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The largest lottery win in Russia


In March 2009 year resident of Kolpino (suburb of St. Petersburg) Albert Begrakyan won the gosloto lottery jackpot 6 of 45. The winning amount was about one hundred million rubles. And today it is the largest jackpot in the history of Russian lotteries..

Albert Begrakyan with his wife and children came from Armenia to Russia in 2001 year. Fate was not always as favorable to him.. He first got a job as a security guard, then opened a store, after a while he became the head of a car service. But Albert always believed in his luck, and therefore periodically purchased lottery tickets.

He disposed of the received amount as follows: 30 invested million rubles in the construction of his own hotel in the Krasnodar Territory, bought several apartments in St. Petersburg, as well as cars for yourself and your relatives. I just spent some of it - on travel and other pleasant things. 2013 this is the most big jackpot in Russia.


1 june 2013 in the 585th draw of the state lot 6 of 45 two players match all six numbers. The first one made an expanded bet, and according to the receipt cost 3 780 won rubles 61 518 163 ruble. He bought his ticket at a cellular parlor. The second is a resident of the Krasnodar Territory – also played open bet. By receipt, bought for 1 260 he managed to win 60 917 821 ruble.


In May 2009 year jackpot of 35 million rubles was won by Muscovite Evgeny Sidorov. Winning combination 27,8,31,22,4,7.

Fifty-year-old Eugene for many years, since Soviet times, he has played numerical draw lotteries. He invested the winnings in an agricultural business.


IN 2001 year a resident of Ufa Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova became the owner of almost twenty-nine million rubles. She hit the Bingo jackpot. However, this win was not happy for her.. Read about her misadventures in the article the lucky ones are the losers..


7 April 2013 year in the 1232nd draw of the state lot 5 of 36 a prize of eighteen million eight hundred fifty thousand rubles was received by the player, who bought a ticket online.


In the 1253rd edition of the gosloto 5 of 36, which took place 8 May 2013 of the year, won a ticket, bought in Moscow. The winning combination consisted of the following numbers: 5,7,10,17,20. Amount - fourteen million rubles.


JSC "Russian Railways" – monopolist in the rail transportation market, also organized its own lottery. To participate, you need to pay an additional one hundred rubles. And then the train ticket will become a lottery ticket too. In summer 2012 a prize was drawn – 11,5 million rubles. The winner was a businessman from Stavropol. And the amount, which he won, is the largest in the history of the Russian Railways lottery. The lucky man decided not to reveal his name.


2 june 2013 year for the first time in the modern history of Sportloto 6 of 49 "one of the participants of the 23113rd draw won the super prize. He guessed everything 6 numbers and got 10 million rubles. Unfortunately, Russian Lotto lottery winners are not represented in this article, since the authors do not have any reliable information about them.

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