How to order a lottery ticket online

How to buy a lottery ticket on the official website of Stoloto supermarket

Carrying out the lottery Russian Lotto-Express

Daily from Monday to Friday at 20:30 Moscow time, the Russian Lotto-Express lottery is broadcast live on the Stoloto website. In the "Drawings Archive" section, everyone can see the record of previous draws - for this it is not necessary to pass authorization or register on the service.

The drawing itself is held in the studio of the lottery center of the Stoloto company. The referee commission closely monitors the progress of the draws. Under the supervision of the jury, balls with numbers from 1 to 90. After each number dropped, the balls remaining in the drum are thoroughly mixed. As soon as the system indicates, what is the player, in the ticket which all thirty cells are crossed out, the game stops.

What you need to win?

Lotto-Express lottery rules provide for three stages of the game. The number of winners increases with each new move, but the main triumphant will be one, in some cases - 2-3 player.

To win in the first round you need, so that the player is the first to cross out one horizontal line of any of the sectors. This usually happens already on the 5th move., less often - on the 6th.

The second round lasts until then, until all agree on the coupon 15 numbers of one gambling field. On average, this is enough 40-42 balls, although at times the game of the 2nd stage lasts a couple of steps more.

The player becomes the winner of the third stage, lucky to cross out everything 30 numbers on your ticket. He becomes the owner of an impressive amount of reward and forever inscribes his own name in the list of winners of the Russian Lotto-Express lottery.

The winning tickets of the first two stages take part in the third round on equal terms with the rest. Coupons, who brought winnings in the third round, can no longer participate in subsequent additional draws.

To win a super prize of at least 3 million rubles needed, so that the first 15 numbers with numbers of one playing field of the ticket. That is, when for the opening 15 moves three lines of one sector are crossed out, the player is guaranteed to become a millionaire.

Buy a ticket in the mobile application

To buy a Stoloto ticket in the mobile application, run it on your phone. If you don't have the Stoloto mobile app yet, then you can download it .

Go to the "Lottery" tab (press it with your finger). After that select the game, which you want to play and click on it. Further, press the "Play" button, if you want to choose the numbers of the combination yourself. And for a multi-bet, press the "Multi-insert" button.

On the next screen you will be able to select numbers. To do this, click on the number you like. The cell will be highlighted. Если ошиблись с выбором — нажмите на выбранное число еще раз для отмены выбора. You can also use the button "Automatic". In this case, the program itself will choose the numbers at random.

If you have filled the playing field, then the button "Clear" appears in place of the button "Automatic". By clicking on it, you will be able to completely deselect the numbers and start over.

After you have completed the selection of numbers, select a rate click the "Pay" button at the top of the screen. You will be taken to the payment screen. Select a Payment Method: click on a convenient way for you.

The following payment methods are available:

  • From Stoloto's wallet
  • By bank card
  • From Qiwi wallet
  • Webmoney.

After payment, the application will display a message:

The purchased receipt will appear in the "Receipts" section of the Stoloto mobile application:

To view purchased, winning and other types of receipts, swipe right (tap the screen and swipe).

Buying a ticket online. Step-by-step instruction

After, how is the ticket selected, you need to pay for it. It's easy to do, using step by step instructions:

1. Click on the selected ticket and on the right find the green button "All payment methods". Above we see the amount to be paid for 1 ticket - 150 rub. Also above there is information about the date of the draw. On our ticket it is 17.02.2019 r. IN 14:00 Moscow time. Circulation number 1271.

2. Press the button "All payment methods". A field will appear with all possible payment methods for the ticket. You can choose the most convenient.

3. Choose a payment method. for example, via mobile phone bill, and click the "Payment" button. In the window that appears, enter your phone number and click "Confirm".

4. Then the system records the payment.

5. An SMS from Stoloto comes to the specified phone number with a request to confirm the payment

note, that for all payment methods a commission is charged for making a payment. For our ticket cost 150 rub

had to pay 172,41 rub. with commission.

6. After confirmation on the site, the payment information is updated. We see, that the ticket is successfully registered.

7. An SMS will be sent to the phone with information about accepting payment and registering a ticket.

8. After the payment procedure, all data about the ticket becomes available in the personal account on the website. To see your ticket, go to the "My tickets" tab.

Now all that remains is to wait for its circulation. Our ticket participates in the drawing 17.02.2019. Information on the status of the ticket will be updated after the drawing and will be available in the personal account.

How to buy a lottery ticket. detailed instructions

  • with registration in your personal account;
  • without registering.

Consider first, how to buy a ticket with registration of a personal account on the website. Since this method has a lot of advantages.

How to register on the site

3. After registration, a code will be sent to the entered phone number to confirm it. It must be entered in the registration window that opens and click the "Confirm" button.

4. After confirmation, access to the "Personal Account" will be opened. All tickets purchased online are displayed here, accumulated bonuses, shares, achievements and selected numbers, as well as personal account balance (wallet).

It is possible to log in through popular social networks. However, the phone number will still need to be specified and confirmed. After registration ends, you can buy a ticket and try your luck.

How to buy a ticket to Stoloto step by step

For clarity, the author of the review bought a ticket and described each step of the purchase. Below you can find instructions for buying tickets to Stoloto.

For this:

1. On the main page of the Stoloto website, choose the lottery you like (eg, "Rapido") and go inside.

A field with an online lottery ticket appears.

Before buying, you need to read the rules, by clicking on the "Rules" button.

2. Fill in the ticket according to the rules or choose automatic filling below. Better to take notes yourself, focusing on your luck, choose favorite and lucky numbers.

3. After issuing a ticket, you can pay for it. To do this, on the right, click the button "All payment methods".

4. In the window that opens, select the appropriate payment method for the purchase of a ticket and pay for it.

5. After payment, the system checks the payment.

An SMS will be sent to the phone with a request to confirm the payment. There is a commission charged for payment. Be sure to read the terms of payment in accordance with the chosen method. When paying by phone, eg, commission was 14,94 rub. at ticket price 100 rub.

And in the "Bonuses" section you can see the number of points awarded for the purchase.

Purchase without registration

You can buy the same ticket without registering on the Stoloto website. To do this, you need to go directly to the lottery selection, bypassing registration in your personal account. Then press the button "All payment methods" and "Buy without registration".

Then enter the phone number, confirm it and click "Continue". In the window that appears, select a convenient payment method.

EuroJackpot in Russia

You cannot officially buy a EuroJackpot ticket in Russia - the lottery does not sell tickets in our country. But EuroJackpot coupons are available in the states, which are marked in the screenshot below:

Buy a EuroJackpot ticket through AgentLotto service as follows:

#1. Register on AgentLotto

Open the AgentLotto website in a browser and register an account. Once you confirm your email address, account will work.

#2. Choose a lottery

AgentLotto sells tickets 20 popular European and American lotteries. Among them, choose EuroJackpot.

#3. Select numbers

Fill in your EuroJackpot ticket, choosing 5 numbers in the first field and 2 numbers in the second field.

#4. Оплатите билет

Pay for the ticket by credit card or other method, available on AgentLotto.

#5. Get your ticket

AgentLotto will send a scanned ticket to your account via 1-2 hours after payment. We recommend that you save the ticket on your computer - if something happens to the service or AgentLotto does not want to pay out the winnings, can prove, that the winning ticket belongs to you.

#6. Wait for the results of the drawing

The EuroJackpot website publishes the results of all past draws. There are also live broadcasts: they are held on Friday at 21:00 Moscow time on the official EuroJackpot portal.

#7. Get your winnings

If you haven't won much (eg, 10-20 euros), then AgentLotto will make a transfer to your account in the electronic money system. You can also receive money to a MasterCard or Visa bank card. If you have a phone with a Tele2 SIM card, Megaphone, Beeline or MTS, then AgentLotto can top up your mobile.

If you won a large amount, then you need to go to the country, where EuroJackpot tickets are officially sold. But there may be a problem: the organizers will ask, how did you manage to purchase a EuroJackpot ticket from Russia. The way out is to issue a power of attorney to receive the winnings for the AgentLotto representative. The lottery agent will officially receive the money and transfer it to you.

Login to your Stoloto account

Modern features allow you to log in with your account from a user-friendly application. The company has developed several ways to enter your personal account, to attract more players.

By phone number

You can enter Stoloto's personal account through the website, indicating some data.

  1. In the left corner there is an icon labeled "Login", clicking on which, the lottery participant must provide a phone number in the format +7(xxx)xxxxxxx or other for foreigners. Instead of a mobile, you can write down an email address or login.
  2. Fill in the password field.
  3. Press the button "Remember", if you want to save data.
  4. Click "Login".

When entering by phone number, you need to confirm it. An SMS message with a special code will be sent to the specified number. It is entered into a special field on the Stoloto website.

Through the app

  • When entering, you will need to enter a login - email address or phone number;
  • Create a password, introduce it.

The application shows the history of games and prizes, you can read the rules of any lottery. In it, the player has a chance to check the winning ticket, but do not transfer the amount to the wallet. The application automatically remembers the login data and does not need to repeat it the next time you open it.

Login to your personal account through social networks

For those who are particularly gambling and very impatient, the administration of the lottery mega-market also provides entry to the Stoloto office through social networks.. If you have a profile in social. networks, and at this moment you are online in the corresponding network, then just click on its icon, and immediately find yourself in your office. This can be done from Odnoklassniki, In contact with, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Yandex or Mail ru:

Also via social media (Classmates, In contact with, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) You can follow that, what's going on in this lottery hypermarket, find out about, that capricious Fortune smiled at you:

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