State lottery "gosloto 4 of 20 ". how to play and win?

Gosloto "4 out of 20"

What can be won?

By ticket, which guesses 2 numbers from 20, you can already get a prize. The super prize is paid per ticket, in which fell 4 numbers in the first field and four in the second.

By category 2+1 and 1+2 the number of guessed winnings is credited first of all in a fixed amount 200 rub. The rest of the winnings are distributed according to the following table:

The amount of winnings per ticket is determined by dividing the prize pool for a category by the number of tickets won in that category. The super prize is cumulative. Its minimum guaranteed amount is 50 000 000 rubles.

Buying tickets

The lottery belongs to state draws, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. Concerning, purchasing game coupons will not be difficult. For the convenience of players, several ways have been developed.

Ticket sales points "Gosloto 4 of 20 "

  • Through or through a mobile application. Before buying, the participant must register in the system, specifying your real data. Then he needs to select numbers and pay for the coupon in a convenient way. The ticket purchased in this way will take part in the next draw.
    E-ticket (can be bought on the website or in the app)
  • By SMS. Any citizen using cellular communication can become a player. He needs to send SMS "420" to the short number 9999. In response, a request for confirmation of payment will be sent. As consent, you need to send a confirmation SMS. The cost of the ticket will be debited from your subscriber account. The purchased ticket will be displayed in your personal account.
  • Through retail points of sale.
    Paper coupon (can be bought at points of sale)
  • In lottery machines.

The minimum price of Gosloto lottery tickets 4 of 20 "is 200 rubles. The cost may vary depending on the number of selected figures and runs, in which the player plans to take part.

How to play?

In order for a participant to start playing the Gosloto "4 out of 20" lottery, the following is necessary:

  • buy a ticket in any convenient way;
  • at the time of purchase, on each part of the field, at least four digits from 1 to 20, which should not be repeated in every part. In this case, you can use any mathematical calculations or just trust your intuition and luck;
  • mark in how many draws this ticket will participate;
  • be sure to indicate a personal valid contact cell phone;
  • pay for a ticket, after which it will be automatically registered, or give it to the seller also for registration.

After successful registration of the ticket, you need to wait for the next draw, where the results will be obtained.

How many numbers have been crossed out in the first field? How many numbers crossed out in the second field? How many winning combinations did you get?? How much does the ticket cost? (in rubles)
4 4 1 150
4 5 5 750
4 6 15 2250
5 5 25 3750
4 7 35 5250
4 8 70 10500
5 6 75 11250
4 9 126 18900
5 7 175 26250
4 10 210 31500
6 6 225 33750
4 11 330 49500
5 8 350 52500
4 12 495 74250
6 7 525 78750
5 9 630 94500
4 13 715 107250
4 14 1001 150150
5 10 1050 157500
6 8 1050 157500
7 7 1225 183750
4 15 1365 204750
5 11 1650 247500
4 16 1820 273000
6 9 1690 283500

You should also remember, that in order to participate in the next draw, it is necessary to buy tickets for at least 20 minutes before the start of the draw. Tickets purchased later will automatically participate in the next draw.

How to buy tickets

Lottery tickets are sold electronically, and on paper.

Electronic online tickets

It is very convenient to buy tickets and place bets electronically. To do this, on a computer or laptop, you need to open the website. Owners of tablets and smartphones can use the mobile version of the Stoloto website Opening it, the client can download and install the Stoloto mobile application on his smartphone. It is also very convenient to place bets through it..

Communication salons and other points of sale

Located in Moscow, the Stoloto Lottery Center is the place, where you can get the most complete information about lotteries and purchase any lottery ticket.

By opening the Stoloto website page, you can find the most convenient point of sale for the player, available in the city of residence. To do this, in the sections Rules, Where to buy choose Lottery kiosks, then choose your region and city. A page with all points of sale will open. These can be communication salons (Euroset, Messenger, Megaphone, Beeline), Russian Post offices, points of acceptance of bets of the bookmaker Baltbet, offices of Rostelecom and the lottery network Balt-Lotto, as well as branded Stoloto lottery kiosks.

These points can also be viewed on the city map.

Lottery machines

In large cities, lottery tickets can be bought through self-service machines, who not only sell tickets, but also give out winnings up to 5000 rub. The list of addresses of lottery machines is indicated on the website


Subscribers of the big four mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Megaphone and Tele-2) can buy tickets via SMS. To the number 9999 SMS is sent with text 420.

The money for the bet is debited from the mobile phone balance. Although, you can pay for tickets in another way, eg, from QIWI wallet, or from Stoloto's wallet. Wallets must be linked to the same phone number, from which the SMS was sent. Each of the mobile operators has its own tariffs for the provision of this service..

In more detail, the option of buying tickets using SMS is indicated on the Stoloto website in the Participation by SMS section, Instructions on how to buy a ticket.

How to buy tickets?

Since this is a state lottery, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, then points, where to buy tickets a lot. You can also buy them in several ways - for cash, by credit card, from phone account, electronic money.

  • At first, website, its mobile version or special mobile application. To do this, the participant first needs to register, indicating your actual data. Then you should indicate the numbers and pay the cost using any of the proposed payment methods. After that, the registered ticket participates in the next draw.
  • Secondly, SMS messages. Participant, a subscriber of Russian cellular communications, you need to send an SMS message with the text "420" to the number 9999. After that, receive a request for confirmation of ticket payment and, if agreed, send a confirmation code. The amount is debited from the phone balance. A ticket registered in this way with an automatically selected combination will appear in your personal account within an hour.
  • Thirdly, retail points of sale. These include kiosks, communication salons of Russian telecom operators, as well as Euroset, Svyaznoy and Rostelecom, bookmakers "Balbet", lottery networks "Balt-Lotto" and post offices.
  • Fourth, lottery ATMs and Stoloto centers. You can pay for tickets like cash, and for cashless payments.

Probability theory vs. the magical nature of man

There are actually a large number of theories, describing the structure and principles of the functioning of the Universe and dry materialism is far from the most popular.

Recently on YouTube you can find a lot of videos from serious people, who debunk 19th century materialism in terms of conspiracy theory.

Yes, by the way, and why?

Why did materialism become so popular in Europe in the 19th century?? It's all about the rapid development of capitalism. Operators needed biorobots to work in factory workshops. And for working on the machine, Faith in God turned out to be an obstacle to productive work.

clear, that British scientists instantly confirmed the complete absence of supreme providence and the will of God. If anyone does not know, British scientists do not have government funding and work exclusively for private grants..

I.e, anyone with money can order scientific proof of anything, though the earth is square, if only there is enough money. So at one time British scientists proved, that meat is a carcinogen and sugar is white death.

But listen to Professor Savelyev - without meat and sugar, the human brain degrades and a person becomes a weak-willed vegetable, stupid performer. Reminds nothing? Just such employees were needed to work on capitalist machines in Great Britain..

But in recent years, suddenly British scientists suddenly began to prove, that meat is not bad and sugar is good.

Why is that? Because the machines have become programmed and a dumb worker is no longer suitable. Today Anglo-Saxon business needs slaves with bright heads and higher education..

So eat, you are welcome, red meat and white sugar are very logs for gray matter!

As you can see, history demonstrates, that scientific theories are not determined by Nature, but by the political order of the ruling class. If it turns out to be profitable for the capitalists, that any person with an effort of will is able to control the lotto - then British scientists will instantly prove, that the Will of Man is capable of controlling objects at a distance.

But there are nuances. As it is written in the sacred books - only a sincere and unshakable Faith of a person is able to work miracles. The materialist does not believe in his divine, magical nature, believing himself as a piece of meat with a computer in his head.

So a materialist is not able to predict winning combinations for Gosloto. 4 of 20. Here is the man, sincerely believing, which is also a part of the Universe and by its own perception creates this Universe and programs events with its Will - such a magical creature is subject to any lotteries.

It is not for nothing that the dollar says "We believe in God". And it really helped Vera America to become the richest country in the world..

How to increase the chance of winning?

To increase your chances of winning the lottery, players usually do the following:

  1. Participate in more than one draw in a coupon; maximum you can choose 20 circulation
  2. In field 1 and in the Field 2 choose more 4 rooms, doing, in this way, expanded rate. The maximum number of combinations in one expanded bet – 1365
  3. Choose the Multi-bet option on the website, which allows you to simultaneously select an increased number of runs, digits in Field 1 and Field 2, as well as the number of tickets

All of these methods increase the chances, but also lead to an increase in the cost of the ticket, because each combination of numbers in one printout costs 200 rub. As the number of combinations increases, ticket costs increase significantly.

Stoloto rules determine distribution circulation. These draws are held then, when no one wins the super prize during the year, and it amounts to a very significant amount. In the distribution draw, winnings are accrued as usual, but if the super prize is not played again, then it is distributed among all winning tickets of all categories. Participation in the distribution draw allows the player to significantly increase the amount of winnings for the same ticket costs. The hallmark of the lottery 4 of 20 is a large sum of the super prize. It can even reach one billion rubles.

Is it possible to win?

The chance of winning the Super Prize is estimated as 1 to 23 474 025. It's about 62 times less, than in the lottery 5 of 36. The likelihood of winning in other winning categories is much higher. In each draw at least 10-20 thousands of players receive money. Someone wins 200 rub., and someone 500 000. Having a large number of winnings keeps the lottery interested, and the low probability of drawing the Super Prize allows it to grow rapidly. This attracts even more players to the lottery 4 of 20. To increase your chances of winning big, players buy more tickets or place more bets on one ticket. Respectively, The super prize grows even faster, until the lucky one appears, which all winning numbers will guess. But more real, that the Super Prize will not be drawn again during the year and a distribution drawing will be held. Then players will have the opportunity to win larger amounts at the same rates..

Often unlucky customers accuse lottery companies of fraud. But this is not confirmed by independent experts.. If the fraudulent activities were in any way confirmed, then it would lead to loss of business, which brings very solid income not only to the state, but also to lottery operators.

Receiving winnings

The payoff depends on, which winning category will the client's ticket fall into. You can win and 200 rub., and you can 200 thousand. rub. Winnings are given in cash at points of sale. On the Stoloto website you can see a list of these points. In the list section Get winnings you need to enter the amount, which the client has won and wants to receive on his ticket. Next in the list you need to select your city. The system will display a list of cash registers, who can give money. If there are no such cash desks, then you need to receive your winnings in a non-cash way. Big wins are received in the following ways:

  1. To 600 000 rub. - Cash available up to 60 – 100 thousand at points of sale and payment of winnings. Amounts, exceeding this size, can only be obtained at the Stoloto Lottery Center. This requires prior approval.. Cashless money can be sent to a personal bank account. Winning up to 500 000 rub. can be transferred to the Stoloto Wallet on the website
  2. Over 600 000 rub. - They can only be obtained by bank transfer. This operation is processed in the Lottery Center. Obtaining is possible after the examination of the ticket within 180 days after paperwork
  3. Any winnings can be received on the Personal account by bank details. To do this, you must first send the required package of documents to the company

More details about all the options for receiving winnings are written on the website in the section How to receive winnings..

How to fill out a ticket?

You can fill in a paper ticket at points of sale. At retail outlets, the player is given a paper ticket (Gosloto coupon 4 of 20). The coupon provides step-by-step instructions for participating in the game. Five identical parts are offered for filling (A, B, IN, D, D). Each part has a Field 1 with numbers from 1 to 20, and Field 2 with the same numbers. In field 1 need to choose 4 numbers. Also 4 numbers are selected in the Field 2. Be sure to fill out your phone number. This is necessary for the subsequent identification of the client. In case of winning, an SMS with the winning code will be sent to the number indicated in the coupon.

The coupon is sent to the seller. The seller registers the ticket electronically for the next circulation, accepts payment and issues a check to the client.

On the full or mobile version of the Stoloto website, and also in the mobile application you can purchase lottery tickets in electronic form.

The electronic ticket is filled in by the player himself. Desirable, so that the client is already registered on the Stoloto website. If there is no such registration yet, then the client must indicate his phone number when paying, and after receiving the confirmation code, pay for the purchased ticket. The player on the site offers several methods of cashless payment.

In electronic form, tickets are filled in by 4 numbers in two fields, similar to paper coupon. The rooms can be chosen by the client independently or randomly by the program. On the right side of the coupon, you can set the Number of Draws, in which the ticket will participate.

If the client chooses not 4 numbers, and more, the number of combinations in the ticket will change accordingly. This will affect the amount, which you will need to pay for the ticket. Minimum amount 1 ticket with one combination (4+4 numbers) equals 200 rub. For each ticket purchased, the player is awarded Special bonuses, with which you can later pay for lottery tickets.

How to beat the Gosloto lottery drum 4 of 20

First, we go to the site of the distributor of the STOLOTO lotteries and visit the Gosloto section 4 of 20. Here on our website you can buy tickets or see on the map, where we have the nearest Stoloto kiosk within walking distance.

Ticket costs 200 rubles and has two playing fields. Four or more numbers must be marked in these fields. We are interested in the question - lottery 4 of 20 which combinations win and which ones are more profitable to bet on?

Terry materialists, convinced of the randomness of the lottery drum, it will seem surprising - but such regularly drawn identical numbers and combinations exist.

How to explain this is difficult to say. maybe, the lottery drum was too close to the radiator for a long time and the drum was dry? And if the numbers are chosen by a computer program? We also have a scientific explanation for that.. The system unit is too close to the mains or there is a cellular antenna above the circulation room. Here is the program and it crashes, giving out duplicate numbers.

We are more attracted to this moment, that Gosloto 4 of 20 - fabulous lottery, some of the largest jackpots.

  • It is enough to guess everything 4 numbers in one playing field to become a multimillionaire.
  • There are also many small winnings - you only need to guess two numbers.

Now let's dull to laboratory research, to impress our materialist readers. We also do not want to lose a single part of the target audience.

Let's go to the section Drawings archive.

In the archive you can see at the same time which combinations win in the lottery 4 of 20.

Here we have a drawing based on the reports of meticulous users, who have checked and selected the most frequent combinations before us.

Here immediately catches the eye, what a combination 2, 3, 5, 11 dropped out in circulation most often. And if we take three numbers, then the most frequently dropped triplets 2, 3, 5 and 2, 9, 11.

And someone else talks about random numbers? About mathematical probability theory? Then why are the same numbers constantly winning.

How to find out the result of the drawing?

When buying a ticket at points of sale, the player indicates his phone number. After winning, an SMS with a four-digit winning code is automatically sent to this number. If the ticket amount is more than 15000 rub., then the same SMS will come regardless of, where the client bought the ticket, on the website or at the point of sale.You can also find out the results of the drawing in the following ways:

  1. On the sites or ru - On these sites there are the results of the last circulation, archive of all runs, and you can also check a specific ticket by its number
  2. Site - You can see the same information on your smartphone, as on the full Stoloto site
  3. Stoloto application - On a smartphone in this application, you can only check a ticket by its number and circulation
  4. At lottery distribution points - The address of the nearest point can be found on the company's website
  5. By phone - Phone for inquiries 8 900 555 00 55

What is this lottery

Gosloto lottery draws 4 of 20 more than two years. Held daily 2 circulation, and more than 1600. A good reason for buying tickets 4 of 20, is that circumstance, what goes to winnings 67% from the amount of sold tickets, but not 50%, as it usually is. Winnings are distributed by 12 winning categories. To win, it is enough to guess at least 2 numbers in one of the two fields of the lottery ticket. The lottery ticket has 2 fields with numbers from 1 to 20. When filling out a ticket, you need to choose 4 numbers in each field. Such a rate (ticket) worth 200 rub. The minimum can be won also 200 rub. The maximum winnings are in the highest category, in which you have to guess everything 4 numbers in two suggested fields. The Super Prize is paid for this winning category.. It grows with every print run, and is replenished at the expense of unplayed categories in previous editions. Now the Super Prize is already over 550 million rubles. This large amount attracts a large number of players.

How to win Russian Lotto. Tips and Secrets

All lotteries, if they are conducted honestly and in compliance with the rules established by law, obey the theory of probability. That is, the chances of winning for all tickets are equal. It is quite difficult to win a large sum, the probability of such luck per ticket starts with 1:1000000. The more people buy tickets, the less chances. However, there are several ways to, how to increase the likelihood of luck. They are used by players with many years of experience:

1. The theory of symmetry and systematization of the famous financial analyst J.. Granville. According to his method, the ticket must contain even and odd numbers. Besides, small and large numbers must be the same amount

When buying a ticket, you should pay attention, what's the number of numbers, ending in 1,2,3,4 etc. should be about the same

2. British statistician theory L. Tippetta. According to his suggestion, you need to focus on the duration of the game and the number of numbers. Participates in Russian lotto 90 numbers. therefore, high probability of dropping numbers, close to 45 (average of 90).

3. Method for selecting a specific number D. Myroca. The method is to select tickets, where there are certain lucky numbers for the player.

4. Number of tickets and place of purchase. Avid gamblers recommend buying at least 5-6 tickets for one drawing. All tickets are best purchased in different places (eg, 2 on the site, 2 at the post office and more 2 at any other point of sale). The organizers themselves claim, that everyone wins in Russian Lotto 3-5 ticket, therefore it is logical, that the more tickets you buy, the higher the chance of winning.

5. Maximum different numbers in all tickets. According to this theory, the chances of winning are increased, if everyone on your tickets 90 numbers. The Stoloto website offers a special function for this “All numbers from 1 to 90 on 5 tickets ". When choosing, the system itself will select you 5 tickets, where will everyone 90 numbers.

6. Studying the archive of previous editions. Information about all past runs is stored on the Stoloto website. Experts suggest checking out outstanding numbers for the last few games. They practically do not repeat, these are always different numbers. Chance, that they will not fall out again soon very low. Try to choose tickets, in which there will be these numbers that were not previously dropped.

7. Using computer programs. There are tons of applications on the Internet now, which calculate statistics of any lottery. They are based on information from previous printings., use a lot of calculations and allow everyone to develop their own strategy. Programs can be customized for specific lotteries.

In addition to these methods, experienced participants recommend referring to yourself and your feelings., believe in victory and not try to cheat the system. Better to perceive the lottery as a rivalry with other players

Somebody think, that appearance influences luck, positive attitude and attention to clues from your life. In any case, it all depends on luck., winning the lottery is more of an accident, than mathematical calculation

None of the proposed methods guarantees getting at least some kind of win., it's just a probability.

How are the draws?

Lottery Draws 4 of 20 take place in Moscow, at Volgogradsky prospect, d.43, body 3, where is the Stoloto Lottery Center. Any player can come here and see, how is the circulation.

Circulations are also broadcast live on the https website:// Records of the past runs are available on the Stoloto YouTube channel.

Lottery machines with balls are located indoors with transparent glass walls. Balls and lottery drums manufactured by a specialized firm. They are protected from any outside influence. The characteristics of the equipment allow to ensure the principle of randomness when numbers are dropped. The drawing and reloading of the lottery drums is fully automatic.

The premises are equipped with CCTV cameras. One camera shows a general shot and one more is aimed at both drums, who participate in the lottery 4 of 20. Twice a day you can watch the live broadcasts of the lottery draws.

Lottery drawing procedure

The drawing takes place within the walls of the Stoloto lottery center. There, for these purposes, a special room with a video surveillance system is equipped. Such measures have been taken to, so that all participants are confident in her honesty. Inside the room there are lottery drums.

The lottery drum is fully automated, the system does not allow human interference in the course of the game, i.e, provided absolute randomness of the choice of balls with numbers. Even balls are carefully checked before the game.. In addition, they are subject to mandatory certification..

Draws are held twice a day. Morning game takes place in 10:00, and evening at 22:00 by Moscow time. During the drawing, balls are automatically ejected from two lottery drums, four of each. They depict numbers from one to twenty.

The whole drawing process is controlled by a special commission. This rule is regulated by article 18 Federal Law No. 138 "On Lotteries".

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