Lottery horoscope for 2020 year by zodiac signs and year of birth

Which lottery stoloto is more fortunate for the player?

What lunar day is it better to buy a lottery ticket to win, how magic can help you win?

In addition to traditional methods of attracting luck to your side, some try to use magical help. Professional magicians have effective ways to lure luck into their networks., and just like that, a deal with Fortune is not made.

With no deep knowledge of the supernatural, you can use the following simple steps:

pay attention to auspicious signs;

acquire a talisman;

Auspicious signs

Avid gamblers always pay attention to auspicious signs, which the world around them gives them. for example, buying a ticket on your birthday or a similar date is considered symbolic

If in the evening a person is going to buy a ticket, then a young month will be a good sign, right-hand side.

Some consider it a grace of the Universe that a red playing card accidentally found on the road. In this case, you must definitely play. Going for a lottery ticket, a great signal for the future jackpot will be a person, crossing the road with a bucket full.

The best talismans for good luck

What is magic without talismans. Можно купить личный амулета на удачу и богатство. Хорошо перед походом в точку продажи «талончиков счастья» прикрепить к своей одежде английскую булавку головкой вниз. From jewelry it is better to wear silver, and leave the gold in the box, since luck runs from golden hues.

Will draw the attention of fortune to itself a charmed "irreplaceable" coin, permanently in the wallet, or that bill, which appeared before great luck. Chinese coins attract money energy

Any item can be charged with the energy of luck. for example, take a silver ring in the palm of your hand and close your eyes to simulate, how greenish or white light flows into it from the surrounding space. You can figuratively imagine, how the "coupon of happiness" brought the prize and how it is announced in the media.

For some peoples, clover with 4 letters. Others believe, what if you meet a chimney sweep, you will definitely get lucky. The talisman is a ladybug, an old horseshoe accidentally landed on a person or found in a field.

After the purchase

There are unwritten rules of conduct after buying a lucky ticket. You shouldn't tell anyone about your purchase. You must put a piece of paper in a secluded place, which nobody knows about.

When the winnings are received, after the third time, it is customary to share with the Universe and those forces, who helped. So that easy money is not quickly spent, part of them (10%) donate to charity.

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