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The rule 3. Know your chances

The probability of a jackpot in any lottery is, usually, one formula. And here is the calculation of the probability, eg, closing at least one line in the lotto is very non-trivial and would take a whole article, maybe, and not one. Therefore, in fact, the chance of getting some money in the lottery is higher due to the fact, that most lotteries have additional prizes in addition to the main one. But I will focus on the jackpot for ease of assessment..

Let's admit, we bought a lottery ticket with a random set of numbers

The same number of balls are drawn during the drawing., and if the numbers on them coincided with the numbers on the ticket (in any order, it is important!), then we won. The probability of such a win is calculated as follows:

The number of combinations without taking into account the order is called in mathematics the number of combinations, and if you know and understand the formula for calculating it, then from this article you, likely, don't learn anything new. If you are not a mathematician, then it will be easier to use the online service, for example with this. Similar services (and formula, underlying their work) offer to set two numbers:

  • n - the total number of possible options for one item. In our case, the object is a ball, and there are so many balls, how many numbers are in the lottery, more on this below.
  • k - number of items in one sample. In our case, how many balls the lottery draws and how many numbers are in the ticket (supposed, that these quantities are equal).

so, если у нас есть лотерея с розыгрышем 5 balls, а всего в лотерее 50 шаров с числами от 1 to 50, then the probability of winning in it will be equal to one to the number of combinations for k = 5 and n = 50, i.e:

Consider a more complicated case - the popular American Powerball lottery, in which the jackpot value exceeded one billion dollars. По правилам есть базовая выборка из 5 numbers (from 1 to 69), and also one additional number (from 1 to 26). Нужно получить совпадение всех 6 numbers, to win.

It's not hard to understand, that the chance of getting the first set is equal to one to the number of combinations for k = 5 and n = 69 (i.e 11 238 513), and the chance to "catch" the last ball is 1 to 26. To get everything at once, these chances need to be multiplied, because events must happen at the same time:

In other words, if 300 миллионов человек купят билеты, then only one will win. It shows, why the jackpot is often not won at all: lottery organizers just don't print as many tickets, so that among them the winning.

Exact calculation by name

Experienced players have their own techniques and secrets of filling out the cherished cards. For beginners and those, who have not yet brought out their own "money luck code" experts recommend trying to enter numbers into the ticket, matching the initials of the name.

The meaning of the letters is as follows:

  • a - 1, b - 2, in - 3, r - 4;
  • d - 5, is - 6, is - 7, w - 8;
  • with - 9, and - 10, to - 11, l - 12;
  • m - 13, n - 14, about - 15, P - 16;
  • р - 17, from - 18, t - 19, in - 20;
  • f - 21, x - 22, c - 23, h - 24;
  • w - 25, u - 26, e - 27, Yu - 28;
  • I - 29.

for example, Kisenko Inna Sergeevna or K. AND. FROM. Lucky numbers for her will be 11, 10 and 18. If you need to add more than 3 values, then these indicators can be added: 1+1=2, 1+0= 1 and 1 + 8 = 9.

How to win big in the lottery using astrology?

Astrology is knowledge about celestial bodies, accumulated over the centuries. Experts have their secrets, how to find out the secrets of luck from the stars. You can create a horoscope for winning the lottery. This requires the date of birth and the exact time of birth..

Without the help of specialists, you can determine the "golden moments" yourself, referring to the recommendations for each zodiac sign separately. The stars advise Aries to choose in the coveted tablet 6, 9, 14, 25, 33, 34, and Taurus will get rich, if crossed out 13, 23, 29, 30, 38, 40.

Fortune will be on the Gemini side with numbers 1, 4, 21, 24, 29, 41, and Cancers are lucky, choosing 3, 25, 28, 32, 37 and 43.

19, 26, 34, 38, 42, 44 - lucky symbols of Lions, a 3, 6, 7, 33, 35, 40 - then, what is needed for devs. Deciding to play, Libra can safely cross out 3, 10, 11, 27, 30, 36, Scorpios will be right, if you stop at 1, 3, 7, 13,27, 32.

Sagittarius will win, if they choose 20, 22, 25, 33, 37 and 45, and for Capricorns, the money channel will open with 2, 3, 7, 19, 27 and 29. The magic numbers of Aquarius are 23, 27, 33, 34, 43 and 45, and Pisces will hit the jackpot, choosing 12, 15, 21, 37, 40 and 42.

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