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How will the draw go

New Year lottery "Russian Lotto" - special, her rules
different from the usual draw, which took place weekly throughout the year.
The organizers will compete for the prize fund in three rounds, everything in the game will be 88 moves,
which will guarantee to identify the winner, who will hit the jackpot - 1
billion rubles.

Each ticket has two playing fields from the set numbers, in
one row there are five. The rally begins with, what the host gets out of the bag
barrels, all of them 90. In the first round, the game is on, until one of the tickets
all five digits will be crossed out in any one horizontal line. how
only the winner appears, the tour ends.

Second round - main. It is in it that the New Year will be played
billion. The winner will be the one, who will have everything crossed out first
15 digits in one of the ticket fields. Probability theory, such lucky ones
maybe several, however, in practice, such coincidences can be
maximum for two or three people.

In the third round, the host will get the remaining kegs - total
there will be 88. The winners must match everything 30 numbers on the ticket, they will
claim one hundred prizes for 1 million rubles, as well as other cash
prizes. The organizers promised, that every second ticket will win. General
prize fund - about 3 billion rubles.

Promising is not sharing

true, not a billion will be distributed to everyone, but only 161 one million rubles. Why? Потому-что миллиард это лишь обещание, physically it does not exist. There is an accumulated jackpot, the same, to increase which in each draw, a part of the prize fund is withdrawn - it is this that will be distributed.

The accumulated jackpot is now 161 one million rubles. This amount was accumulated in just 5 circulation.

Prize pool and deductions to the jackpot of the latter 5 circulation

As we can see, еженедельно суммы изымались существенные. Особенно показателен тираж № 1209, can be disassembled using his example:

  • 2 340 603 - number of tickets, who took part in the drawing
  • 117 030 150 - prize fund of the draw
  • 68 030 150 - went to the payment of prizes
  • 49 000 000 - Sent to the jackpot

49 million (!) from one print run, nearly 42% призового фонда пошло в джекпот. This is a lot. Perhaps the players are not thinking, but this way the conditions of the lottery get worse - there are fewer large prizes, less other payments

In many of the world's lotteries, a significantly smaller proportion of the prize pool goes to the jackpot. And large sums are collected because, что играет много людей. Yes, крупный джекпот повышает интерес к игре и, respectively, sales. But, изымать ради его роста столь заметную часть призового фонда — в корне неправильный подход.

If there was competition in the market, then players would have a choice - to participate in the lottery where the jackpot is higher or there, где призовой фонд распределяется на призы второй-третьей категории. A great example of a lottery that focuses on many big prizes is El Gordo de Navidad (Spain) where are the winnings 400 000 евро исчисляются сотнями. Another good example is the experience of the Soviet Sportloto, when there was no jackpot at all.

К сожалению наш оператор занимает монопольное положение и может направлять в джекпот практически любую сумму. This moment is not regulated by law. As well as the existence of guaranteed (promised) super prize. Currently, the operator can announce any jackpot size, he does not need to accumulate money for this in advance, what would be right, and he actively uses it - the example of the New Year's billion is very typical

Which lottery is better to play

Of course, in this review, we have not listed all the lotteries, which are currently being played. There is a lot of variety. The answer to the question of which lottery is better to play sounds very simple: better play that lottery, which is close to the player in spirit and temperament.

If you are a maximalist in life, and don't agree for anything less - buy that lottery, where the jackpot is currently higher.

If reasonable risk is important to you, play the lottery 5 of 36 - jackpots are rarely high, but the mathematical chances of a big win are greater than most other lotteries.

If it is psychologically easier for you to play by receiving periodic small “incentive” prizes or it is important to watch the lottery draw on TV by all means, play Russian Lotto.

However, you can find your motives for playing this or that lottery.

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Waiting for a billion

On New Year's Eve, it will most likely happen like this, how was it last year. Nobody will get a billion, а накопленный джекпот распределится между победителями. Yes, the total prize pool is likely to be over a billion. But, even a billion, if divided into several million participants, it turns into penny winnings

Lottery "Russian Lotto" is one of our most unprofitable lotteries. On the odds of a jackpot (1 of 295 232 118) она лидер сложности, на уровне американских PowerBall и MegaMillions. At the same time, most of the prize fund is spent on completely insignificant prizes., which many do not even take. It is pointless to spend money on it, большинство участников, even playing for years, never get more 200-300 rubles.

Meanwhile, in terms of turnover "Russian Lotto" is now in the lead. Several factors contribute to this - lack of competition, advertising power, the race for the ghost billion and then, that players do not know their chances of winning and do not analyze, how the prize pool is distributed

As a matter of fact, by the ratio of the cost of the game / возможная отдача все российские лотереи давно стали совершенно не интересными. What to do, for those who understand this? Only play there, где существуют более вменяемые лотереи. Good, if desired, all this is quite possible.

UPD. Stoloto's press service reported, that the prize fund of the New Year's circulation exceeded 2 billion rubles. This is a record figure for our lotteries. Meanwhile, despite the increase in the amount of fees, the number of large prizes does not seem to change, все так же фигурируют 50 country houses. Принудительный розыгрыш Джекпота (161 million), will happen too. Nevertheless, судя по этим данным — большая часть призового фонда как обычно будет распределена на мелкие выигрыши.

EuroJackpot in Russia

You cannot officially buy a EuroJackpot ticket in Russia - the lottery does not sell tickets in our country. But EuroJackpot coupons are available in the states, which are marked in the screenshot below:

Buy a EuroJackpot ticket through AgentLotto service as follows:

#1. Register on AgentLotto

Open the AgentLotto website in a browser and register an account. Once you confirm your email address, account will work.

#2. Choose a lottery

AgentLotto sells tickets 20 popular European and American lotteries. Among them, choose EuroJackpot.

#3. Select numbers

Fill in your EuroJackpot ticket, choosing 5 numbers in the first field and 2 numbers in the second field.

#4. Оплатите билет

Pay for the ticket by credit card or other method, available on AgentLotto.

#5. Get your ticket

AgentLotto will send a scanned ticket to your account via 1-2 hours after payment. We recommend that you save the ticket on your computer - if something happens to the service or AgentLotto does not want to pay out the winnings, can prove, that the winning ticket belongs to you.

#6. Wait for the results of the drawing

The EuroJackpot website publishes the results of all past draws. There are also live broadcasts: they are held on Friday at 21:00 Moscow time on the official EuroJackpot portal.

#7. Get your winnings

If you haven't won much (eg, 10-20 euros), then AgentLotto will make a transfer to your account in the electronic money system. You can also receive money to a MasterCard or Visa bank card. If you have a phone with a Tele2 SIM card, Megaphone, Beeline or MTS, then AgentLotto can top up your mobile.

If you won a large amount, then you need to go to the country, where EuroJackpot tickets are officially sold. But there may be a problem: the organizers will ask, how did you manage to purchase a EuroJackpot ticket from Russia. The way out is to issue a power of attorney to receive the winnings for the AgentLotto representative. The lottery agent will officially receive the money and transfer it to you.

Closed lotteries

The list of these lotteries would not be complete without mentioning lotteries, which were popular, but ceased to exist. On many sites they are still marked as existing, but this is far from the case.

"Lotto Million" - a pioneer, one of the most popular numerical lotteries in modern Russia in the 90s. The lottery organizers did not just create a drawing, and a whole weekly show.

Filled out and paid ticket of the Russian Lotto Million lottery, 1992 year

Golden Key - up to 2016 of the year competed with the Russian Lotto, giving away each draw for several apartments.

Railroad Lottery - monthly numerical lottery, contested 6 of 36. I remember those people, that lottery tickets were sold by conductors on passenger trains. The draws were not broadcast on television.

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