Which lotteries are the most honest

Top 5 most winning lotteries in russia according to player reviews

Domestic lotteries

Of course, even the best domestic lotteries cannot boast of the same large prizes, as their foreign counterparts, but among them there are many worthy specimens, ensuring fair play.

The slogan

The All-Russian National Lottery Gosloto is known since 2008 year and is one of the most generous in the domestic market. Only for March 2019 of the year, the lottery paid its winners prizes in excess of 400 million. rubles.

You can easily check this fact by reading stories and reviews of real people., who have already been lucky enough to win in the Gosloto lotteries. You can find them on the official website of "Stoloto" in the section "Our Winners".

Still everyone can check the honesty of the lottery, visiting the center "Stoloto", where you can see live how winning combinations are formed for four Gosloto lotteries. The lottery drums are located in an isolated glass room and can be viewed, thanks to which you can make sure that the draw is fair.

Russian lotto

In fact, lottery "Russian Lotto" - a commercial version of the folk game "Lotto". The lottery is organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, and tickets are distributed under the Stoloto brand. The history of the lottery began long ago 1994 year, which allows it to be called one of the very first Russian lotteries.

The honesty of the lottery is supported not only by extensive experience in the field, but also positive feedback from players. On most review sites, the lottery is rated in 5 stars.

Golden horseshoe

The Golden Horseshoe Lottery is recommended 65% interviewed correspondents. Experienced players claim, that you can win a good amount, note the low cost of the ticket and the ability to easily check the ticket. And this is all despite the fact, that this lottery is considered young, after all, she began her work only in 2015 year.

Another undoubted advantage of the "Golden Horseshoe" - generous prizes. At the moment, the lottery jackpot is almost two tens of million rubles, and also provides 5 prizes of half a million.


This is a young all-Russian lottery, the first drawing of which took place only in 2018 year

Of course, she doesn't have the same number of reviews, how many more experienced lotteries and many play it with some caution. But positive reviews indicate, that winning the lottery is really real

The lottery prize fund is strictly deducted 50% from all proceeds, and this is more than enough to cover all the costs of paying out prizes.

Housing lottery

State "Housing Lottery" - this is exactly the case, when honesty is on the face, After all, the joy of the owners of new housing cannot be hidden. By the way, you can take the main prize with money, therefore, the Housing Lottery is suitable not only for those, who wants to solve the housing problem.
It's not just reviews that support lottery fairness, but also whole reports about happy new settlers, whose life changed for the better after winning the lottery.

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