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How to win at bc "bingo boom": secrets of winning jackpots and bets

Where can I buy?

Tickets can be purchased in all cities of Kazakhstan (near 2 000 points of sale). In the network of stores "Magnum", kiosks "Caravan", "ErnurPress" and in shops near the house. Also, you can buy tickets for the TeleBingo lottery online, на сайте оператора — (for, to place a bet on the site, you must have a Kazakhstani mobile number. The service is not yet available for participants from Russia). The full list of active points of sale of lottery tickets can be viewed .

The cost, rules of the game

Ticket price "TeleBingo" - 300 tenge. Розыгрыш проводится с помощью бинготрона (используется оборудование фирмы «Akanis Technologies Sas) and game balls, numbered from 1 to 90, circulation is carried out in 7 tours.

6-й тур «SuperBingo»

15 numbers coincided with numbers, dropped out in the drawing from the 1st to the 40th move inclusive. Probability of winning the main lottery prize (SuperBingo) on move 40 is 1:1 138 478 (one chance out 1,1 million). In this case, the probability is more than real, what distinguishes the Kazakhstani lottery from the same "Russian Lotto".

7-and Bingo tour

15 numbers coincided with numbers, dropped out after the 40th move (on 41, 42 etc.).

Winnings "SuperBingo" are cumulative: if in the current circulation none of the tickets match 15 rooms with numbers, dropped out of the lottery drum up to the 40th move inclusive, then the sum of the super prize goes to the next draw. An important point: if during 6 тиражей никто не выиграл в категории «Super Bingo», then in the next (seventh edition) it will be played.

The luckiest person

Besides, in parallel with the game "Bingo" the organizers plan to look for the luckiest person in the country. As it will be? For each draw, the organizers invite 6 man, filled out a special form (5 players and 1 distributor) who will pass tests for luck and luck on the air. Participants will receive valuable prizes - a car, Appliances, electronics, tourist packages.

The first six participants for the title of the luckiest person

As a result of luck tests, five participants leave the program with consolation prizes (from 15 to 50 000 tenge), and the main winner of each draw receives one of seven valuable prizes. But that's not all! 12 победителей еженедельных игр встречаются в ¼-финала. And in the super final of the year they will meet 4 participant, winners in previous rounds, they will fight for the right to be called "the luckiest person" in the country!

Prize fund, payment of winnings

Общий призовой фонд игры — 55,5% от суммы проданных на тираж билетов. Wherein 50% heading to 7 winning categories, more 3,5% - the fund of the game in the studio and 2% reserve fund, used to further ensure minimum (or fixed) winnings.

Prize fund structure

  • winnings are paid out only in national currency (tenge) and only once; winnings before 50% (fifty) from the minimum wage paid in cash at the ticket sales points of the Lottery Operator
  • gains from 50% (fifty) MZP to 100 000 (one hundred thousand) tenge are paid at the representative offices of the Lottery Operator at the request of the lottery participant in cash or by bank transfer after the actual provision of all the necessary documents and details for payment within 10 (ten) working days
  • equal winnings 100 000 (one hundred thousand) tenge and over 100 000 (one hundred thousand) tenge are paid by the head office of the Lottery Operator during 10 (ten) working days. Payment is made only by bank transfer after the actual provision of all the necessary details for payment and an appropriate examination of the lottery ticket
  • general procedure for payment of winnings by bank transfer, including examination of a lottery ticket (receipts), up to 30 (thirty) working days from the day you receive the winning ticket (receipts) and registration of the corresponding application.

Lottery rules

The ticket has one playing field, the drawing takes place in several rounds. Winning occurs in case of coincidence of the numbers of the playing field located in a certain way (corners, cross) with numbers drawn during the drawing

1-th Tour ("Corners")

Winning tickets in the first round, in which 4 the number of the playing field located in the corners of the square (the method is shown in the figure 1 - "Corners") coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing up to 28 stroke inclusive. The winning tickets will also participate in the further drawing

2-th Tour ("Crossing")

Tickets won in the second round, in which 8 numbers, расположенных крест-накрест (the method is shown in the picture 2 - "Crossing") match the numbers, dropped out during the rally before 38 stroke inclusive. Tickets that win this round are also eligible for a further draw.

Examples of winning combinations (figures) in the bingo lottery 75


Grand Prize (jackpot) win tickets, in which on 46 go or before all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with the numbers before others, dropped out in the course of the drawing. On the ticket of the 1st draw there is an inscription - jackpot from 10 000 000 rubles. But, not specified anywhere, what is the guaranteed size of the super prize.

3-th Tour ("Card - 55")

In the third round, tickets are won, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with those dropped out during the drawing, after the last move of the "Jackpot" category drawing up to and including the 55th move. Winning tickets do not participate in the "Last move" draw

Last move ("Card")

Last round wins tickets, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field coincide with the numbers dropped out during the drawing from the 56th to the 72nd move inclusive.


Since Bingo 75 is a gamble, in case of winning in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, you will have to pay tax. Tax amount - 13% from the amount of profit (for persons, who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation, tax amount - 30%). It is charged in one of two ways:

  1. If the winning amount from one coupon of the Bingo lottery 75 is 14999 rubles or less, the user pays the tax. It means, what if you become the winner in the first and / or second round, and, if you win the "Last Move" round, you need to pay tax yourself.
  2. If the winning amount from one Bingo coupon 75 will be 15000 rubles or more, tax is charged automatically, since the Stoloto company acts as the player's tax agent. It means, what if you win on the Jackpot and Card-55 Tours, 13% the lottery organizer will take away the winnings and transfer them to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure.

Many users are interested in, is it possible not to pay tax, if the winning amount is less 15000 rubles? The answer is theoretically possible. But since the likelihood, what the tax office can find out about it, exists, it's better not to take risks and act according to the law.

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Number tracking system – bingo strategy

Some players defend the number tracking system. To apply this system, according to one expert, you need to play at most four cards, каждую игру. You take a sheet of paper for each session, which contains numbers from 1 to 75, then mark the announced number throughout the game session. Do it, at least, over five sessions (supposed, that you constantly play in the same bingo room, and that the same number distribution mechanism is applied in every game). Then you collect your tally sheets and count the number of occurrences of each of 75 numbers. Divide this number by 75 for, to determine the comparative probability of each number. Then, playing bingo online next time, choose your cards like this, to get the maximum advantage on numbers, which you tracked, as the most frequently announced.One essential point, to keep in mind, when a friend or a handbook recommends a mathematical system: too much depends on the type of game. Manual, advising players to focus on the "winning" squares, can give you an edge, but only in "direct" bingo. Such a system will not do anything good., If you, eg, play with the "N" scheme.Besides, you have, perhaps, there will be no freedom of choice when buying cards for the game. In this case, of course, no mathematical system can help you win. Should have added, that this situation can be very upsetting for you, if you have tuned in your thoughts to a certain configuration of numbers. But in general, there is no particular reason to be upset, since counted, what exists 111 007 923 832 370 565 possible configurations of these twenty-four number cells!Generally, whatever they say about bingo, it remains, basically, lottery. Consider the following definition of a lottery:“A lottery is any scheme for the transfer or distribution of property based on chance among people, who have paid or promised to pay in any value the chance of obtaining such property or part of it or any such property under any agreement, understanding or expectation, that it will be distributed or handed over by lot or by occasion, under whatever name it happened. ”A sample of legal gibberish, but this definition, of course, applicable to bingo: game case (if you are curious, this passage from the laws of the game for Nevada, US state, where gambling is officially allowed) and where millions of people play bingo for money every year. Numerical methods: patterns and concentration of numbers, “equal distribution method”.Drawing chances – what are your chances of winning bingo?registration, deposit (withdrawal of funds), buying tickets on the gaming site.

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Secrets and Tips

Lottery, which is KENO - it is a poorly predictable and calculated game. However, if you are very serious about making friends with mathematics and probability theory, then you can catch certain trends in the dropout of numbers and take them into service. It is also highly desirable to use one or more proven game strategies., or develop your own. The best way to hone your skills is with a demo game, courtesy of the bookmaker Bingo Boom. Playing for free, you can scroll through many draws without risking a single penny. After filling my hand and making some progress, you can start playing for real money. But you need to do this very carefully.:

  1. Make small bets.
  2. Play in a good mood.
  3. Prepare thoroughly before each draw, analyze and choose the numbers for the bet consciously.
  4. Do not be lazy. You need to constantly improve your skills, constantly look for more working strategies.

Good game!

How to Host a Bingo Game

If you are honored to be the host of this game, do your duty with honor. The atmosphere during the game depends on your behavior and mood.

  1. Give everyone game cards. Wait, for now, all the players will spread the leaves in front of them, prepare the chips and close the central cell. Don't rush them.
  2. Mix balls or leaflets with numbers well. Get them out one at a time. Take your time, so that all players have time to check the cards - someone may have more than one. Don't look at the balls, when you get them, so that you are not suspected of rigging.
  3. Listen carefully to the players, so as not to miss the cherished word of Bingo! After all, the winner may turn out to be timid players, and say it softly. As soon as you hear, the game stops. After that, you need to check the card and the drawn numbers for compliance. If everything is correct, announce the winner and give him the assigned prize.

The number of named numbers before the victory can be different. The creators of the game say, that the more cards take part in the game, the faster the winner will be revealed. If the players 2-3 and they have one card each, then the game can drag on for a long time.

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