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Little tricks

To finally convince yourself of the correctness of your actions, it is also recommended to use the following little tricks when playing:

If possible, buy a ticket on your birthday (or on the birthday of your loved one). This method is confirmed by the calculations of famous numerologists.

A very good symbol is the figure eight.

Pay special attention to it when calculating and betting. In numerology, he is responsible for monetary wealth and financial independence and stability..

Pay attention to fours and twos, as the main components of the eight

They create numerological balance and stability, reinforcing the core value. In numerology, these symbols are the most successful..

Ellin Dodge Lottery Numbers

Allyn Dodge - the famous numerologist and expert in the magic of numbers, who wrote many works on the influence of numbers on the fate of a person. He is one of the people, who participated in the opening of the England National Lottery in London.

Let's see the basic steps, which will help increase the chance of winning the lottery using his method. The win will overtake you then, when you accurately calculate the numerology of numbers. Follow these simple rules to win the lottery:

  • You must select a month, which you are going to play and find out its number. It's very easy to do. January is the first month of the year, accordingly the number of his 1. December is the last, and its number 12 etc.
  • Next, select the date.
  • Add date to month. If you decide to play 12 December is our figure: 24.
  • Add a year to it. For example our year - 2016. 2016+24=2040.
  • Next, you need to bring the result to a single-valued value. In this case, from our figure 2040 comes out 6. YOU can use our automatic calculation (case) and calculate everything automatically.

In this way, you can use our obtained magic number in any number lottery. Also you can use all numbers, which add up to 6. for example: 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 etc.

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