Which lottery to buy

An honest review of the top lotteries in russia, in which you can really win good money

How to participate in "Stoloto" lottery drawings, to win


Standard ticket costs 150 rub. (has risen in price recently).

On a lottery ticket 2 fields. In one field you can choose 8 numbers from 20, во втором — от 1 to 4. If you select all in the second field 4 numbers, then the ticket price will be already 600 rub., but this will greatly increase the chances of winning.

It is also possible to set a multiplier, ie. if the ticket costs 300 rub., and you put a multiplier 2, then, respectively, your winnings will double. Maximum multiplier 100, ticket with 4 numbers in the second field and the maximum multiplier will cost 60 000 rub.

Minimum lottery win 300 rub, on condition, what have you guessed 5 numbers in the first field and 1 in the second.
I have won this particular lottery many times. Here's from the last (screenshot of win).

The slogan

Depending on the lottery, you can also place expanded bets here. Of course, the cost of the ticket increases significantly, but the likelihood of winning the lottery also increases. My colleagues and I throw off and make a high rate. Each of us writes one or more numbers, depending on the lottery and the number of participants. We have won more than three times already 100 000 rubles ( +/- by 20 000 for each), of course, this is not a jackpot, but good money! So I advise you to do exactly expanded bets..

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