a festive atmosphere for everyone present. Do not worry, a win-win lottery for the anniversary will appeal to all guests and guests of different ages will take part in it with great interest.

Buy inexpensive cool items. The number of lots can be different, at your discretion: random, by the number of guests, how old is the hero of the day, etc.. The greater the variety of lots, so it will be more interesting to play. Such a comic lottery is suitable for an anniversary and 50, and 60 years old woman and man. Many different and unusual products can be bought in supermarkets, fairs and other places, you just need to spend a little time looking for something interesting.

Don't forget about prizes

The most important rule, so that the comic lottery for the guests was a win-win, then everyone will be happy

After all, even the smallest gift will add mood for the whole evening..

The lottery is not about the cost of winning, but excitement and surprise. Remember, that even a cheap thing should also look decent, and not be brought from home

She can be regarded, as disrespect.

The drawing of several more expensive prizes will be unusual. Inform all guests in advance and keep the intrigue until the end. The invitees will look forward to the lottery.

You can also prepare joke prizes: immense pants, long nose, crown etc. This will captivate those present even more..

Write each lot on a separate sheet of paper. The design depends on your imagination. These can be separately printed sheets; photo of the birthday person or hero of the day with the number of the gift; tangerines, apples or balls, on which the numbers are pasted.


Special offers from Stoloto

Stoloto is the largest distributor of state lotteries

Stoloto Online Lottery Supermarket is a convenient platform for participating in state lotteries. Миссия компании – поддержка российского спорта и возрождение интереса у населения к лотерейной культуре.

The brand cooperates with ten leading companies and has proven itself in the international market.. Online lottery supermarket is guaranteed to pay out winnings to its customers.

Why Stoloto can be trusted:

  • rules for the distribution and sale of lottery tickets, the circulation is controlled by the state;

  • draws of combinations are broadcast live at the Stoloto lottery center;

  • only certified lottery equipment is used for draws;

  • the company is a member of the US and European Lottery Association;

  • the brand is well recognized throughout the federation;

  • the winnings are transferred to the winner with maximum data protection (in order to maintain the safety of the player).

The brand has offices in every region of the Russian Federation. When placing a lottery online, each user can get a discount on the first order or any electronic ticket, используя актуальный промокод.

Stoloto promo codes

A valid promo code is an opportunity to get a guaranteed discount on goods from the Stoloto lottery supermarket. The coupon can be fixed or floating. In the first option, the discount is expressed in rubles, and in the second - as a percentage. For the promo code to work, several conditions must be met:

  • coupon code can only be used once;

  • the timing of the promotion must be relevant;

  • items in the cart must meet the conditions of the promotion.

To activate a discount code, necessary:

  1. Log in to the Stoloto website.

  2. Select lottery, in which you are going to participate.

  3. On our page, from the list of current coupons, select the one suitable for this type of lottery and click the "Open" field.

Promo code is automatically activated, and the user will be redirected to the page of the lottery supermarket. The cost of tickets will be immediately displayed with a discount, оговоренной в условиях промокода.

  1. Add the required number of lottery tickets to the basket.

  2. Pay for order.

note, that the number and conditions of promotional offers are constantly updated. In order not to miss your profit, subscribe to the news of the lottery center and follow the promo codes on our page

Lottery on the Chair

Today, in the framework of weekly draws, more than 600 thousand lottery tickets. Dozens of lucky ones join the ranks of millionaires of the Russian Federation every week. For the payment of the prize fund this year, more than 14 billion rubles.

All variants of lottery draws are placed on the main page of the Stoloto portal. The right sidebar catalog lists the types of lottery tickets sold: Bingo-75, Specigra, Gosloto "4 out of 20", "5 out of 36", "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49", Sportloto Matchball, Zodiac, Rapid 2.0, «12/24», Dual, Joker, Top 3, KENO "Sportloto", "Housing lottery", "6 out of 36", Russian lotto, Russian Lotto "Express", Golden horseshoe.

For beginners or topics, who is interested in a certain prize, for ease of navigation, lotteries are also grouped by type of winnings:

  • multi-million dollar super prizes;

  • tickets at reduced prices;

  • bestsellers;

  • draws for apartments, cars and million rubles;

  • draws of prizes and gadgets;

  • batch lotteries;

  • fast lotteries.

In order not to miss "time X", a timer is updated for users on the right sidebar next to each lottery, counting down the time until the prize draw.

On the online platform, a menu with additional services is also placed in the left sidebar: to buy tickets via SMS, links to broadcasts, checking winning combinations.

The original design of a win-win lottery for the anniversary for a fun company

  • It will be funny to provide lottery tickets that are almost similar to the originals. To do this, take colored paper, write lot number, smear with petroleum jelly or colorless lipstick. Top with a ball of acrylic paint. Use a coin to erase the top layer.
  • Put more than just the lot number on lottery tickets, but also the series number. The last numbers will mean important dates in the life of the hero of the day. After, how are all tickets handed out, ask guests to name a special event, which is hidden under the numbers of the series. If the person doesn't answer, the presenter takes the ticket from him and resells it to another participant. Everything continues until the full decryption of anniversary tickets.
  • If the celebration takes place at home, pre-stick the numbers under the chairs. At an unexpected moment, ask guests to look under them. In this way, you will attract people to play.
  • Prepare a bunch of helium balloons and place the numbers inside. When does the game begin, release the bundle, and each guest has to burst the balloon with the lottery prize number on the anniversary.

The prize will be drawn for sure in every draw

Illustration: Anna Guridova / Lifehacker

A limited number of tickets are eligible for each draw. Draw will take place at the announced time, which will be indicated on the purchase page and on the ticket. The drawing is held among the tickets purchased for the draw, thanks to this, each game is guaranteed to have a winner.

The number of tickets sold will depend on the prize. In the starting draws, where the iPhone is the prize, будут участвовать 4 160 tickets (in each draw). The first draws are planned to be carried out often - about once every two days.

The probability of success in the first draw is easy to calculate - 1 : 4 160. And the chances are skyrocketing, if you take more than one ticket, and a few. for example, if you buy 10 tickets, the probability of winning is already 1 : 416.

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