What is the best lottery in Russia

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win (without cheating)

Closed lotteries

The list of these lotteries would not be complete without mentioning lotteries, which were popular, but ceased to exist. On many sites they are still marked as existing, but this is far from the case.

"Lotto Million" - a pioneer, one of the most popular numerical lotteries in modern Russia in the 90s. The lottery organizers did not just create a drawing, and a whole weekly show.

Filled out and paid ticket of the Russian Lotto Million lottery, 1992 year

Golden Key - up to 2016 of the year competed with the Russian Lotto, giving away each draw for several apartments.

Railroad Lottery - monthly numerical lottery, contested 6 of 36. I remember those people, that lottery tickets were sold by conductors on passenger trains. The draws were not broadcast on television.

Is Stoloto a hoax?

For comparison, need to take some foreign and domestic lotteries, which are held on the territory of Russia.

Everyone knows, that starting with 2014 of the year, only state lotteries are allowed in Russia. Frequent companies are prohibited from doing this.. At the moment, only Stoloto can hold draws for real money. That is why the consideration of Russian lotteries will be limited to products from this company..

The company "Stoloto" has its own peculiarities of lotteries.

# 1 Determination of the winner

The company spends over 10 lotteries. From the end 2017 of the year, as determining the winners, most lotteries use special automatic lottery drums. You can follow the draw in real time, thanks to continuous online broadcast. Draws are held approximately once an hour or more.

Regarding automated lottery machines, their work is as follows:

  • the operator of the lottery drum starts one or two machines at once;
  • lottery drums start to work and randomly, balls are issued at regular intervals, which are marked with numbers;
  • the dropped balls are shown to the participants.

Thanks to, that the lottery drums are made of plastic / glass, each participant in the literal sense of the word sees all the transparency of the drawing.

# 2 Player complaints

There are several special internet portals, where are the participants of the lotteries held by Stoloto, talk about their impressions. There are not only positive statements, but also negative.

Otzovik website

If you visit the portal "Otzovik", of all users who voted, the company "Stoloto" was rated 2,3 stars from 5 possible. Among those who left negative comments, it is possible to note the dissatisfaction of the participants regarding the video broadcasts, which are interrupted quite often. You can also note suspicions about the appropriation of "jackpots" of players. Also displeasing is the smartphone app, which is not very convenient and takes a lot of time to purchase a ticket.

IRecommend site

On another similar portal iRecommend, visitors who left a review, rated "Stoloto" in 3,6 stars from 5. The portal also has some negative reviews., for example, about one lucky person, who won the lottery 5 million. rubles, but soon the ticket with the winning data disappeared from the personal account of the site.

№3 Monopolization

As stated earlier, any lotteries, which are held on the territory of Russia, beginning with 2014 years - remain outside the law.

However, if you delve into the legal part, then we can say, that Stoloto is also not a state, after all, this is essentially a joint-stock company "State Sports Lotteries", owned by one person. In fact, it is he who pays the state, so that his lotteries are called state, and the rest remained thus banned.

# 4 Little information about the winners

Up to 2017 of the year, the Stoloto company practically did not flaunt the data on the winners. Presently, the situation has changed and now you can find not only their photos on the website in the section "Winners", but also interview.

# 5 Investigation of video bloggers

The network is full of videos from video bloggers, who conduct their investigations, on the subject of honesty and possible problems with receiving funds from "Stoloto". There is one very popular video, in which the author talks about, how he failed to take his honestly won 5,8 million rubles.

# 6 Probability of winning

Different lotteries from Stoloto provide different interest rates for winning. The most popular and preferred among the participants is Gosloto 4 of 20 ", since here is the highest probability of winning up to 1:3,4. This is due to the, that not half of the proceeds from the sale of coupons are deducted as a prize fund, a 67%.

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