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EuroMillions lottery (euromillions) - how to play from Russia: how to buy a ticket + regulations

Spanish EuroMillions Lottery Review (Euromillions)


Options The values
rules 5 of 50 + PB 2 of 12
Participants Spain
Draw time W. 21:00
Fri. 21:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are subject to local tax in two tax categories.
Category 1: winnings up to € 20 000 tax-free;
Category 2: amounts over € 20 000 taxed 20%.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 5+2PB 1:139 838 160
2 Prize 5+PB 1:6 991 908
3 Prize 5 1:3 107 514
4 Prize 4+2PB 1:621 502
5 Prize 4+PB 1:31 075
6 Prize 4 1:13 811
7 Prize 3+2PB 1:14 125
8 Prize 3+PB 1:706
9 Prize 3 1:313
10 Prize 2+2PB 1:985
11 Prize 2+PB 1:49
12 Prize 2 1:21
13 Prize 1+2PB 1:187

EuroMillions is the largest pan-European lottery. Her story begins in Paris. Since it is there, in 2004 year started the first print run. This lottery, certainly, out of competition and is a leader among analogues, since nowhere else will you see such a huge jackpot amount and higher chances of winning.

Initially, after the creation of EuroMillions, only three countries were participants - France, Spain and England. But now, nine states participate in it: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain. The EuroMillions lottery system has been improving over time, is gaining more and more momentum and at the same time the number of its participants is replenished

What are the rules?

The lottery rules are extremely simple to understand. In order to participate in EuroMillions, all participants will have to determine for themselves five digits from 1 to 50 and a couple of lucky stars from 1 to 11. To get at least one of the many prizes, they need to guess at least two balls. For, to become the owner of the main prize, you need to guess all seven balls. There are thirteen reward levels in this lottery, the amount of the award depends on the prize pool as a percentage. The main prize is 32% from him.

Any citizen of one of the participating countries can participate in the lotto, are usually over eighteen years of age (depending on the country, for example in the UK, participation is allowed from the age of sixteen).

Probability to win 1 of the prizes approximately 1 to the 13th, and the probability of getting the main prize 1 to 116 531 800, even that's pretty good, Considering, that its smallest amount would be 15 million euros. If the owner of the jackpot is not determined, then this entire amount is transferred to the next circulation, because of this super prize, usually greatly exceeds the minimum amount. But although there is no limit on the number of transfers, there is a maximum for the jackpot amount, namely 190 million euros. In the entire history of the EuroMillions lottery, this amount has only been reached twice.. In one of them the British Adrian and Gillian Byford managed to win a lot of money.

What prizes?

As already stated, the size of the jackpot has its minimum, namely 15 million. Happens, that several people win it, in such cases it is divided equally, if, opposite, nobody wins, then the amount is carried over to the next draw, this is called accumulation. Thanks to this, the size of the prize fund reaches incredible sizes.. 10 August 2012 years and 24 October 2014 the limits were reached. To this day, did not have, no more cases, so that the limit is reached again.

Happens, that the rules regarding jackpot are subject to change, so do not forget to follow the rules and their changes, especially, when the main prize is transferred to a drawing with a large prize pool. The taxation of your winnings varies by country, where the ticket was purchased.

What are the chances of winning?

In addition to regular runs, super draws are held in this lotto, they have a mega jackpot. These special editions have different rules, in common with the usual circulation in them only that, that they have the possibility of an excess of the prize fund. Such draws are usually held during important events.. Super draws are often held, during the anniversary of the lottery. There is no special schedule for super-draws, but on average they are held a couple of times in one year.


When calculating the tax on winnings yourself, numerous questions arise, which should be considered immediately to clarify the situation.

Is it possible to donate a car won in the state lottery?

Yes, can, since the registration of the car and the payment of taxes to the state treasury take place at the same time - the management and the winner solve legal issues together, defining the capabilities of the citizen.

The recipient will be able to get a car only after resolving issues with the lottery management about the payment of the tax amount.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts?, from which payment is not required?

For incentive promotions, the amount of 4 thousand. rubles, which is not subject to the obligation to pay tax. This is the only amount, which acts as a limitation of the taxable base.

How can the amount to be paid be reduced?

The amount to pay taxes can be reduced, if you donate a part of the winnings to someone. Then the winner will only be liable for the remaining amount. Gift registration takes place with the involvement of a gift agreement.

As a result, the gifted person has an obligation in accordance with Article 208 Tax Code of the Russian Federation on the payment of taxes on income received. Residents pay 13% from the sum, non-residents of Russia - 30%.

Do non-residents pay?

A citizen of Russia is recognized as a non-resident, if you have lived in the country for the last year less than 183 days. They also have a tax liability., but in size 30% and with the full winnings.

Does the rate depend on, who conducted the drawing?

Here are foreign companies, who ran the lottery - payment is made at rates, established in the state.

Only individual entrepreneurs or legal entities can conduct the drawing, have received appropriate permission in advance (license) - follows from the Federal Law of 11.11.2003 r. No. 138-FZ "On Lotteries".

If the winnings are received from a private person, not licensed to carry out such activities, the prize is invalidated and withdrawn from the winner.

What to do, if the value of the prize is initially overstated?

To determine the value of the prize and calculate the tax, the winner can use the services of an independent expert. You will have to pay for services yourself.

No money to pay tax. Can I donate the property I won and make a payment?

Подарить выигрыш — значит переложить ответственность за уплату налогов на одариваемого человека.

Accordingly, it will not be possible to avoid payment. If there is no money, it is required to evaluate the property together with the company's management, from which the prize was received, and then sell it. The amount of taxes is subtracted from the proceeds, the rest is transferred to the winner's account.

After paying tax, will it be possible to get a property deduction?

Property deduction from the winnings cannot be obtained, since this is not an acquisition of property, and getting it.

The issue of paying tax on winnings is quite scrupulous and subtle in determining the key points.. therefore, taking part in any lottery, the consequences and obligations of a victory should be carefully examined.

How to reduce tax on winnings

You can not pay tax, if the amount is small. FTS employees are unlikely to be interested in a citizen, который заработал 10 000 rubles, несмотря на необходимость совершения оплаты с 4 000 rubles. But when you receive a large sum of money or a valuable prize, whose cost exceeds 4 thousand rubles, do not shy away from having to pay.

Reducing the amount of tax is allowed. for example, когда гражданин выиграл 97 000 rubles, то налоговая база будет с 93 000 rubles, as 4 000 рублей идут взаимозачетом.

Appraisal of an apartment by an employee of an appraisal company

There is another way to lower your payment, if a valuable prize is won. So, you need to contact the appraisal company. Telling the situation in advance, an employee can underestimate the real cost of the object. But strong understatement is not allowed. for example, if the apartment is worth 4 million rubles, then really indicate after the survey, that its market price is 10% below. I.e 3,6 million rubles. If you underestimate more, then this may cause suspicion among the employees of the Federal Tax Service. At the same time, the price for the company's services may slightly increase.

Understatement of real value

In this way, save on taxes is acceptable, if you know, where to go and how to count correctly.

You need to pay tax before 15 July next year. I.e, winning the lottery 30 December, payment is required next year before the indicated date.

Payment of tax

Ways to withdraw winnings in Stoloto

The procedure for transferring funds includes all 2 stage. First, the user must receive the winnings in Stoloto to his personal wallet in the system, and then create an application for cashing out the required amount in one of the available ways.

Plastic cards

You can withdraw Stoloto winnings to a card on VISA cards, MasterCard and WORLD. To request a transfer of funds, you must first log in to the official lottery website. Then the user goes to the wallet and selects the "Bank Card" item. The client needs to provide the owner's first and last name, validity, CVV code and desired finance amount. Winning in Stoloto on the card should be available in a few minutes.

Electronic wallets

  • Qiwi;
  • Webmoney;
  • Yandex money;
  • mobile phone balance.

The payment procedure itself is identical to the withdrawal to bank cards. When choosing a payment method, you must specify the most acceptable payment system.

Company office visit

A personal visit to the Stoloto office is only necessary in case of large payments. If you become the owner of a Jackpot or a prize in the amount of 1 million rubles and more, then you should first contact the employee on duty of the company. He will write down a detailed algorithm for further actions..

Transfer of the prize to the Sberbank card

Withdrawal of prizes, not exceeding the equivalent 15 thousand rubles, produced without additional identification. If the size of the withdrawn funds is greater than this value, then the winner must pass an additional check of personal data in the "United Cashier" system.

Faces, wishing to withdraw money to a Sberbank card, can follow instructions:

  • go to the Stoloto website and log in to the system;
  • click on the "Wallet" tab;
  • select "Transfer to a Sberbank card" as a withdrawal method;
  • indicate the number of the plastic card;
  • enter the required details;
  • check information and confirm the intention of the withdrawal.

This algorithm is applicable not only for Sberbank plastic cards, but also for the products of other banks. There are commissions for withdrawal, the size of which changes several times a year. Before transferring funds, it is recommended that you once again carefully read the rules proposed by Stoloto.. Sberbank bank cards can be used in the opposite direction: to replenish the balance on the site.

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