Which lottery is more winning in Russia

Russian, who wins the lottery, shared secrets: that's what to do, so that you are also lucky

The ways, how to win

Many people are interested in, are there any real ways to increase the chance of success and win the lottery. Some are seriously involved in calculating mathematical probabilities, trying to find out, in which lotteries to play more winning. Others, because of my superstition, use prayers and conspiracies, try to find in their natal chart even the slightest hint of success.

  • Experts advise to rely less on the choice of rooms for significant dates.
    According to statistics, чаще всего люди используют числа от 1 to 31 in tickets, since they can be tied to a specific day in the month. The whole truth is, that such combinations of numbers turn out to be the most popular, and this creates a lot of competition.
  • All numerical sequences are equally likely. It is advisable to adhere to the chosen strategy constantly, using the same combination of numbers every time, thus increasing the probability of one day hitting the point.
  • You can play with a large company, having previously agreed to be honest. Several friends buy a large number of tickets together, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful hit.
  • Participation in the distribution draw gives you the opportunity to receive large amounts of money for the same funds. The fact, that the chance of winning in specific draws is small and it happens like this, that the jackpot has not been won for months. In this regard, the organizers decide to hold a distribution circulation, that is, the accumulated amount will be distributed among the participants, whichever, how many numbers each of them guessed.
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