Break the jackpot: how lotteries work

Russian, who wins the lottery, shared secrets: that's what to do, so that you are also lucky

Can you trust lotteries?

Often in social networks there are accusations against
lottery organizers - they say, draws rigged, real winners
no, and all the collected money goes into the pockets of the scammers. However, in reality
Russian lottery operators have not yet been caught trying to deceive, although the scope
controlled by the state.

FROM 2014 Years of holding private lotteries in Russia is prohibited,
only the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry have the right to organize them
finance, therefore all draws are controlled by the state. On special
lottery operators were selected, they were the Sportloto companies and
"State Sports Lotteries".

They are the ones who conduct weekly and daily draws, a
also deduct mandatory 50% profits to the state. Besides, was chosen
the single distributor of lottery tickets - the Stoloto company, actually it
aggregator of all legal draws in the country, acting under contract with

According to the portal "Stoloto", in 2019 year winners
state lotteries won and received over 29 billion rubles.

In this way, in the organization of all Russian lotteries
three structures involved: organizer, operator and distributor.
Organized by government departments, operators conduct lotteries
according to the rules agreed with the state, and distributors sell tickets and
pay out winnings.

Waiting for a billion

On New Year's Eve, it will most likely happen like this, how was it last year. Nobody will get a billion, а накопленный джекпот распределится между победителями. Yes, the total prize pool is likely to be over a billion. But, even a billion, if divided into several million participants, it turns into penny winnings

Lottery "Russian Lotto" is one of our most unprofitable lotteries. On the odds of a jackpot (1 of 295 232 118) она лидер сложности, на уровне американских PowerBall и MegaMillions. At the same time, most of the prize fund is spent on completely insignificant prizes., which many do not even take. It is pointless to spend money on it, большинство участников, even playing for years, never get more 200-300 rubles.

Meanwhile, in terms of turnover "Russian Lotto" is now in the lead. Several factors contribute to this - lack of competition, advertising power, the race for the ghost billion and then, that players do not know their chances of winning and do not analyze, how the prize pool is distributed

As a matter of fact, by the ratio of the cost of the game / возможная отдача все российские лотереи давно стали совершенно не интересными. What to do, for those who understand this? Only play there, где существуют более вменяемые лотереи. Good, if desired, all this is quite possible.

UPD. Stoloto's press service reported, that the prize fund of the New Year's circulation exceeded 2 billion rubles. This is a record figure for our lotteries. Meanwhile, despite the increase in the amount of fees, the number of large prizes does not seem to change, все так же фигурируют 50 country houses. Принудительный розыгрыш Джекпота (161 million), will happen too. Nevertheless, судя по этим данным — большая часть призового фонда как обычно будет распределена на мелкие выигрыши.

In Russia

Residents of Russia love lottery draws no less than Americans. They are divided into two types:

  • circulation;
  • unclean.

The largest amounts are drawn in the drawn versions, when the rally is held after, how is the sales stage finished?. According to the law, they are all supervised by the state. The creation of such a business by individuals is prohibited., as they cannot provide guarantees.

Find out, what is the biggest lottery win for a resident of the Russian Federation.

Nikolay Miroshnichenko from Yekaterinburg and Sergey Dorogov from St. Petersburg (1billion. rubles)

"Stoloto" lottery brought a gift to two men at the same time. On the eve of a new 2019 the year the jackpot was drawn in 1 billion rubles, it was shared by two lucky ones.

First - driver Nikolay Miroshnichenko from Yekaterinburg. He spoke about the family's tradition of buying tickets on New Year's holidays and waiting for a miracle.. Circulation 1264 did not look, because they just forgot.

N. Miroshnichenko and his wife came for the prize

The second lucky was a locksmith from St. Petersburg Sergey Dorogov. He came to Moscow for the prize with his wife, cloakroom attendant. TO 31 December they purchased immediately 10 tickets and dreamed of winning a house. Now they can make dreams come true.

Natalia Vlasova from Voronezh (506 million. rubles)

In the end 2017 on the eve of the New Year holidays, the country was shocked by the news that, that Russian Lotto played the jackpot, and it was won by a resident of the Voronezh region. The woman could not be found for a long time, and then people reached out to her asking for help with money.

Natalia Vlasova from the Voronezh region

Natalia Vlasova - retired, before, how she got the chance to become a millionaire, she was engaged in trade, to bring additional income to the family. Income tax will be deducted from the total amount, everything else will be transferred in several amounts.

Hasmik Reufovna from Sochi (365 million. rubles)

A resident of Sochi bought a lottery ticket "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "and 21 May 2017 year, fate gave her a gift in the form of three hundred million. Wherein, organizers said, that a woman can receive a prize at the main office in Moscow. She had to collect money for a trip to the capital, because the family lives in poverty.

Hasmik Reufovna - cultural worker. Amazing, that along with the news about the huge amount of winnings, it was said that, that she wants to donate part of the amount to the KPRF fund.

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