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Buy stoloto tickets - all the ways to buy lottery tickets in russia

Buying a ticket online. Step-by-step instruction

After, how is the ticket selected, you need to pay for it. It's easy to do, using step by step instructions:

1. Click on the selected ticket and on the right find the green button "All payment methods". Above we see the amount to be paid for 1 ticket - 150 rub. Also above there is information about the date of the draw. On our ticket it is 17.02.2019 r. IN 14:00 Moscow time. Circulation number 1271.

2. Press the button "All payment methods". A field will appear with all possible payment methods for the ticket. You can choose the most convenient.

3. Choose a payment method. for example, via mobile phone bill, and click the "Payment" button. In the window that appears, enter your phone number and click "Confirm".

4. Then the system records the payment.

5. An SMS from Stoloto comes to the specified phone number with a request to confirm the payment

note, that for all payment methods a commission is charged for making a payment. For our ticket cost 150 rub

had to pay 172,41 rub. with commission.

6. After confirmation on the site, the payment information is updated. We see, that the ticket is successfully registered.

7. An SMS will be sent to the phone with information about accepting payment and registering a ticket.

8. After the payment procedure, all data about the ticket becomes available in the personal account on the website. To see your ticket, go to the "My tickets" tab.

Now all that remains is to wait for its circulation. Our ticket participates in the drawing 17.02.2019. Information on the status of the ticket will be updated after the drawing and will be available in the personal account.

How to check the ticket and find out about the win?

Draws are held once a week. Information about the next draw can be found on the Stoloto website:

1. In your personal account in the "My tickets" tab. Date 17.02.2019 r. - this is the date of the drawing, in which the purchased ticket participates;

2. On the site, when you open the selected lottery, you can get all the information about it. To the right of the ticket selection there is information about the drawing, his room, jackpot and closing date of sales.

On the day of the drawing (Sunday) ticket status data is published on the website only through 2 hours after TV broadcast. You can also find out about this from your personal account, by going to the tab "My tickets".

In the circulation archive, you can see a message about, that information on the current circulation (1271) not yet uploaded to the site.

After the circulation has taken place, the results are available on the Stoloto website in the "My tickets" tab

Pay attention to the words “Win. Status"

Our ticket was not winning, so, there is an empty field. If the ticket was won, then this field would reflect the gain.

To check the status of your ticket, you can click on its number and get all statistics of the circulation, in which he played.

The extract shows, which numbers were drawn in each round and which coincided with the data on our ticket. To print the results of the game, you can use the function "Print ticket information".

Full statistics on the past game is displayed in the "Draws Archive" tab, if you click on the number of your circulation (we 1271). Here you can see how many tickets and what you won. The jackpot was never played today.

After the end of the draw, announcements of upcoming games appear. You can view the dates of the next draws in the Russian Lotto tab, by clicking on the button "Announcements of future editions".

You can also buy a ticket here. The case is visible, what circulation 10 Martha 2019 the year will be carried out two more turns and as a result, there will be only two captive kegs. Theoretically, the chances of winning in such a game are better., than in the standard edition. According to information from the Sportloto website, it may also remain 3 missed numbers. The organizers inform about these nuances in advance..

What you need to buy tickets to Stoloto

For players, who decided to experience happiness in a new way, we suggest considering the necessary steps, without which you simply cannot receive tickets remotely. To do this, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Register on the project. This is done quite quickly.. You will need to fill out a few simple forms, which will take a couple of minutes. For the convenience of users, you can register, using a valid profile of one of the social networks.
  2. Pick up a lottery. Today the choice is large enough. At the same time, the number of lotteries is constantly increasing..
  3. We select a ticket, or we bet. The action depends on the chosen lottery.
  4. We make payment. We do it in an accessible way. Purchased tickets are immediately displayed in the user's personal account..

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