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How to play and win Russian Lotto

They, who is wondering, how to play and win lotteries, must understand, that there is no winning strategy. If you have lost several dozen tickets in a row, then the chances of winning the next draw remain the same, like newbies. When planning to play lotto for money, this type of gambling cannot be considered as a possible source of stable profit. Here randomness rules, но увеличить шансы на выигрыш все же можно.

Setting up a lottery syndicate

The easiest way to get closer to victory is to purchase a large number of tickets, calculate mathematically possible combinations and overlap them. Lottery coupons are usually not expensive, but this approach requires hundreds or even thousands of tickets for each print run. It is expensive to spend that amount of money, but if you divide the costs by several people, then spending will not be critical.

It is best to ask friends and describe to them the possible benefits of the plan.. Yes, if there is a winning ticket among those purchased, then the profit will have to be divided among all participants of the "syndicate", but the chances of winning increase tenfold.

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More numbers, more chances

Each coupon contains 30 numbers, divided into 2 playing fields. In theory, 3 tickets can be closed by all 90 barrels. Buying cards, try to minimize repetitions. Russian Lotto rules do not prohibit this approach, but the probability of winning with the same financial investments increases.

Don't miss the distribution runs

Some players are helped by a simple tip: you need to follow the news and not miss extraordinary runs ("money box" sign on the "lottery"). If during several issues the jackpot is not drawn, then the probable gain continues to accumulate. One of the conditions for the distribution draw is the mandatory draw of the money pool. As One Person Can Win, and a few lucky ones.

The main thing is not to lose heart!

The lottery doesn't need to be taken seriously

It's just a game, therefore it is important to keep positive. Golden Rule: if a Russian person believes in victory, then the chances of a successful outcome are higher, than a pessimist

For assimilation, how to play loto, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Think through possible combinations mathematically.
  2. Try to avoid repetitions in numbers.
  3. Create a syndicate with friends or acquaintances.
  4. Follow the extraordinary circulation.

Remember, because the lottery is so called, that the outcome is always random. We recommend to take Russian Lotto as fun, and not as a possible financial asset.

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