How to register a Russian Lotto ticket?

Basket chair: what it is, how to enter, withdraw money and anti-identification

How to enter your personal account?

To enter your existing personal account on the official Stoloto website, You must enter your login and password. Players are given the opportunity to log in by phone number or email address, specified during registration. Optionally, the entered password can be shown or hidden. There is a link button next to the input field to recover a forgotten password.

You can enter Stoloto's personal account through well-known social networks and services: Classmates, In contact with, Twitter, Facebook, Yandex, When authorizing via social networks, the Stolotor website will receive the corresponding registration data.

Difficulties in translation

Stoloto company has been working on the Russian market for a long time and very successfully. Therefore, the system for issuing winnings can be called well-developed and very effective.. An additional advantage is the presence of several ways to receive a prize and then withdraw funds.

However, it is quite possible that difficulties arise. Most of them are associated with the mistakes of the participants themselves.. The most common of which in practice are such problems:

  • the need for additional identification to receive a win 15 thousand. rub.;
  • lengthy procedure for registering a bank personal account;
  • impossibility of receiving winnings by persons, under the age of 18;
  • impossibility of receiving a prize in case of loss of a mobile phone;
  • impossibility of receiving a prize if incorrect data is indicated during the registration process on the Stoloto website;
  • the presence of a complex system of limits on the withdrawal of funds and restrictions on the methods of obtaining a win, which is quite difficult to understand;
  • problems with withdrawal to Maestro cards.

Conditions for receiving a win

There is a difference in receiving Russian Lotto winnings. Differences concern lottery tickets, which are bought in different ways.

Get Russian Lotto winnings from your ticket, purchased online or at Gosloto distribution points, available at land-based kiosks and other lottery sales points. In addition to the coupon itself, you need a passport or other document, confirming the identity of the client. Shouldn't forget, that the points have certain limits on payment. You can familiarize yourself with the restrictions and addresses of lottery ticket sales points online at The maximum payout per hand in this way is 2 000 rubles.

Visiting one of the lottery centers in Stoloto, you can get paid before 599 999 ₽. On the day of the visit, the company will pay no more 20 thousand. rub. To collect winnings in Russian Lotto in excess of 20 000 ₽, you must first agree on the date and time of arrival at the company's office by multi-line phone 8 (900) 55-500-55.

Receive cash reward from 600 000 ₽ and more players will be able exclusively by wire transfer. The operation is drawn up directly at the office of the lottery center after filling in a special form indicating information about the player.

Stoloto website users can withdraw winning funds up to 500 000 RUB to your personal account wallet. After following the instructions, the money will be credited in a short time. This will allow you to withdraw winnings to bank cards., accounts or through any electronic payment system, with which Gosloto cooperates.

Get your ticket winnings without a phone number

Some players buy RL lottery coupons, without specifying the phone number. This creates certain inconveniences when accounting, and they have no way to check the ticket by number on the official website. To receive a prize, you need to contact the lottery distribution points:

  • Stoloto headquarters (winnings are paid up to 200 thousand. rub.).
  • Official lottery center Gosloto (to 600 thousand. rub.).
  • Post offices in any region of the Russian Federation (to 1 thousand. rub.).
  • Other ground points (points of acceptance of bets of the bookmaker company "Baltbet", supermarket chain "Pyaterochka", "Fragrant World", "Crossroads", communication shops "Rostelecom" or "Svyaznoy").

How to check a ticket?

The "Check ticket" button doesn't even require that, so that you enter your personal account. She is visible immediately, as soon as the Stoloto website opens.

The page provides detailed instructions, about that, how to check tickets and below is a special form for checking them:

Clicking on the triangle, you must select a lottery, indicate the number of the starting drawing and enter the ticket numbers. Click on the green button "Check".

Video instructions are offered for each of the lotteries, After viewing it, the nuances of checking one or another played lotteries will become clear, there is general information about the latest printings.

Where to buy a ticket?

There are several ways, where to buy a ticket will not be difficult. it:

  • , which you can use and purchase electronic coupons.
  • Mobile client and login through the mobile browser of the state lottery, through which you can also purchase a coupon.
  • The lottery allows you to purchase a ticket and using messages, by sending the name of the lottery to number four nines.
  • Sales are made through various retail outlets - for example, Baltbet, Messenger, Pyaterochka, Rostelecom, Crossroads and so on.
  • Finally, you can buy tickets through lottery kiosks or Stoloto centers.

Buying Stoloto tickets in different ways

How to buy and check lottery tickets

Buying coupons is easy - you need to decide on a lottery, by choosing a specific draw from the list, presented in the central part of the home page. Then a list of tickets will be offered, which are available for sale, on the right side, the user will see the amount to be paid.

An example of buying a ticket "Gosloto 7 from 49 »on the Chair

After selecting one or several tickets, they can be sent to the "Favorites" folder. From there, coupons are paid by different methods, which are more player-friendly:

  • Stoloto Wallet.
  • Bank cards Visa or MasterCard.
  • Internet banking Sberbank Online.
  • Electronic wallets Qiwi or Yandex.Money.
  • From the accounts of mobile operators Beeline, MTS, Tele2 or Megaphone.
  • Use accumulated bonuses.

Each payment is accompanied by notification in SMS mode - the received transaction confirmation code must be entered in a separate field. Purchased tickets are located in the client's personal account until then, until a specific edition is completed.

You can check lottery tickets on the Stoloto website in two ways - enter a phone number or indicate coupon and draw numbers of the selected drawing. Usually, the results on the site appear a few minutes after the drawing., allowing users to quickly recognize, won a ticket or not.

How to choose the right option

There are various . However, each lottery operates in approximately the same way.. The rules of the game are as follows, that there are 2 fields inside the tickets, which consist of fifteen numbers. Respectively, if the ticket is valid, then it will contain numbers from one to ninety. In the future, it will be possible to determine your winnings by the ticket number.

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
registration + ticket


Without registering

No bonus

Sometimes when buying a coupon you need to indicate your mobile, and sometimes you don't need to do this. Let's understand, what is the difference between these two ticket options.

Stoloto ticket option with numbers from 1 to 90

Tickets, when buying which you will need to voice your mobile phone

If tickets are purchased at a retail outlet, then you need to select a coupon, which the, in your opinion, will bring good luck, and give it to the seller. Next, the seller will ask you to give a phone number and pay for the purchase. When - all the necessary information about the electronic ticket will be sent to the specified phone number. Tickets can be filled at home. If the player wins, then a special SMS code will be sent to his phone.

Stoloto lottery ticket, which can be purchased at the outlet

But the organizer immediately warns that, that such coupons can only be bought in those editions, which will take place soon.

Tickets, allowing not to indicate mobile

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
registration + ticket


Without registering

No bonus

of this type, the player may not count on, that he will be given some information on the message. Respectively, and money will not be paid by check, and according to the coupon. The advantage of such a purchase is, that it is not necessary to make a purchase only for the next print runs.

Similar tickets are bought in stalls, Stoloto machines and at the Russian Post.

Example ticket Stoloto, when buying which you do not need to voice your mobile

Possible translation difficulties

The procedure for paying out prizes is fully automated. Withdrawal requests come from tens of thousands of winners every year, therefore the system is perfectly debugged. Most of the difficulties are associated with customers' mistakes or misunderstanding of the rules of the service. Most often problem situations occur in the following cases:

  1. The reluctance of the winner to pass identification when winning more than 15 thousand rubles.
  2. Participation in the lottery for minors.
  3. Loss of access to mobile phone number by the player.
  4. Providing false or incorrect data when registering on the Stoloto website.
  5. Transfers to bank cards of the Maestro system.
  6. Complex system of limits and restrictions on withdrawal.

In case of difficulty, lottery organizers recommend contacting support. You can contact her by the number indicated on the official website or by writing a request to the support via Viber or Telegram.

Go to the website and start playing

Ways to withdraw money Stoloto

Most of the participants play directly on the site of the online lottery supermarket or receive winnings by withdrawing to the Stoloto wallet. In the future, it becomes necessary to transfer funds to other payment instruments for practical use.. This can be done in several ways..

To a bank card

To withdraw funds, placed in the Stoloto wallet, to the card of Sberbank or any bank, you need to make a few fairly simple steps:

  • enter your personal account on the company's website. The login link is located in the upper left corner of the main page;
  • log in to the system, for which you need to enter data, specified during registration. The password recovery service is also located here.;

go to the menu section of your personal account "Wallet";
select the option of withdrawal to a bank card from the list that opens;
specify the required bank, in this case - Sberbank. In most cases, just enter the card number, since the system automatically recognizes the financial institution;
enter the details requested by the program;
confirm the need to withdraw funds to a bank card.

To payment systems (EPS)

In addition to the bank card, funds from the wallet can be withdrawn to a variety of payment systems, including the most popular of them - Yandex Money, Web Money и QIWI. Besides, withdrawal of money to the mobile phone balance.

The procedure for transferring funds is quite simple and completely identical to that described above for a bank card. The only difference is that you need to select the desired one from the list of possible options for withdrawing money..

In the office of the company

Another option to get cash is to contact the company's office, located in Moscow at the above address. This method is the only one for big wins. To get money, you just need to contact one of the company's specialists and follow his recommendations.

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