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Three reasons, why there is no point in buying lottery tickets - Voronezh people's news

Is it worth playing?

Only you can answer this question.. Every lottery is based on the theory of probability. The organizers collect statistics on the number of users daily, attempts made, winnings.

On average, players earn no more than a couple of rubles per day. Seeing such a coin on the street, most will pass by. People gamble for the notorious sense of passion. They believe, that today they will definitely be lucky and they will become the happy owners of a million dollar fortune. Moreover, the service does not ask for any initial investment..

We advise you not to take these lotteries seriously, and even more so counting on a solid win. Remember, that this is just a game, enjoy her. If luck is on your side, you can win a large sum or just fill your life with new emotions. You should not consider free lotteries as a stable income. Taking paid surveys, you can get many times more.

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