How to get winnings in stoloto?

How to win the lottery: 5 best ways with real examples of big wins

Way 1 - we use personal numbers

The first way, which will allow you to select the winning ticket from the bundle, based on the definition of personal numbers. How it's done? First, you need to define three personal indicators - the number of personal years, month and day. About that, how to calculate them, we have already said in separate articles - re-read them again. Many are wondering: if everything is clear with the year and month of the lottery draw, but which day to take into account: that one, in which the draw will be held, or the day of the ticket purchase? Here we advise you to experiment, having tried that one, and another option, since there is no unequivocal opinion on this matter.

How to apply this method? Very simple: when calculating, you will receive three numbers - they need to be added together and bring the amount to a single-digit indicator

Choosing a lottery ticket, pay attention to the numbers of his number - add them together, and if as a result you get exactly the same, what came out when calculating your personal figure - take this ticket

Way 2 - the technique of Ellin Dodge

The famous digital magic researcher Ellin Dodge has developed her own way to increase the chances of winning the lottery. How to win the Dodge numerology lottery? His way is pretty simple. You need to take as a basis not your personal numbers, but the exact date of the draw, otherwise the calculation is similar to the previous one. Suppose, what circulation, in which you want to participate, will take place 24 December 2019 of the year. We just need to add the number of the day together, months and years, but in full terms, not in separate numbers. In our case 24 it will remain so 24, and will not be reduced to six, month will be read as 12 (but not 3), and year - 2019. The calculation formula will look like this: 24 + 12 + 2019 = 2055. But we already reduce the resulting sum to a single-digit number: 2055= 2 + 0 + 5 + 5 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 - lucky number - three.

How to use the Dodge method in practice? You need the same, as in the previous method, try to find a ticket, whose number when added turns out to be three. If you play the lottery, where you need to choose the numbers yourself - take those, which boil down to three, eg, 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57 etc, since they, Most likely, will bring you victory. If you buy a ticket, on which certain numbers are already printed - choose the one, in which there will be more of those, what comes down to the amount you need.

Way 3 - calculating the probability

How to win the lottery using numerology without using personal numbers? This is also possible, true, the technique gives only a small chance of luck, not accurate hitting the target. You just need to analyze several previous draws and write down all the drawn numbers for each, and then add them up and bring them to a single digit. Suppose, what did you choose the lottery, where do they win 12 numbers from 36: write them in a line, and then add. Let's admit, we had such numbers in the previous draw: 1+4+7+13+18+19+21+26+29+32+35=205=2+0+5=7. We got a seven, which means, likely, this time the amount, equal to seven, definitely will not fall out.

Similarly, we check the lucky numbers of several more previous draws., to reveal a certain pattern. So, eg, if an odd number is won several times in a row, high probability, that in the upcoming circulation the sum of the dropped out numbers will give an even. It is possible to analyze not only the total amount, but also numbers, which dropped out. If, eg, in the numerical range from 1 to 10 only even numbers appeared among the winners, it's worth buying a ticket this time, where, on the contrary, odd, and if you choose the numbers yourself, choose them. Similarly, you can compare number sequences from 20 to 29, from 30 to 39 etc. Of course, it will take quite a long time, but imagine, what joy will take you, if you really win a large amount!

Other techniques for attracting luck

In addition to the above ways to win using numerology, there are also some other methods of increasing the chance of success. So, eg, considered, that a person most often buys winning tickets on his own birthday or the birthdays of people close to him - parents, spouse, brothers and sisters, grandparents. Tickets are considered lucky, where there is a number 8 (eg, as the sum of the ticket number, or when many numbers are marked, reduced to eight). You can also calculate your personal wealth number using monetary numerology and use it. But remember: if you managed to hit a big jackpot, better not to try your luck anymore and not participate in lotteries, as Fortune gives a lucky chance only once.


And here is the Mirror newspaper in June 2019 year informs us about a win 123 million pounds, which in rubles will be about 10 billion rubles.

This time the prize was won by Englishman Andy Carter, who bought the EuroMillions lottery lucky ticket.

By the way, я уже играл в европейскую лотерею ЕвроМиллионс.

The Mirror newspaper also published news about the married couple Adrian Bayford and Gillian Bayford, who devastated the EuroMillions lottery 148,000,000 pounds.

And this information from official sources about the people who revealed their prize to the public. But as far as I understood, a lot of people, who win the lottery do not disclose their identity for security reasons.

There was information about the Muscovite Anastasia, who won this lottery in 2012 year, but I never dug up the official publication, but promised to provide you with only verified information about verified lotteries.

Important About Taxes on Lottery Winnings

Lottery winnings are tax deductible. The tax is 13%, but for those, кто не является налоговым резидентом в РФ — 30%, but this is a paltry amount compared to the big win. From the official site:

FROM 01 january 2018 years if the winning amount is equal to or exceeds 15 000 rubles, then the tax is withheld when the winnings are paid. If the winning amount is less 15 000 rubles, then you need to independently contact the tax authority at the place of residence no later than 30 April of the year, following the expired tax period and submit a tax return.

Just read about the winner recently, who didn't pay tax, I have already spent all the money (although there was OGO-ho), and now the tax authorities are confiscating his property. So don't be greedy, if you won, then pay taxes, although under the new law, if the amount of the win is equal to or exceeds 15 000 rubles, then the tax on this amount is withheld upon payment (tax on smaller amounts must be paid by yourself). Just for the greedy and forgetful.

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