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Lucky number, calculated by color

Your favorite color can tell a lot about you.. By color preferences, you can determine the main personal qualities. People, loving bright and juicy colors, gushing with energy and enthusiasm. They are impulsive and emotional.. They, who prefer pastel colors, calmer and more judicious. They don't need constant adrenaline rush, they are satisfied with a calm and measured life. Lovers of black and white prefer classics in everything. Their hallmark is practicality and a desire for balance..

Knowing a person's favorite color, you can calculate another lucky number. It will help us choose your numbers to play.

Promotion on the Yula website “Win 1000000 rubles”, how to win? Which rules? Is this a divorce?

With 2 December 2019 of the year has started an interesting action on the Yula website called “Win 100000 rubles "
The end of the promotion is January 20 2020 of the year.
Is it worth taking advantage of this promotion on the Yula website with a win of one million rubles?

Let's see, Which rules, what to do, what to win?

1.If you have bonuses on the Yula website, then you can safely start the game.
Well, if there are no bonuses, then it will work out, this is the first and necessary for participation.

2.Next, you should put the Yula mobile application on your phone.
Can also be put on a tablet. But you won't be able to play on a computer or laptop - you need a mobile application.

3.Since the start of the promotion, or later, when did you decide to start playing, you need to buy for bonuses one Yula lottery ticket per day through this mobile application.
Of course, if there are not enough bonuses, you don't have to buy every day.
You can buy just one ticket.

Tickets will participate in the drawing.
The more tickets, the more chances to win.

20 january 2020 the prize will be determined by random numbers.
What is "random number method" - it means, what will be called any number, which one pleases.
Nothing depends on you, no game, as such, no.
You can only buy tickets and hope for a miracle.
And if you are such a gullible person, you can buy these tickets not only on Yulia, and also at the lottery ticket kiosk dial.
There, too, these lotteries promise miracles.
Millions in wins and even apartments.

If you are interested in my opinion, I consider all such stocks to be a scam.
And I've never seen a single real person in my life, who would win there.
Therefore, I do not recommend this promotion..

Russian lotto scam does not pay.

Many withdrawing this delirium, they will say cool! On your ticket 3 coincidences + combination “PYRAMID” Your winnings are 155 000 RUBLES! I see this every day, and that's not cool, this is a pure divorce for money.
Scammers write “Payment to card – Payment of duty required. The duty on your winnings was: 376 rubles. Russian Post – From 3 to 15 days. Cost of delivery 986 rubles. Office not available, because scammers only dream about it” and who got the money? Nobody! Money so easy cannot be obtained “all at once” doing in a few minutes (nothing).

Don't believe (Online chat) there robots write texts, which were planned in advance. They demand 376 rubles, and delivery 986rubblay!!! Don't believe, you won't be able to withdraw money… "Russian Lotto All-Russian Official Lottery" is a fake! After each payment, crooks will redirect you to new divorce pages, and each time they will extort money under different pretexts.

Lucky number, calculated by name

If everything is clear with the date of birth, then let's deal with the lucky number by name. Numbers are encoded in the person's full name, able to bring good luck. You just need to be able to decipher them. This requires all letters of the full name., surnames and patronymics should be replaced with the corresponding numbers. After that, you need to sum the resulting number until you get a simple digit (numbers from one to nine). So in the end we can count the lucky number of the name. Many have already noticed, that in numerology, very often significant numbers are obtained by summing. This is a very popular computing technique in this direction..

It's important to know, that to calculate this number, you must use the exact data of your full name, prescribed in official documents. Number, derived from this information, has a huge impact on the fate of a person, its features and character

Knowing your name, you can open the veil of secrets, which hides the future. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to at least slightly influence the plans of wayward Fortune.. Belief in success, backed by knowledge of numerology, able to multiply the chances of winning the lottery.

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