Business idea for gambling: 2 ways to organize a lottery

Russian, who wins the lottery, shared secrets: that's what to do, so that you are also lucky

What lotteries are there

Today Russians are offered a choice 17 national
lotteries. They can be in circulation or instant. The easiest way to deal with
instant lottery - information about the winnings is available immediately after purchase
ticket, no rules to learn. However, the maximum gain in such
lottery is small, within a few million rubles.

Draw lotteries are popular, for participation in
who need to buy a paper coupon or e-ticket with the date of the draw and
circulation number. Winnings are determined by an automatic lottery drum or a special generator
random numbers. However, there are lotteries, where the sequence of numbers
determined by the presenter on the air.

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Draw lotteries are seriously different. In some
you can buy a ticket with ready-made numbers - you just need to choose a suitable one
set. Other lotteries provide for self-selection of the number
sequences for participation in the drawing. There are also hybrid options.
Is considered, that open field lotteries are more popular.

The ticket price varies from 50 to 200 rubles,
the largest winnings in drawn lotteries can reach a billion rubles.
This is the jackpot that Russian Lotto is playing in a special New Year's drawing,
this is a record amount for Russian lotteries, which no one has yet

Tips from the experienced or increase the chances of winning

what, what do you think, lottery organizers have in common, bookmakers or insurance companies? All of them are united by percentages or, more familiar to us phrase, probability theory. The mechanism is banal: the chance of losing is several times higher, than a chance to win. On average, fifty percent of the bank of tickets sold goes to the formation of the jackpot, so that the organizers in no way go into a minus, taking into account this theory of probability, and you can try your luck with minimal investment. But still the lottery is a battle of the mind, where, whatever one may say, you have to use ingenuity. Let's discuss in more detail, how to play the lottery correctly and what working schemes can be applied, so as not to engage in betting, as they say, "Fire honey".

Advice #1: outline the field for the game. Choose a small lottery to start with, where the winning amount does not exceed one million, and really assess your chances of winning. You must be thoroughly familiar with all the conditions of the drawing, know dates and prices, buy tickets only in trusted places and try not to rush to all possible draws at once. Remember: quantity does not always mean quality, so your task is to choose one lottery with attractive conditions and carefully read the rules. Believe me, it's already half of that, what needs to be done to win!

Advice #2: Do not be, as everyone. A startling fact, but toilet stalls, which are located closer to the entrance, cleaner than, they, what are away. Man likes to retire, and similar little things in our behavior are called psychology. Use this. Practice shows, that people give in to passion, they just need to start choosing winning positions on the ticket, which is why the numbers on the combinations are often located too tightly with each other, which actually reduces the chances of winning. Choose wisely and remember, what if sixty-five positions are declared, then each of them can get caught in the draw. Arrange the numbers evenly and try to remember about equal probabilities for each of them. Don't get fooled by excitement and treat the ticket, how to work.

Advice #3: start working on your own analytics. It will take a sober head and a little time.. The challenge is as follows: review all the winning combinations over the past year and start drawing conclusions. Answer Your Questions: was the same number repeated more often than another, which numbers rarely come close and so on. With the right approach, you will be able to find a combination with a high degree of probability and stick to it constantly.. Every time you buy a ticket, you either stick to the same set of numbers, or adjust it, based on the last ten to twenty options. It is according to this scheme that many avid lotters play: they just wait, when the combination of them finally comes up.

Advice for those wishing to take risks #4: don't be afraid to invest more. The probability of your winning increases in proportion to your investment. In other words, the more tickets you have on hand, the more money you can potentially win

For this, it is important to determine the amount of the bank, which you are willing to spend on each print run, and in no case increase it, if you lose. Allocate a fixed amount of money to play

Be stable, and luck will definitely wave your hand.

Advice #5: bad luck turns into good luck. Some people have been playing lotteries for years, try different combinations, games and don't give up. And basically it is this category of people who break banks. Are you ready to spend eight years to get the desired jackpot? And you need to be ready for this.. Suddenly rolled jackpot, Unfortunately, can only be seen in films; in life you have to be realistic and realize the chances you have, and they are small. So play, until you win. Three hundred million may be waiting for you in ten years, and believe, it's worth it, if you count the attachments.

In this way, unified method, which would allow you to win and not spend, just doesn't exist, and your task is to understand it right now. You have the opportunity to slightly increase the chance, try combinations and follow the game, but not influence her in any way. So please be patient and have tickets.. And at the same time study the volume on analysis and probability theory.

Enough about the chances: lucky ones, who did "it"

Juan Rodriguez - 149 000 000 $. Immigrant from Colombia, moved to the United States for the famous "American Dream", Juan Rodriguez, worked as a simple watchman in a parking lot and even in his wildest dreams did not think about earning large sums. He decided to spend the last dollar out of his pocket to buy a lottery ticket, and what to say, this decision earned the man one hundred and forty-nine million dollars in the Mega Millions lottery. True, the winner's story did not end well, but it is impossible to deny his fantastic luck.

Albert Begrayan - 100 000 000 rubles. Another security guard story, only this time from Russia. IN 2009 year Albert Begrakyan became the owner of an impressive bank in the amount of one hundred million rubles, what was the largest jackpot for its time. Begrakyan moved from Armenia to Russia to work, the truth is not always the man was able to make ends meet. He dabbled in business, supervised a car service, at first worked as a security guard. However, with all this, Albert always believed in himself and his luck., so from time to time I bought tickets to participate in the lottery. And he believed in luck for a reason.

  • Steve Tran - 324 000 000 $. Стив Тран разделил второй по размеру в мире джекпот на шестьсот сорок восемь миллионов долларов с еще одним счастливчиком из штата Джорджия. Стив был из тех людей, who often buy lottery tickets, hoping for the grace of the wheel of fortune, and it turned in front of him - Tran knocked out a winning combination and hit the jackpot. Interesting to note, that in the States there is a practice of awarding a "winning" distribution point - a gift shop, where did the man get the ticket, also enriched by a million dollars.
  • Maureen Smith and company - 1 600 000 000 $. Again America and again prohibitive amounts: 1,6 billion dollars in 2016 year 13 January was raffled for three tickets equally. Unbelievable, but the odds of winning each ticket were one to 292 millions. Remarkably, that one of the super-lucky ones was a couple of seventy-year-old Maureen Smith and fifty-five-year-old David Kaltschmidte. Both were in shock, when they found out how much they managed to win.
  • Siberian millionaire - 300 000 000 rubles. From the last: a resident from Novosibirsk became the winner of the next "Gosloto 4 of 20 " 30 May 2017, and the amount of the prize was three hundred million rubles, a record for "4 out of 20", which, by the way, in such a format were played for the first time. How the winner disposed of the amount and his name, Unfortunately, unknown.

Investments and profit

To hold a small-scale lottery, you will need at least a million rubles. Consider the cost structure in the table:

Prize fund Cost of one ticket Circulation Profit from ticket sales
2 500 000 rub. 50 rub. 100 000 PC. 5 000 000

This table does not include advertising costs, payment for the partner-operator, because in each case they will be different. So, the most expensive advertising is on television, and, if you decide to hold a draw on live TV, even on a local TV channel in a small town, be prepared for significant spending.

It will take a beginner about two months to prepare a lottery of this level.. With the acquisition of experience, the period will be reduced to a month.

You also need to take into account that, that a certain number of tickets may not be sold out. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses, therefore it may be necessary to increase the prize pool.


Earn on lotteries today can be done in two ways. It's easy to become a distributor, However, as an independent, this business is unlikely to bring significant profit. Nevertheless, it can be successfully combined with another type of entrepreneurial activity.. It is much more difficult and more expensive to become an operator, but more profitable. As for the question, как открыть свою лотерею, ответ прост: you can't do it today, unless we are talking about a federal executive body, authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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